4 Lucrative Careers For People With High Emotional Intelligence

Intelligence is a concept that has evolved dramatically over the past few decades. Intelligence was initially concerned with a person’s academic performance and IQ, and the measure today has grown to include other facets of the human mind. That means that today, it is not necessary for the highest-scoring candidate on a test to be regarded as the best choice for a position unless they also prove to possess other qualities. One such attribute is emotional intelligence, a highly coveted quality in many professions. Here, we have listed top 4 careers for people with high emotional intelligence.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

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Emotional intelligence is an innate ability to deal with people and situations based on understanding, awareness, and the ability to navigate through emotions. As opposed to IQ, which is concerned with a person’s problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) measures one’s capacity to understand and effectively manage emotions. There are five key attributes that emotionally intelligent people possess:

  1. Self-Awareness – An understanding of one’s self, including strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Self-Regulation – The ability to maintain discipline and control in life by regulating internal and external factors.
  3. Empathy – The capacity to understand others and their situations in a considerate manner.
  4. Motivation – A passion for working towards one’s goal while encouraging others to do the same through example and inspiration.
  5. Social Skills – The capability to communicate effectively and build relationships with others.

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4 Careers For High Emotional Intelligence

Most successful people possess a fair amount of IQ as well as Emotional Intelligence. However, many individuals without a very high IQ level can achieve great things in life. If you have a high Emotional Intelligence, here are the best career options for you.

Family Counselor

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One field requiring extremely high Emotional Intelligence levels is Counseling. There are many specializations counselors can consider. However, one of the most challenging and complex jobs is that of a family marriage counselor. Counseling of any kind requires you to have high Emotional Intelligence so that you may understand the difficulties a patient is going through and help them get through it with empathy.

Family counseling, however, is a step ahead, as it usually involves sessions with multiple individuals simultaneously, and the counselor also plays the additional role of a mediator. Due to the delicate nature of family relationships and the sensitivity of the situations to be handled, a family counselor must have exceptional emotional intelligence and empathy.

This makes family counseling an excellent career option for people with high Emotional Intelligence, and the average fees per hour range around $70 – $250. The money is pretty great.

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School Teacher

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The role of teachers in society is pivotal. A teacher’s job does not only entail giving lectures and conducting tests on arts and sciences to test children’s IQs. Teachers are mentors, role models, support systems, influencers, and counselors.

In addition to imparting knowledge, teachers are responsible for shaping future generations’ minds. However, it is essential to understand that all children are inherently different and have their own challenges to deal with. They may be in the shape of family finances, home environment, mental health, aims/ambitions, etc.

Therefore, teachers need to have a high Emotional Intelligence level to understand every child and get through to them in a supportive and effective manner. Regarding remuneration, the salary varies from state to state, but the national median is $61,468, which is not a bad arrangement.

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Team Manager

Team Manager
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Managers are the glue that holds the corporate world together. In every industry, every company, and every department, there is a need for a manager. A manager may have usual tasks related to their field. For instance, a legal manager may have contract management duties, while a human resources manager may look after recruitment.

However, there are everyday duties that managers working everywhere must take on. These include team management, achieving goals/targets, conflict resolution, and effective communication and coordination. These careers require someone with a high Emotional Intelligence, as they are all primarily concerned with people dealing.

Moreover, a manager is also someone who is required to lead the team through difficult times and keep their colleagues motivated and satisfied. Both these functions also require a person who encourages and inspire others as a leader, which is another attribute of emotionally intelligent people. Plus, with an average salary of $70,000/-, there is great potential for financial growth as a manager.

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Strategy Analyst

Strategy Analyst
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It may come as a surprise, but the field of strategy values EQ significantly above IQ. This task depends on person-to-person interaction, as building good relationships with partners/consumers is fundamental for a successful career.

Additionally, the core duty of strategy analysts includes developing the company’s brand based on predictions of reaction/response. This requires detailed knowledge of the market and industry and an innate understanding of how people perceive and react to things. As you may have already guessed, the latter is a skill only people with a high Emotional Intelligence possess.

Therefore, a strategy analyst career is an excellent option for emotionally intelligent individuals. The average annual salary for a strategy analyst in the USA is $82,892/-. As your strategies help businesses succeed, you will eventually see a rise in the wages being offered.

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Final Words

Although school and society may have told you otherwise as a child, having a high Emotional Intelligence is as important as having a high IQ. Sometimes academic intellectual ability also fails you in practical life situations, but with high emotional intelligence, you have a distinctive edge. By understanding others’ emotions and having control over your own, you can be the most intelligent person in the room.

The above career options have been chosen specifically for those who possess high emotional intelligence and wish to use their abilities to succeed. Whether you aspire to bring families together or create strategies for leading brands, having a high Emotional Intelligence can help you on the road to success. So think about your goals and ambitions, weigh your options, and make a well-calculated, grounded decision regarding your career.

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