Digital Real Estate Marketing: Why Don’t Ads Bring Results?

Ads represent one of the most used digital real estate marketing strategies today. However, most digital real estate marketing companies are unable to generate results when trying this advertising option.

If you are one of them, know that this is usually because you do not adopt the right practices to make well-done ads. And, even, you may be making some common mistakes that every entrepreneur makes when applying this strategy.

The truth is that making ads just for the sake of it, without taking proper care, only causes many brokers or real estate owners to waste time and throw their money in the trash. It doesn’t happen to you, keep reading this article and check out some of the mistakes that hinder digital marketing companies. And what to do to improve the potential of your ads.

Digital Real Estate Marketing: Mistakes That Destroy Your Ad Strategy

When designing Digital Real Estate Marketing campaigns, it is common for the entrepreneur or the sales team to make mistakes that directly affect the ads’ performance. 

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Do Not Target The Ad Correctly

Many entrepreneurs invest in Ad,s without knowing anything about potential customers, such as age, age group, purchasing power, and even real estate preferences. With that, there is no way to target campaigns correctly. There is no point in “shooting all over the place.” It is necessary to have a focus to achieve the expected result.

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Poor Quality Ads

One of the common mistakes when designing digital real estate marketing actions is using low-quality elements. In the real estate market, images are of great relevance. After all, they are the ones that will show potential customers all the differentials of the properties you are offering. Using low-quality images, you end up losing the chances of clicking right when the user views the campaign. Also, it is necessary to emphasize the relevance of using real images.

3D simulations are good options only for projects in the plant. Launches and other types of properties must have professional images that highlight all the advantages. In addition to the images, we have the text of the ads (also known as “copy” of “copywriting”) together with the idea. They will make your potential customer click on the ad. Therefore, in all campaigns, you must make variations and evaluate which one has the best conversion.

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Trying To Force Contact With The Customer On The First Attempt

Hardly a customer buys or rents a property right away. The same goes for campaigns and ads. Your first ad will not generate a large volume of contracts right away. In fact, in that first moment, what you will get is contacts and prospecting. And believe me, this in itself is already very valuable for your digital real estate marketing.

The ideal is to put all this information in a real estate system solution so that agents can work with each client in an individual and personalized way. Thus, it is possible to perform the journey of each lead individually, thus improving service.

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 Do Not Have Defined Goals

This is another mistake that many make. Real estate owners start advertising merely to be on paid traffic platforms. And with that, they end up wasting a lot of money. All digital real estate marketing actions must have explicit goals.

For example, if the real estate company’s goal is to increase the mailing for a plant project, an alternative would be to create a Facebook campaign to get contact information from leads. Thus, it is possible to optimize the sales team’s work, since only people with some interest will contact you. Each type of ad has specific goals, such as:

  • Increase Site Traffic
  • A conversion rate of contacts
  • Ad delivery
  • Engagement

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How to Improve the Potential of Your Ads and Generate Results with Digital Real Estate Marketing

In addition to avoiding the above errors, to ensure that your Digital real estate marketing generates the expected results, it is necessary to put some tips into practice and pay attention to some safety. Check it out below:

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Study your audience

One of digital real estate marketing’s basic premises is to make a broad analysis of the market and the public. Even before elaborating your campaign planning, it is interesting to exaggerate your persona, which is nothing more than a semi-fictional depiction of your ideal client.

By establishing a persona, you will know more precisely what your client needs, and it will make it easier to create more assertive ads. For example, if, through your analysis, you realized that a large part of the public is looking for properties that can be financed, your campaigns can focus on these alternatives.

Create High-quality content for your site

One of the leading digital real estate marketing tips for generating suitable ads is to align organic traffic strategies with paid ones. This is because you need to present quality and explanatory content to the consumer to assist them in the purchase journey. Let’s say the lead clicked on an ad on Google or even Facebook. He was redirected to the real estate website.

But when they got there, they didn’t find any information about the property he saw or about other alternatives. This person is unlikely to develop more in-depth contact with your sales team. Because of this, it is essential to work with the issue of quality content. Both for the page and the blog.

Strategies for organic traffic work to complement paid approaches. One condition the other, which ends up stimulating the consumer to advance in his journey more quickly. To start, think about the major doubts your customers have about the real estate process and turn it into the content.

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Have a content marketing strategy

While the content is essential, you cannot merely publish a series of texts on blogs, social media posts, or videos in stories without any planning. This disorganization will only further reduce the chances of campaigns generating results.

What you need to do is the plan. First, survey the types of content your audience wants to know. Do they want tips for choosing real estate? Articles about the financing process? Videos to ask questions about buying or renting? Then it is necessary to create a schedule to know when each material will be posted, always in line with the ads.

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Focus on interaction

Interactions are also crucial in digital real estate marketing. It is useless to do comprehensive research on your market and audience if the leads start sending messages by the team’s response. Keep in mind that people are increasingly demanding about dynamism. They don’t want to wait too long to get the answers they want.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the format and quality of your ads and customer service. And for that, it is necessary to prepare your team and ensure that all brokers have the information and tools required to streamline consumers’ journey.

Perform tests

Conducting tests is valid for both ads and content published on your communication channels. You will assess which type of material and approach is most accepted by your potential customers through them. As stated earlier, it will not be the first time that your business will increase results. You will need to do a lot of research and modifications until you arrive at an assertive model.

Also, it is necessary to keep in mind that this model can change at any time. After all, both the market and the consumers themselves are continually changing. And it is necessary that your strategy also evolves with these changes.

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Organize your campaigns according to the time of year

It is essential to keep an eye on the calendar of the year when organizing your paid campaigns. In addition to festive and commercial holidays such as Christmas and Black Friday, it is interesting to also pay attention to the high seasons in the purchase of properties or reduce prices to increase the effectiveness of your ads.

Use testimonials and positive reviews in your ads

One way to use ads to get more followers or leads for your business is through testimonials or reviews from satisfied customers. You can contact and ask them to record a short video telling you how the transaction went and recommending their services.

That way, you can improve your reliability and increase the chances that your ads’ target audience will follow your Fan Page, fill out a form, or even schedule a visit.

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Working with digital real estate marketing is a constant improvement exercise. Through studies of your audience, evaluation of metrics, and market trends, you can achieve the desired results. Digital real estate marketing is essential for this sector, mainly when these strategies are directed to digital channels.

Your audience expects cutting-edge service and is ready to convert, as long as you know how to attract them and provide a complete experience, from preliminary information to a property’s visit. When viewing a property on the web, it is natural that potentially interested parties want to know more information.

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