15 Best Part-time Graphic Design Courses For A Creative Designing Career

If you think learning will need you to return to school, there are certainly better alternatives. There are great part-time graphic design courses available for graphic design online. You can hone your skills by applying them from the comfort of your living room.

In the realm of visual technology, the most valued skill in graphic designing for creative purposes. Fashion photographers, for instance, must be familiar with Photoshop and the basic rules of graphic designing. Without it, the results will not end up looking so professional and unique.

For artists and illustrators, graphic designing is fundamental to succeed in their profession. Thus, in most fields these days, this skill is considered a valued asset.

Top 15 Part-time Graphic Design Courses Online

To make a choice more accessible for you, we have provided a list of the best online part-time graphic design courses.

They will help you develop or refine your skills in this field and become a professional. Or even purely for the sake of learning something new and exciting.


15 Best Part-time Graphic Design Courses For A Creative Designing Career Udemy

Udemy has videos taught by independent instructors. The costs of the part-time graphic design courses depend on the field, teacher, and how long the video is. On Udemy, each class is rated, and that is how the quality of the course can be judged.

Introduction to Graphic Design is the right place where you can begin on Udemy. It is a free course that covers subjects like the fundamental aspects, five principles, and the design process. It allows the students to see the design from an entirely new perspective.

The course aims to teach students to help them understand the work of professional designers. And wholly develop the idea about how a good design is created. You also do not need any prior knowledge of designing or any software to take this course.


15 Best Part-time Graphic Design Courses For A Creative Designing Career Alison

Alison offers a vast number of part-time graphic design courses which are free of cost. They are suited to users of every skill level. There are some which aim to define all the basic principles and terms. At the same time, others teach the application of these principles with exercises and case studies.

Some courses teach the usage of particular software and tools in designing. The site is an excellent resource for free courses in the field of graphics.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

15 Best Part-time Graphic Design Courses For A Creative Designing Career Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT provides online instruction by the name of OpenCourseWare. It is a database that is free and created by course writers and experts instructors of the field. Most graphic design lessons here are related to another topic of the same niche, like web coding.

But they still come from a trusted and helpful resource. Also, instead of just covering the theory, they focus on practical implementation as well.

Teach yourself Graphic Design: A self-study course outline

The article contains the elements of creating a graphic design course that is self-taught. It is a replacement for the traditional mode of courses that are usually available.

Sean Hodge, the author of the article, is currently a part of the Tuts+ educational network as a business editor. He has broken the subject matter into comprehensive subtopics like design history, principles, and creating portfolios.

New Horizons: Graphics Designing Course Trainings

New Horizons Graphics Designing Course Trainings

The certified institute is situated in UAE and offers multimedia and graphic design Adobe courses. Being of a brief length, these part-time graphic design courses are beneficial for users wanting to gain experience quickly. It also allows them time to work on other projects if they need to. The programs are divided into two levels and are easy to understand.

New Horizon courses are beneficial to choose a graphics-related career. At online brochure maker Dubai, we tend to select the most professional graphic designing skills for our team. This ensures that only the best services are provided to our clients.

Canva Design School

15 Best Part-time Graphic Design Courses For A Creative Designing Career Canva Design School

Canva has changed the game of graphic designing for beginners. It has one of the most comprehensive tutorials, lessons, articles, and resource material. Each of its lessons is in the form of articles with helpful information, samples, and resource links.

Apart from the main courses, there are also various related articles in Canva’s blog section.

Creative Pro

15 Best Part-time Graphic Design Courses For A Creative Designing Career Creative Pro

Creative Pro is technically not a course but equally helpful for graphic designing beginners. It is an excellent guide for helping in graphic design. Most articles and videos in the magazine are for resolving issues at a professional design level.

They are focused upon common problems faced by designers and have pro tips to overcome the challenges. One downside to it, though, is that the articles aren’t ordered by category, so browsing is slightly tricky.


15 Best Part-time Graphic Design Courses For A Creative Designing Career CreativeLive

In CreativeLive, there is a wide range of online part-time graphic design courses directed towards artists and designers. The complete courses are not entirely free, though.

But there are a lot of free videos that help you with learning design basics. But the course material is certainly worth paying for.

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Fundamentals of Creative Design from CalArts

Fundamentals of Creative Design from CalArts

The California Institute of Arts provides these introductory design lessons on Coursera. The site has various part-time graphic design courses from many companies and universities.

CalArts has five free courses on graphic designing available there. The Fundamentals of Creative Design is the best place to start as it covers all the main principles. It includes everything from image designing and typography to color, composition, and shape study.

Graphic designing from the University of Colorado

Graphic designing from the University of Colorado

This course by University of Colorado is also offered via Coursera, which means the whole course is free of cost. This course is undoubtedly fantastic for designers who are starting fresh. It is mainly because it is primarily meant to provide knowledge of the field to everyone in the easiest way possible.

