16 Best Traits Of An Ideal Chatbot

What are the best traits of an ideal chatbot? The ever-increasing competition in the business world has eventually revolutionized the customer care and content marketing world. More and more organizations are incorporating chatbots to provide real-time support to their potential clients–for instance, providing quick answers to customer inquiries.

Therefore as a business owner, you may also require one of the chatbots for effective performance. But choosing one might be the elephant in the room considering their significant number in the market.

Well, worry no more; we’ve got your back.

Great Traits Of An Ideal Chatbot

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Here are the essential traits an ideal chatbot should have:

1. Can Understand and Store a Client’s Information for Future Use

Your customer care or website chatbot needs to understand and keep your customers’ details for future references for ease of use. This overcomes the need for your customer to repeat themselves or re-enter their information every time they visit, which can be pretty annoying.

To enable such functionality, select a chatbot with a progressive profiling feature that updates a customer’s details on their every visit.

This type of chatbot is beneficial for e-commerce stores like the ones in Shopify. Well-constructed Shopify chatbots should be able to store information about the users and their inquiries. This will help them come up with faster and better solutions. It also helps them give suggestions that the customer might like based on their details and past purchases.


2. Can Pass on Whatever they Don’t Understand to Human Agents

As it is the norm, the client world is filled with complex issues or inquiries that can outsmart even the most advanced chatbots.

Therefore, selecting an ideal chatbot that fails honorably by channeling the challenging question or issue to its human counterparts is critical.  Doing so enables the development of more improved chatbot versions that can handle such problems.

3. An Ideal Chatbot is KCS-friendly

In total, the abbreviation stands for Knowledge-Centered Service, which constitutes a technique and set of rules for developing and maintaining organizational information.

It offers developers a blueprint to follow to produce insightful, ethical, and dynamic products. To build the best, they need to know the best AI chatbot reviews and comparisons to have a standard to compare to.

Having a KCS-friendly bot in the customer service system can enable effective service to your potential customers.

4. An Ideal Chatbot Provides Personalized Replies

Without question, your website or business customer care service will be barraged with queries from all sorts of customers—for instance, those from different backgrounds, with different attitudes, and those afflicted with different problems.

As such, an ideal chatbot should be emotionally intelligent. These would enable it to understand a customer’s tone and pain points during interaction to provide a personalized experience. They should also be able to initiate a human agent intervention if required.

5. An Ideal Chatbot Offers Several Options

Sometimes a customer can ask a complex question that might require sampling out a few solutions.

Therefore, having a chatbot that provides a user with several answers to select from comes in handy in such circumstances. 

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6. An Ideal Chatbot Can Provide Service to Different Types of Users

Another thing you should be aware of is that different kinds of people will visit your site or business. For example, those with low language proficiency and those afflicted with various disabilities, such as the blind and deaf.

This makes it critical to install a chatbot that can support them all—for example; one offers voice guidance for the visually impaired and other support services for the remaining categories.

7. An Ideal Chatbot is Secure to Use

To remove any doubt or suspicion within your client base, combining a transparent chatbot can suffice. 

For example, one explains the data it is collecting and provides the users with the option of opting in or out of the data collection process.

Such a trait is most appropriate, especially within the current Era characterized by numerous data breaches.

8. An Ideal Chatbot Allows Improvement

With the ever-changing business environment and customer requirements, your ideal chatbot should be dynamic or can allow constant improvement.

An excellent example of such is one that integrates an explainable form of AI. These would enable its easy adjustment to fit the current needs, unlike the traditional models that featured unexplainable program structures.

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9. Can Gather Information from Other Sources

In some instances, chatbots usually fail to provide the required answers, maybe due to the complex nature of inquiries.

Fortunately, acquiring one that can search information from the net and other organizational intranets to provide solutions can put you ahead of the pack.

Besides that, such a trait will enable the chatbot to offer your customers extended support for a continuous positive experience. 

10. An Ideal Chatbot Can Analyze Information

An ideal chatbot should be able to study a user’s past interactions to suggest the available products or services or help them identify additional functionality.

This reduces the hassle or inconvenience a user might be forced to undergo while searching for a new service or item. This also helps the organization to upsell its existing merchandise.

Chatbots can also use the unique natural language processing capability mostly found in analytical and predictive chatbots in two main ways.

First, to contextualize conversation regardless of the language used to determine the intent of a user’s question—to provide the most helpful answer. And second, to suggest choices to clarify or confirm intention.

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11. Can Support Different Types of Channels

This trait allows a chatbot to provide a customer with a link to different services depending on their input, for example, their details, email address, or order number.

Such allows a seamless integration across different digital channels or even enables the relay of information to the concerned human agents if required.

12. An Ideal Chatbot Works Well With your CRM

Incorporating a chatbot that integrates with your customer relationship management system is ideal for an exciting business environment. An appropriate example can fit in well with the existing crucial systems and coordinate workflows within and away from your CRM system.

Such a trait is also essential for real-time processes, such as routine password changes to complex actions across different applications in your organization.

13. Pre-Trained for your Business Needs

Having a chatbot system that is personalized to your business environment is also highly recommended. This stems from the fact that it comes pre-configured to solve your client’s problems off the bat. This eliminates the hassles and expenses required to customize it to your liking or business requirements.

As a rule of thumb, determine the essential features of your potential chatbot. These will enable you to develop an action plan to integrate its AI capabilities into your workflows and processes.

14. An Ideal Chatbot Allows Autonomous Reasoning

Since your ideal chatbot would be working on its own most of the time, it is a no-brainer to select one that can reason independently – even when faced with complex situations or inquiries.

An example of such is one that can provide answers based on relevant past cases.

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15. Supports Short and Straightforward Interactions

Since most people are moving from large screens to small screens regarding online content consumption, it is wise and futuristic to select an ideal chatbot that allows convenient use with small screens.

An excellent example of such is one that allows white spaces between large texts of information. These would allow the user to scheme through the text, thereby providing much-needed convenience.

16. An Ideal Chatbot Is Focused

To allow your potential clients to have a smooth overall experience, selecting a focused one is essential.

Why? It will keep your potential customers engaged for an extended period rather than one that keeps changing focus, leaving them confused.

Final Thoughts

Finding the ideal chatbot for your business can be a daunting task. There are so many options for chatbots, and there’s a lot to consider in finding one that will be able to fit your needs.

Taking the time to learn about the use of chatbots and how you’ll incorporate them into your business is the first step.

Given the traits in this article, it should be a good starting point in finding the right chatbot for your business. Make sure to choose carefully because your chatbots constitute a significant investment for a better future.

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