How to Create Tutorial Videos in 6 Steps?

How to Create Tutorial Videos? Here, a step by step short guide for you to create quality tutorial videos. Please continue reading to check it out!

With the popularization of new media and internet access, it is increasingly common for companies of all sizes and sectors to invest in the production of audiovisual content in their dissemination strategies.

After all, there was significant growth in the consumption of content, both educational and entertainment, through platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram.

This means that producing audiovisual material, as a way to publicize your company’s products or services, can leverage business results, ensuring your presence in an interactive and innovative style in the digital sphere.

5 Steps to Create Tutorial Videos

1. Plan the Content of your Video Tutorial

The first step in producing quality audiovisual content is, of course, proper planning. The main aspects that will be addressed for the elaboration of a script must be considered.

Define the purpose of the content

It would be best to keep in mind what your video tutorial will be, as it can have the most varied goals.

For example,

Designing of educational content is for teaching the target audience to use the product that your company sells to attract more consumers.

Also, it is possible to produce content suggested by your followers on social networks to increase interaction and optimize your engagement with users.

Set a quality standard

Masters in the subjects must produce the content to maintain a quality standard that meets the expectations of its consumers.

In addition to, of course, producing a well-made production, with decent editing and capturing images in excellent sound and visual quality. We will introduce more about this later in the article.

How to Create Tutorial Videos Steps 2

2. Know the Formats

When deciding to create tutorial videos for your business, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all content must be done in the same format.

As we said in the previous topic, depending on the purpose of your video tutorial, you can choose a different format. The important thing is to always keep in mind the audience that you are targeting your material.

Among the formats you can work with, we can mention:


You may have come across tutorial videos that are recorded from the user’s computer screen in video form.

This type of format is useful when you want to highlight a procedure performed by the PC, such as installing software or its features.


Animations are videos developed using specific production techniques, involving formats such as:

  • Stop Motion;
  • Flowcharts;
  • Cartoon;
  • 3D animation.

Generally, they are intended to present information dynamically and interactively to the public, facilitating the understanding of the content.

Video Lessons

It is the classic format in which there is a tutor who interacts directly with the public, explaining the content both academically and intuitively.

What to consider in each format?

  • edition;
  • production;
  • available materials and equipment;
  • quality (resolution) of the video.

For example,

The idea of producing a stop motion can be fantastic in the script, but without the necessary equipment, putting it into practice can generate results very different from what you want.

How to Create Tutorial Videos Steps 3

3. Choose the Equipment

Now that you have a well-crafted script and format in mind, the next step to create tutorial videos is choosing the equipment you need.

You will need:

  • A Digital Camera (with memory card) to capture the video;
  • A Microphone to capture audio;
  • Adequate Lighting.

There is no need to purchase professional equipment, but it must also provide excellent quality for your video tutorials.

It is also worth mentioning that many cell phones offer recording features so advanced that they can be used even in the creation of professional videos.

How to acquire equipment to streamline production?

How to Create Tutorial Videos Steps 4

You can choose to rent equipment from specialized companies if you want to reduce your production costs.

Another exciting option is to outsource the production of your video tutorial with a team of qualified and experienced professionals. In this way, it is possible to ensure that the best results are obtained.

4. Edit your Content

If you cannot turn to someone who has editing expertise, it is crucial to consider hiring a professional video editor. As we mentioned in the previous topic, the final result depends, in large part, on a well-done edition.

If the budget also does not cover a professional, you can turn to a multitude of tips and tutorials handy on the internet, which can offer help when editing your video.

What tools to use when editing the video?

How to Create Tutorial Videos in 5 Steps 5

FlexClip: An easy to use and powerful video maker that is packed with features. Not only will it allow you to edit videos in a matter of minutes, but it also gives you access to a library; containing 2 million videos and stock images, classified in business, background, birthday, wedding, holiday, etc.;

How to Create Tutorial Videos in 5 Steps Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas: Widely used, both by experienced editors and by amateurs with an intermediate level in editing for offering; an intuitive interface and advanced features, in addition to allowing export in various formats and resolutions such as Full HD and 4k.

5. Know where to Spread your Material

After creating tutorial videos and getting the desired result, it’s time to post them. For this, it is necessary to host the video on a suitable platform. Such as YouTube, Vimeo, or even on a specialized website (if you want to sell the material), for example.

How to Create Tutorial Videos in 5 Steps Know where to Spread your Material

It would be best if you focused on promoting the content so that the ideal audience is attracted. For that, it is necessary to have your persona well defined. Because, you need to know in which media to direct your actions to achieve it.

For example,

You can invest in digital marketing actions to boost your tutorial videos’ reach through:

  • E-mail marketing;
  • Paid Ads;
  • Social Networks;
  • Blogs;
  • Platforms for the sale of Info Products.

As we mentioned in this article, to create tutorial videos or any related procedure; it is essential to always keep in mind; your objective and the target audience that your content will be directed to.

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