4 Best HR Tools Your HR Department Needs to Use

Professional HR management for startups or old companies and the best HR tools will help in proffering technological solutions that help in managing your company’s day-to-day activities effectively.

As a business owner who has a company or organization, your HR department will likely face some challenges. This is because the critical nature of the work of HR demands that the business operations function correctly with minimal differences. They have to apply this condition to the overlapping systems and interpersonal communications in the company or organizations.

It is agreed that a reputable HR department in a company must possess a genuine commitment to present company policies to employees and also facilitate co-worker compliance using any means at their disposal. But to achieve this reputable status, some best HR tools can be used for this purpose.

Top 4 Best HR Tools

In this article, we will be seeing 4best HR tools that you as a business owner can use. So, here they are:

1. Zoho People

This is one of the effective and best HR tools that you can use no matter the size of the company. It is a cloud-based HR platform that you can use to manage and organize the employee data of your company or organization. This tool is primarily designed for small and medium businesses and companies, but it can also be helpful for those that own enterprise business.

4 Best HR Tools Your HR Department Needs to Use ZOHO People

Zoho People has a user-friendly design. It has an intuitive interface that allows you as a business owner to see all the information regarding your employees in a single place.

You can also use this tool to organize and categorize the data. This is because Zoho People has several tools that enable your HR department to manage timesheets, track leaves, manage performance appraisals, create custom forms, amongst others. It also possesses a simple dashboard that allows your HR department to calculate sick leaves, day-offs, holidays, amongst others.

They can also use the tool to track the employee’s attendance. This tool easily allows you to connect with your HR manager. This is because you and your employees can see their timesheet, attendance, and the company’s basic information.

Zoho People has a notification tab feature that allows your employees to discuss issues and make announcements that arise during work activities. The HR manager can use the files tab to exchange important files. It also provides advanced insights and analytics about your company workforce so that the business owner can make informed decisions and identify bottlenecks.

This tool is a lot more transparent when compared to other HR tools, even though it might not have various features as some of them have. Zoho People helps your HR team free up their schedule, so they focus on working on more critical activities. It can do this by automating all the specific recruitment processes of the business.

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2. Breezy HR

This is another one of the best HR tools that your HR team can use if you own a small, medium, or large business. The primary task of Breezy HR is to automate the recruitment process.

4 Best HR Tools Your HR Department Needs to Use Breezy HR

It works by automatically searching candidates from various sources; then, it prepares a list of interested people in the vacant job position. It also helps you to create compelling job descriptions and then advertises them on various job portals.

Breezy HR provides robust tools for managing candidates. It has a drag-and-drop feature that allows recruiters to organize the candidate list in a simple form. It also sends emails and text messages (SMS) to the candidates.

It allows you as the job recruiter to visualize the meeting schedule and prepare test questions for the interview with job candidates. When the interview is completed, the whole team can discuss and score candidates within the Human Resource Management (HRM).

One of the most significant advantages of Breezy HR is it can integrate your existing another best HR tools seamlessly. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing data during migration and integration because Breezy resolves this automatically.

Breezy HR is not only limited to job recruitment. Your HR team can also use it to keep track of current employees and manage communication. Also, Breezy HR can seamlessly connect with LinkedIn and AngelList to find suitable candidates that are qualified.

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3. ADP

ADP is one of the Best HR tools which is a cloud-based. This HR tool that you can use for businesses of all industries, including small, medium-scale companies and enterprises.

4 Best HR Tools Your HR Department Needs to Use ADP

ADP allows your HR department to automate time tracking, benefits administration, payroll, pay stub and taxes calculation, recruiting, and talent management. ADP also provides its clients external HR specialists who can assist the existing HR staff. 

ADP is an HR Management software that is regarded as a lifesaver to most companies. For example, take, for instance, a company that offers compensation to hourly wage employees. These compensations should be appropriately documented and accounted for.

A good HR management software is needed to handle this documentation effectively, and ADP is the go-to high-level HR software that can handle anything.

ADP is used in over 110 countries by over 650,000 clients. In 2016, it was awarded as the HR Management Solutions Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan. Standard & Poor and Moody also credited ADP with an AA rating.

4. Cezanne HR

This is another one of the best HR tools that is primarily designed to interact with employees on a modular level.

4 Best HR Tools Your HR Department Needs to Use Cezanne HR

Cezanne HR is capable of tracking the individual performance of the employees.

Still, it sets protocols on the ground to properly train, advise, develop, and advocate on behalf of the company employees.

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Whether you are a business owner (small or medium) or a company manager, these best HR tools are essential for your HR team to use because it is part of what you need to take your business or company to the next level.

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