Understanding SEM: Search Engine Marketing

It’s no wonder that SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a high priority for small businesses as around 85% of consumers search the internet to find such companies. Also, about 81% of people shopping online research the business they intend to purchase from, according to recent research from Zippia. Yet it’s not only small businesses that invest in SEM; but any size company these days that’s serious about what they do. So, understanding SEM is very essential nowadays. What is SEM all about? Please read to find more.

A Quick Guide To Understanding SEM: Search Engine Marketing

In this quick guide, we’ll run you through some SEM fundamentals. By the end of reading this, you’ll be much more aware of why you should be thinking about using it for your business. Let’s get started!

A Quick Guide To Understanding SEM Search Engine Marketing 1

What Is SEM?

You might be wondering, what does SEM stand for again? It simply stands for Search Engine Marketing, which is not to be confused with SEO.

SEM can be part of a more holistic approach to increasing your search engine rankings on sites like Google. SEM is all about utilizing paid activity to gain more prominence in search engines and thus higher rankings.

One example of SEM is when a company uses pay-per-click ads to get more exposure online. Google Ads is a very popular option for many companies because Google is by far the most used search engine on the planet.


This guide would be a very long read if we went into all the differences between SEM and SEO. We’ll keep it simple and say that search engine optimization is a broader term; while SEM is more specifically about paid forms of advertising to market your business on search engines.

You can use SEM as part of your SEO plans. For instance, one SEO strategy might be to have content that you want to rank high in Google organically; but you might also run paid ads alongside this content to bolster it. It’s kind of like saying don’t put all your eggs in one basket when you choose to use SEM within your SEO strategy.

How to Make SEM Work for You?

Just because you pay for SEM, don’t expect it to work for you how you envision it. The key to good SEM is knowing how to target your ads in a way that produces the results you are after.

Many businesses decide to hire experienced SEM professionals to do their marketing for them. This way, they lessen the chance of wasting thousands of dollars on ineffective ads online, as well as ruining their brand image in the process.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is all about paid ads that, when done well, can get your website higher in search engine page rankings. It’s not very easy to understanding SEM. The best way to do it well is to hire professionals to do it for you.

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