A New Horizon: Using LinkedIn For Career Development And Personal Growth

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for professionals in any industry, and it has a thriving element of event planners. Any event planner looking to expand their potential can turn to LinkedIn for career development and personal growth. The connections and collaborations provided through like-minded individuals will level up your career. Here are our tips for using LinkedIn to get ahead.

How to use LinkedIn for Career Development and Personal Growth

A New Horizon - Using LinkedIn For Career Development And Personal Growth 1

Follow Companies That Fit Your Values

A New Horizon Using LinkedIn For Career Development And Personal Growth 1
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When you start out networking on LinkedIn, it’s easy to be initially drawn to big-name organizations that you think will provide valuable connections. Naturally, you want to start building up a network of high-profile corporations and individuals through which you can network for new opportunities.

However, it’s essential that you let LinkedIn grow into a place where your values and commitments are on display. To this end, try exploring organizations and individuals that are passionate about the same things as you. This way, you’ll grow an expansive network of individuals who share your values – the organic interaction that’s an outcome of these networks will provide you with a platform for enormous potential both personally and professionally.

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Find And Join Groups

Find And Join Groups
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LinkedIn’s Groups offer a ready-made community of like-minded individuals. Diving into groups relevant to your interests – both personal and professional – will give you exposure across the platform, stimulating personal growth, and opening up new opportunities within your career.

LinkedIn lets you join up to 100 groups, so there’s no need to hold back. You can search for groups with specific keywords to find highly targeted groups where you’ll stand out as a high-profile individual, sharing articles or job listings that are in your niche. Many of these LinkedIn groups are highly relevant to event planners and focus on relevant topics such as social media planning or career development advice in the events niche, while others are location-based. Finding relevant groups in your area is an excellent way to network.

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LinkedIn Is A Place For Professional Content

While browsing memes on Facebook might be a favorite pastime, the standard for content on LinkedIn is high, and content from other channels isn’t going to cut it. Remember, – LinkedIn is a professional platform where you want to show your best side, so make sure you’re only sharing high-quality content that’s relevant and professional.

Thought-provoking content is the best thing to share – articles and resources that encourage people to think or that starts a debate. As a member of the event management and planning industry, you’ll be on the cutting edge of industry-relevant questions to apply that knowledge in the content you share on LinkedIn.

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Utilize The Endorsement Feature

Endorsing others’ skill sets is a great way to make connections on LinkedIn. When you endorse someone on LinkedIn, you’re supporting their profile and reinforcing the values for which they stand – and often, they’ll endorse you back. These connections strengthen your standing in LinkedIn’s community.

It’s also an excellent method to boost your exposure across the site – after you endorse someone, your name will appear beside the skill on their profile. It expands your reach and gives you credibility.

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Job Hunting On LinkedIn for Career Development

A New Horizon Using LinkedIn For Career Development And Personal Growth 3
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LinkedIn doesn’t just enable you to network in the events industry – you can discover new jobs and practical opportunities through the site.

When you start exploring LinkedIn for career development, it’s essential not to neglect these opportunities.

Hunt for jobs through the search function and apply with a single click – with your resume already uploaded, that’s all it takes. Recruiters will get access to your profile and see your connections, so by being active in the community, and you’ll improve your chances of getting an interview.

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Develop Projects And Partnerships

LinkedIn is a social platform for professionals, but it’s about so much more than just being visible. Launching partnerships and working on projects with your connections is an excellent way of advancing your career and learning along the way.

Whether you have an idea for an article or want to host a conference for like-minded event planners to come together, LinkedIn gives you a direct channel to the people who can help you make that happen.

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Wrapping Up

LinkedIn offers so many opportunities for event planners and professionals. By building your network and engaging with cutting edge content in your industry, you’ll discover new opportunities. This way, you can use LinkedIn for career development and personal growth. It’s time to connect.

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