How to Reach Audiences with Animated Video Storytelling?

The secret behind any propaganda’s success is video storytelling. To convince people, a brand’s message has to interest them, persuade their attention and be relatable to them. Every product, service, and brand is trying to reach as much of an audience as possible, to market themselves and gain a loyal customer base. Even today, marketing techniques take their foundation from propaganda strategies.

Another version of propaganda today is marketing undertaken by a specialized advertising, or an animated video production company. While this may make marketing-related content look deceptive, their primary goal is veritably to bring awareness about products and brands.

Advertisements, posters, articles, etc., try to reach as many people as possible and inform them of the various consumer goods and services available to them, to make use of them as and when necessary.

With more and more advancements coming into every field, newer products and brands enter the market. New brands need to increase awareness about themselves amongst the audience to convert them into potential customers. This goal is what marketing tries to achieve with its many techniques and practices.


How to Reach Audiences with Animated Video Storytelling 1

Business marketing experts Seth Godin says that marketing is not about the products or the brand anymore, rather about the stories they tell. This quote truthfully reflects today’s audience in general.

Marketing research undertaken by many companies revealed the attention span of a human being to be 8 seconds.

The findings further state that this number will decrease. This means that any marketing tool has to prove compelling within a few seconds or people are most likely to move on from it; this makes video storytelling the solution for the ephemerally-minded audience.

Every brand can become a story. Their message can not only reach an audience but also stay in their minds for a long time. That is why video storytelling is so powerful. It conveys every part of the message effortlessly and briefly.

From the beginning of marketing, all brands have used storytelling to reach their audience and grow their business. Today, the technique persists and proves successful.


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Storytelling has evolved over the years with everything else. From the written word, storytelling today is almost a wholly visual medium. From advertisements to social media posts and PSAs, many brands market their products visually through multiple media channels.

One of the recent developments in visual storytelling is animated video storytelling. While this is quite an early development, its use in marketing is more today than ever. Animation videos are a convenient and useful marketing method, as the medium itself is attractive and entertaining.

People are more likely to give attention to animated content than to regular content. Animation videos are an effective means to reach the target audience, intrigue them, and make an everlasting impression on them more effortlessly.

This impact of animation is what makes it the most popular medium for video storytelling. Animation videos as a medium are limitless and offer a lot of room for creativity. It does not have limits like other content and is open to interpretation and rendering to the creator’s wishes.

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With boundless possibilities, animation offers versatility in video production that allows brands to market themselves in the most innovative ways.

Animation content can take many forms and portray various styles of content.

Thus today, animated video storytelling has become an indispensable part of the marketing business.

The Animated Advertisement

Video advertisements are a tried-and-tested form of marketing and are malleable. Bringing animation to this concept has also allowed brands to widen their marketing scope using animated characters and mascots, whom people will remember and recall easily.

These characters help people bond with the brand more easily. Products selling consumer goods can benefit from having these advertisements specifically made for them, with an intriguing narrative.

Animated Social Media Posts

Social media is one of the most effective channels to reach a broad audience while ensuring the target audience is well-informed of the product or service. Combining animation video storytelling in a social media post is a sure-fire way to gain popularity online and grow a business.

Animated PSAs

A PSA or Public Social Announcement is the perfect way to build a brand image in a socially responsible way. PSAs show that the brand cares about more than profits and increases positive brand perception.

Using animated PSAs is a simple, basic and efficient way to boost awareness about social issues and market brands. Animations are easy to understand and attractive and are the perfect means to this end.

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Digital marketing has blurred its lines, with the assimilation of animated video storytelling into its strategies. An animation video production company like Eight Engines brings narrative techniques into brand marketing and creates content that conveys more than just a product’s features.

They can cater to the client’s every goal and aid the brand’s vision of growth. They create production-ready scripts and provide end-to-end animated video storytelling services. These companies are also adept at understanding their client’s brand and its products and converting it into intriguing and memorable animation video content.

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