Top 10 Challenges of Cloud Computing

Like every other technology, it has its own set of challenges of cloud computing that the business needs to be aware of. This guest post is highlighting the top challenges of cloud computing.

Cloud has changed the way businesses are functioning, and it supports business expansion effectively. The benefits of the technology are enforcing businesses to migrate to the cloud and host their resources rightly.

Companies used to spend a large amount of money on physical hardware. But with cloud computing, the need for physical servers & networks are eliminated. Generally, cloud computing refers to the delivery of certain services, such as analytics and intelligence, databases, networking, servers, and storage over the Internet to make sure these resources are readily available for a monthly subscription fee or bill. It can benefit businesses in various ways, including lower IT costs and improved agility.

Moreover, businesses and individuals around the world are moving to the cloud for higher security of data and resources. Third-party cloud service providers provide the cloud computing services, and the businesses need to select a reputed cloud service provider.

It enhances the way of data accessing, and the inconsistency is removed in further updates. Also, they need a minimum amount of administration in cloud computing services.

What Are the Challenges of Cloud Computing?

Top 10 Challenges of Cloud Computing 1

Like other technologies, businesses need to be conscious of the challenges of cloud computing they will face. So, they must do preparation while using cloud computing services. Some challenges of cloud computing can include:

Data Security

The protection of business-critical data is always the concern of enterprises. One of the topmost reasons for moving to the cloud is higher data security, but threats like virus attacks and website hacking are still persistent. This is especially true since certain data are stored, managed, and processed by a third-party service provider and businesses may not have full control over it. Therefore, before moving to the cloud, businesses should look into the security factors and check how the cloud provider secures data across the cloud network.

Ensure that all the security parameters are set rightly to prevent any breach in data security. The reports suggest that 9 out of 10 cloud security professionals are concerned with security aspects and are worried about data leakage, privacy, and confidentiality violations.

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Insufficient Resources & Experience

One of the challenges businesses face in adopting cloud technology is the inadequate amount of resources & expertise.

Given the growing workload associated with cloud computing technologies, their management has started to become more challenging and complicated. Because of this, cloud service providers need to boost their staff’s training efforts to minimize the consequences associated with insufficient experience and resources. When the workforce is inexperienced or lacks the necessary resources, they might be unable to deal with cloud computing tools and services more effectively. 

Moreover, a report suggests that about 75% of the users mark it as a challenge and 23% say it as a severe challenge for business. Businesses & companies have found their way to enhance the expertise of their IT employees. But the challenge is to find the appropriate people with the required expertise.

Businesses are prioritizing the knowledge of tech employees in the cloud, and it is only going to grow in the upcoming time. Some businesses should look for IT professionals who are proficient in their work and are aware of the cloud computing trends. They should also make sure their IT staff are well-equipped and trained. So that they can handle different cloud computing services and tools.

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Handling Multi-Cloud Environment

Most businesses today are working in a multi-cloud environment, and they should have the experts able to handle such situations smartly. According to a report by Right Scale, over 80% of the companies are adapting to the multi-cloud strategy, and more than 50% of them have hybrid cloud tactics combined with private & public cloud.

Handling a multi-cloud environment is a skill, and the future of cloud computing will be about handling complex IT infrastructure by teams. Top practices like re-thinking procedures, tooling, and vendor relationship management are helping to win over the challenge.

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Migration to Cloud

It is the process using which businesses are moving all their data and resources to the cloud. It is easy to release a new app in the cloud, but transferring the existing ones to a cloud computing environment is a tougher one.

The latest reports suggest that more than 62% of the cloud migration projects are more challenging than expected, and 64% of the migration projects consume more time than predicted.

There are multiple kinds of problems faced by the organizations while migrating their apps to the cloud. Moreover, the businesses have reported issues at the time of migration like

  • Cloud downtime,
  • Problems in syncing data before cutover,
  • Problems in the functioning of migration tools,
  • Slow migration,
  • The configuration of security issues, and more.

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Security Compliance

Complying with the security parameters of the industry or country is one of the formidable challenges of cloud computing faced by businesses in 2021. This is a problem for all enterprises using cloud storage or backup services. Organizations are facing compliance issues whenever they try to transfer data from their internal storage to the cloud.

The compliance laws like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) are meant to expedite the compliance in the coming time. As per the law, a business needs to hire a data protection professional who can anticipate data security & privacy. Also, to address problems associated with migration to cloud, you may consider using a managed file transfer solution. It refers to a safe and secure solution that helps businesses handle inbound and outbound transfers more effectively. It’s designed to automate and streamline data transfers within the organization and across external users. Thereby reducing the issues related to cloud migration or movements.

Top 10 Challenges of Cloud Computing 2

Cloud Integration

There are problems with the integration reported by businesses with a hybrid cloud environment. The issue lies with the association of on-premise apps & tools for functioning together.

A survey report suggests that more than 62% of the respondents have stated challenges of cloud computing in integrating legacy systems in a multi-cloud environment, and 39% of the users said integrating the legal systems is the most significant worry utilizing the cloud benefits.

Cloud integration is a challenge that will not disappear in the mere future; and the companies are looking for perks of cloud computing dominating the backlogs of the technology.

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Unformed Technology

Different cloud computing services are at the leading edge of technologies; like virtual reality, big data analytics, machine learning, AI, and augmented reality.

The backlog of availing of such kind of technology is that services at times fail to fully recognize the expectation of business in terms of usability & functionality.

The best solution for the problem will be to wait for the cloud providers to boost their services or create their own solution.

Failure to Meet Expectations

Modern-day cloud computing solutions come with advanced features like AI, augmented reality, and more. It comes as an advantage for the cloud providers & the users but at times results in failure of expectations.

At times, we can notice that companies look for something different that is currently present with the cloud. Also, wrong commitments also lead to failure to meet expectations by the cloud providers.

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Vendor Lock-In

Some of the topmost cloud service providers are ruling over the market, making the vendor lock-in’s specters secure. Nearly 90% of those assessed in the hybrid cloud environment express high to moderate concerns regarding the issue. The rising stature of hyper-scale IaaS providers is making it a challenge for end-users & marketing professionals.

In the multi-cloud acceptance trends, some businesses demand an easy way to transfer apps and data across the IaaS providers. Some professionals also suggest that businesses must ponder how easy it will be to transfer the workloads before hiring the cloud service.

Cost of Cloud Computing

Cloud is the best way to cut down IT infrastructure costs & also ensure higher data security. But reports suggest that almost 30% of the business opted for cloud services; feeling that it is a waste of money and incurred massive losses in managing the cloud services. It results in a waste of time & effort, and the money flow increases outwards.

It also happens that the organization selects the wrong cloud services, and they end up paying more for it. Maintaining the cost of cloud computing services appears as a challenge for all kinds of organizations.

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Final Thoughts!

Cloud technology has made life for businesses simple and helps to manage their resources rightly. But there are also reports of a business incurring loss due to cloud technology. It is mainly because of the wrong selection of cloud service providers. Also, the consumption of cloud computing features that are unnecessary for businesses.

Technology is revolutionizing the IT industry and becoming a boon for industries in multiple ways. But to face the challenges of cloud computing rightly; it is advisable to reach out to professionals with more excellent expertise.

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