Different Types of Bulldogs that Owners Need to Understand

This article covers 4 different types of Bulldogs that you need to know about, especially if you have an intention to have this one in your home. In any neighborhood, you can quickly discover that Bulldog is one type of widely kept animal. Because it has great intelligence and can be applied to what is ordered by its master.

As one of the intelligent dogs, the Bulldog often uses the security aspect. No wonder then many people consider him a fierce dog. Though there is a soft and funny side of the Bulldog that is not in doubt. This one is not always maintained with security.

In fact, according to several reliable sources, this Bulldog is one of the pets that can be used as an excellent playmate. Chase each other and can be ordered in detail if desired well. The Bulldog’s care for security is also the animal’s loyalty to its master. You may also want to check the Bulldog Papa website and gain more info here.

Physical Characteristics of Different Types of Bulldogs

Different types of Bulldogs certainly has its physical characteristics. In general, Bulldog has an extra-wide and large body portion. Despite having a large body, this one dog is only blessed with a short muzzle. But still, this does not reduce the spooky face.

Not only that, but the Bulldog’s body shape also tends to be disproportionate because it only has short legs. This is further exacerbated by the extra skin on the surface of his body that falls many times over and makes him look fatter.

Meanwhile, this Bulldog tends to have short fur with a smooth and shiny texture from fur. The fur of bulldogs is usually straight. If you observe the face of this one dog, you can see that the Bulldog has a black nose with an extra-large nose size. The ears of this one dog are shaped like roses, small and fragile.

For adult bulldogs usually have lower jaw fangs that protrude outward. In terms of coat color, there are variants that you can consider before you buy and maintain this one dog. There are also solid whites, intense reds, yellow-browns, fallow, piebald, yellow, pale red, or a combination of these colors to form a pattern.

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4 Different Types of Bulldogs

Today, there are so many different types and variants of Bulldogs that you can get at the Pet Shop. However, in general, there are only four different types of Bulldogs or dog variants in this world.

1. English Bulldog

Different Types of Bulldogs that Owners Need to Understand English Bulldogs

The first variant of the Bulldog is the English Bulldog.

  • This type of Bulldog is one of the most original among different types of bulldogs.
  • The English Bulldog is the oldest variant and is known as the national dog of England.
  • This one animal can weigh up to 25 kg for males and 20 kg for females.
  • There are quite a lot of fur variants owned by this English Bulldog. But the most common are brown and white.
  • The English Bulldog has a very stocky stature despite being short.
  • The English Bulldog’s chest tends to be more comprehensive, and its size is much larger than its body size.

2. French Bulldog

Different Types of Bulldogs that Owners Need to Understand French Bulldogs

The next, one of the different types of Bulldogs, is the French Bulldog.

  • French Bulldog dogs usually have a much smaller body size than the English Bulldog.
  • This one dog is part of the mastiff dog breed that was bred in France.
  • Just like the English Bulldog, this one dog has a muscular body even though it is small.
  • The size of the head is larger than the body.
  • The French Bulldog has erect ears, and this is what distinguishes it from the English Bulldog.

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3. American Bulldog

Different Types of Bulldogs that Owners Need to UnderstandAmerican Bulldogs

The American Bulldog, is part of the English Bulldog race that was brought during the colonial era. At that time, this one dog was used as a ranch guard. Over time, the American Bulldog then evolved to follow the American nature and made it look very different from the English Bulldog even though they were the same breed.

  • Compared to the English Bulldog, the American Bulldog tends to have a much larger height and body size.
  • This one dog weighs about 30 to 60 kg with a head size that is very proportional to its stocky body.
  • When compared physically, this American Bulldog will look much slimmer than the English Bulldog and French Bulldog.

4. Olde English Bulldog

Different Types of Bulldogs that Owners Need to Understand Olde English Bulldogs

The last Bulldog breed is the Olde English Bulldog. This one dog is an American variant that was deliberately experimented with to be able to return to resemble its ancestors who came from England. It is just that the results say otherwise.

  • This one dog has a very different height from the English Bulldog.
  • This Olde English Bulldogge is considered rare by the United States Animal Welfare Board and inaugurated by the American Kennel Club as one of the animals protected by the United States government.

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