9 Useful Software And Technology For A Fashion Business

Technology makes the world go round faster. That’s something we can also say about a business. With the help of technology, all kinds of companies today, including the fashion business, operate more efficiently.

As an owner of a fashion business, you’ve probably invested in some of the softwares and technologies readily available to all entrepreneurs. But what about technology that is specific to the fashion industry?

9 Softwares And Technologies For Fashion Businesses

Let’s learn about nine helpful techs and software for a fashion business.

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Product design software

It’s difficult for a fashion brand to meet the demands of consumers without using some product design software. Traditional apparel designs are no longer working, and brands are slowly turning toward technology.

Not only can a fashion business create more different designs, but with the help of technology, the processes are much faster, and the road to the end product is much shorter. With artificial intelligence and software such as Unmade, you can design better apparel and deliver better products faster.

Moreover, with such software and AI, customers can design their products. With this interactive design and customization tools, you can create a unique brand that puts a lot of attention on user experience.

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Project management software

You’re losing if you own a business and don’t already have some project management software. Today, big and small companies have project management software that makes doing business much easier and more satisfying. 

Investing in this type of software means less paperwork and clutter. There are different types of project management software. Still, most of them are intended to organize and centralize project data and improve communication and collaboration between you and your team.

As mentioned, there are many excellent project management software in the market. You need to find one that suits your fashion business’s needs.

Order/inventory management software for fashion businesses

Order and inventory present a challenge to many fashion businesses. Keeping them organized and in order can be difficult if you don’t have some system or centralized technology. 

Order/inventory management software, also known as centralized technology, has been made to keep things in order through one platform. With this technology in place, the room for error is significantly smaller, just as there is no space for things to go missing.

Human error often causes orders and inventory to go missing or become lost. But with centralized technology, this will no longer be a problem. Moreover, centralized technology can make running the business a piece of the cake if you have warehouses worldwide. 

This software will keep orders and inventory organized in your warehouses. You’ll know exactly what you need to stock up on or what you have a surplus of.

Data gathering software for fashion businesses

Being on top of all fashion trends and being able to follow the needs of the fashion market is challenging to say the least. Fashion changes so fast that sometimes it’s impossible to know everything at the right time. That’s why you should invest in real-time analytics and insight-gathering solutions.

Data gathering software can help you gather real-time data about your target customers, current trends, seasonal fashion, and other similar information. Implementing this type of software to your business could help you improve production as well as retail of your products.

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Blockchain technology for fashion businesses

Blockchain technology has been made to transform the way many businesses operate. And it can do the same for your fashion business. To be specific, blockchain can help you with your supply chain.

This type of tech can significantly improve your supply chain and make supply chain management much more straightforward. Blockchain technology can improve all your operations and make them more transparent. 

Your brand-to-supplier relationship will thrive thanks to this type of technology because both you and your supplier will have easier access to information and automated intelligent contacts.

This also means that in case of problems in the supply chain, blockchain solutions will resolve any issues quickly. You can keep track of everything – from raw to the end products. Your financial transactions will also be much easier thanks to blockchain.

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Useful Software And Technology For A Fashion Business 2

3D printing and manufacturing technology

If you’re part of the fashion world, you must have heard about 3D printing and its growing presence. Many fashion businesses and brands are slowly starting to tinker with 3D printing technology. According to experts, this type of tech is supposed to help produce fashion on demand while reducing the waste the fashion industry is notorious for.

During the manufacturing process, a lot of waste is created. Automation, data analytics, 3D printing, and other similar technologies are developed to combat this problem, shorten the production cycle, and streamline production.

3D printing and other manufacturing technology aim to prevent overstock and lower quantities of clothing from being made while simultaneously meeting the customers’ demands.

AI and AR for user experience

More and more people are switching from traditional shopping habits to online shopping, resulting in businesses looking for ways to improve their user experience. The best way to attract customers is through a unique and positive user experience.

Some of the ways you can improve your website’s user experience are with the help of artificial intelligence and augmented reality software. With AI chatbots and touchscreens, you can enhance customer experience, track customers’ journeys, offer customized product suggestions, and so much more.

AR software can now allow customers to try on outfits virtually. With this technology and thanks to customized measurement functionality, you can offer your customers greater accuracy. In turn, customers are more likely to buy a product they feel like they’ve tried on.

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Marketing technology and social media for fashion businesses

To be able to sell your products, you need to get customers. And to do so, you need to employ some marketing techniques and technologies. Marketing technology (Martech) is an umbrella term for everything you decide to use in your digital marketing strategy.

Martech includes social media, content creation and management, analytics, SEO, email marketing, and more. You have undoubtedly heard of some of these technologies and might have even used them in your digital marketing strategy.

Let’s take social media as an example. Social media channels are a great place to give your brand a voice and connect with your customers, and they are also great places to advertise your brand.

SEO practices and analytics are also beneficial when marketing your fashion business.

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Since we already mentioned that the popularity of online shopping is growing every day, we must also talk about new technologies that allow us to do online transactions seamlessly. Mobile or M-commerce relies on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets to buy and sell products.

With the help of this type of technology, your customers will be able to make purchases from your fashion store whenever they feel like it – as long as they have their mobile devices handy and your store has M-commerce technology available.

Another benefit of having m-commerce technology in your online store is that it can contribute to a positive user experience. On top of that, you’ll be able to reach your customers whenever you want through integrated marketing options.

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Bottom line

Every day, technology keeps improving, and even as we write this, something new that will enhance your fashion business may be in development. These types of technology and software are designed to make fashion businesses more efficient and make our planet cleaner.

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Images by Roberto Nickson and Christina Morillo

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