The lessons are elementary to understand and teach you tricks that make designing less complex.

Graphic Design History: An Introduction

15 Best Part-time Graphic Design Courses For A Creative Designing Career Graphic Design History An Introduction

Offered by Maryland Institute College of Art via the online platform Kadenze, this is another treasure trove of knowledge. This specifically explains the history of graphic design and provides background details that would benefit any starter.

The description indicates that modern trends cannot be studied without understanding what shaped design early. The elements covered include origins of graphic design and text, styles during the late eighteen hundred, photomontage, and mechanical abstractions.

Apart from that, there are also many more topics to explore and learn. There is no end to the content that is available in this course.

Introduction to graphic illustration

15 Best Part-time Graphic Design Courses For A Creative Designing Career Introduction to graphic illustration

Introduction to graphic illustration is one of the part-time graphic design courses on Kadenze which is designed by Cornish College of the Arts. Its primary focus is on the integration of drawing skills and principles of design. But a word of advice, it is essential to have basic knowledge in this field when you take this course.

Some of the topics concerning design theory are touched on in this course, like illustration principles. There are also more practical topics included, like demos of digital tools that show several advanced techniques.

Each of the sessions available here is in the form of multiple visual lessons. They also have assignments that help you assess how much you have learned. A course is a wonderful option for graphic designers aiming to improve their illustrative skills.

Envato Tuts+ Illustration and Design Courses

Envato Tuts+ Illustration and Design Courses

Offered by Envato is a selection of helpful and detailed tutorials about all software and processes in graphic design. It includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhino, Cinema 4D, to name a few.

There are also more free part-time graphic design courses to help see the skills from the view of a professional and how it works in the corporate world. There are more than a thousand courses and tutorials on Envato’s database.

You can gain a lot of knowledge regarding corporate presentation design services and more within these archives.

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Demystifying Graphic Design: How Posters Work

Demystifying Graphic Design How Posters Work

Skillshare is one of the most comprehensive and effective platforms with a great variety of part-time graphic design courses available. There are more than a thousand courses on this platform in practically every field.

Some of the topics include branding, marketing, videography, and graphic designing. There are both premium and free plans on Skillshare, so anybody can begin to learn as they see fit.

On the graphic design courses from Skillshare, users can interact with the educator and community. There are also assignments to complete and examine your knowledge.

The instructors are not available frequently in person, but they will respond to messages sent on the board. The community, however, is highly engaging, and other learners provide great insight into the courses.

SCAD Graphic Design Course

15 Best Part-time Graphic Design Courses For A Creative Designing Career SCAD Graphic Design Course

This is an excellent course offered by the Savannah College of Arts and Design. It has complete insight on designing skills related to vector graphics and raster.

The course is sectioned into several brief part-time graphic design courses. Students can take them as suitable with their credit hours. There are different aspects related to graphic designing covered, like web designing and typography.

The additional subtopics in this course make a complete package for students and help them become expert designers.

Graphic Design Masterclass – Learn Great Design

Graphic Design Masterclass – Learn Great Design

Offered on Udemy, this Graphic Design Masterclass is a bestseller taught by instructor Lindsay Marsh. The program is specifically meant for beginners aiming to pursue graphic designing as a career.

They can use the skills learned from this course to advance themselves as professionals. But the course also has valuable knowledge for intermediate and experienced designers.

The course combines the basics and theory of graphic design with applications and projects in the real world.

Students will learn layout theory, color, typography, and balance for creating unique designs—topics including photo manipulation, branding, logo design, among others. Basics of Illustrator, InDesign, and Illustrator are also included.

Become a Graphic Designer – LinkedIn Learning

Become a Graphic Designer – LinkedIn Learning

This is another fantastic program to learn graphic design from basics to advanced methods. The platform has created a learning path titled “Become a Graphic Designer.”

The different courses under this category will help in grasping the foundation and concepts of this field. They also provide knowledge on the latest software and tools for innovative designing.

The path consists of eleven part-time graphic design courses taught by experts, which span more than twenty-two hours.

Google UX Design Professional Certificate

15 Best Part-time Graphic Design Courses For A Creative Designing Career Google UX Design Professional Certificate

UX Design certificate course is launched by Google on Coursera. The course is a guide for learners preparing for employment as UX designers. It covers the basics of UX designing, conducting user research, and designing prototypes.

The program is designed into seven separate courses which explore principles, terms, and standard tools of the industry. The entire design process is covered in the course from the beginning till the end.

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We are sure this list of online part-time graphic design courses will help you to make a wise choice while opting for graphic design.

Graphic designers will be the most profitable career for the future with the continued advancement of technology. This is an excellent time for honing your skills in this field and having a valued ability through these part-time graphic design courses.

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