What Is An Obfuscated Server And Why Is It Used?

What is an obfuscated server and uses of it? With the growing use of the internet, the Government imposed restrictions, hacking attacks, and ISP snooping is increasing day by day. VPNs are now widely used to avoid these restrictions. But only a VPN is not always the best solution. That’s why, we need to know about obfuscated server.

Even though your internet usage and browsing history is hidden with the use of a VPN, still your ISP and someone who has an interest in keeping an eye on your activity. Government, hackers, or cyber attackers can easily detect that you are using a virtual private network. In this scenario, the role of an obfuscated server comes into play.

A VPN can hide your activity from your internet service provider, Government, or cybercriminals. But if you are not allowed to use a VPN also, how would you hide? This is the use case of an obfuscated server.

Generally, when you use the internet without a VPN, the internet service provider can easily see which websites you are accessing and what you are doing on the internet. They can get these details by looking at the IP addresses of the websites you’ve accessed. But when you use a VPN to hide your activities, the ISPs can still see the IP address of the VPN provider you are using.

The reason behind this is that the IP address of a VPN server is a bit different. That have a distinct signature than the regular IP addresses of sites people mostly visit. This way, even though they can’t see what you are doing, still your use of a VPN doesn’t remain hidden from them.

What Is An Obfuscated Server And Why Is It Used 1

What Is An Obfuscated Server?

Obfuscated servers add an extra layer of security when you use a virtual private network. If you use VPN and you also don’t want to get others to know this fact. If you want your IP network to look like regular HTTPS traffic, then you need to use an obfuscated server on top of your VPN.

An obfuscated server cloaks your IP address and makes it difficult to detect that you are using a VPN for others. With this, you can hide your online activities from any third party who wants to know, what you do on the internet.

Obfuscated servers do this by eliminating all the markers, protocols, and signatures associated with the VPN you use.

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What Is An Obfuscated Server And Why Is It Used 2

Why Is The Use Of Obfuscated Server?

There are many purposes why you would want to use an obfuscated server. While a VPN hides your digital activity and can make you look like a user from the country of your choice to the sites you visit; an obfuscated server will hide that you are using a VPN from your internet service provider, Government, hackers, etc.

Below are some reasons why you should consider using an obfuscated server:

1. Use Obfuscated Server To Bypass Government Censorship

In many countries, the internet is censored by the Government. Apart from that, if the IP  addresses of the VPN servers are also blocked, users can make use of an obfuscated server to access the blocked websites.

Countries like China, Egypt, Turkey, Russia, etc., have banned many valuable sites. China has the Great Firewall, which prevents its population from accessing sites like Facebook, Youtube, etc. In these cases, obfuscated servers can help users access the sites they want to without worrying about the government-imposed ban or censorship.

Obfuscation technology ensures that the user is using a virtual private network to access the banned; or censored part of the internet is hidden from the Government.

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2. Use Obfuscated Server To Get Rid Of ISP Snooping

ISPs always keep monitoring what their users are accessing on the internet. They can block the IP addresses of certain websites. Internet service providers can also throttle down your internet speed while you are using certain websites, which consume a lot of bandwidth.

If you use a VPN in this case, it’s also possible that they have already throttled down the speed for the IP addresses of the known virtual private networks.

So, even if you use those VPNs, your internet speed will suffer due to the throttling imposed by your ISP. Here you can keep getting the average internet speed with the help of an obfuscated server. It will make your traffic look like regular internet traffic.

If you are using a VPN, Your ISP won’t be able to detect that. This is also helpful when you download something from Torrent.

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3. Use Obfuscated Server To Watch Geo-restricted OTT Content

When OTT platforms launch new movies or web series; they are sometimes bound to restrict the content in specific countries due to licensing agreements.

If you watch content on Netflix, you will notice that some of their movies or web series are available only to specific countries. The users from other countries can’t find those content on Netflix.

A VPN can help you reach geo-restricted content. But nowadays, OTT platforms are getting smarter, and they can detect when you are using a VPN to watch content. So they can block your access.

If you don’t want it to happen with you, you can use an obfuscated server to hide this fact from the OTT platforms. This will let you enjoy your desired show without any restrictions.

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4. Prevent Network Blocks Using

If you use the local internet network of your school or any other organization; the network admin can see what you are doing on the internet by being on their network. And some schools and colleges may also prohibit the use of VPNs by blocking the IP addresses of the popular VPNs.

In these situations, you can make use of the obfuscation technology to hide your activity; or access blocked sites being on your school’s or organization’s network.

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As mentioned earlier, an obfuscated server can raise an extra layer of security when you encrypt the data between your device and the destination server; an obfuscated server will help you to hide that you are using a VPN.

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