Most Dominant Social Media Trends

Social media has transformed the world in recent years. Many of the businesses are now heading towards social media due to its market potential. Digital marketing will grow drastically in the coming decade, and we don’t know where it will stand in the longer run. But we can identify some of the most dominant social media trends you should be aware of.

Most Dominant Social Media Trends 1

Transitory Content:

The consumption of ephemeral content (limited-time content) will increase continuously. Instagram stories and WhatsApp statuses are a perfect example of this type of content. This content is the perfect way to get in touch with your audience.

Stories will help you stay connected and engage with the audience through short-videos and images. This can be seen by the noticeable increase in the ‘Instagram Stories’. Brands will continue to use this trend in the future to leverage its advantage.

Vanity Metrics:

We should be less focused on the vanity metrics as there were several experiments around hiding the metrics, basically like count, by Facebook and Instagram. Most of the people think that Instagram wants to earn more by implementing this change as brads are giving more importance to influencers than traditional advertising. Twitter also desires to move away from the metrics; and these apps are trying to slightly change their design to put less emphasis on the number of followers and likes.

Social Business:

Social commerce is now becoming a mainstream retail channel. This dominant trend will have a considerable increase in social media marketing as most social media apps provide opportunities for more shoppable content. Many social media apps are improving their tools to help their customers shop directly within the app. Most of the brands are already using Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to expand their business and customer range.

Video Content:

Trends of videos will continue to be dominant in social media. Video marketing can be beneficial as you can tell your story more uniquely and entertainingly. Videos are the future of social media as you can see from short-span videos of TikTok and long-span videos of YouTube.

Additionally, live videos are becoming more popular as consumers want to be connected with influencers and brands they like. Utilize this trend to stay relevant in the social media domain.

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Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing will continue to grow this year as influencers have become an expected part of the social media experience. They can offer significant benefits for brands and businesses as they have a strong following and engagement in social media. However, many big influencers are not being trusted because they are seen as disingenuous by customers.

Besides, smaller influencers will be gaining more from brands as they are more engaged and connected with their small community. This is due to their lower cost which will benefit both the influencers and brands.

Messaging Apps:

Social messaging apps are now becoming more popular, and this dominant social media trend will continue to boost in the future. WhatsApp and Messenger have more active users than other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Businesses are using these messaging apps to engage with customers more effectively. As the use of these apps increases, the opportunity for better customer experience will also increase exponentially. Artificial Intelligence will be of great help in this regard as it will help in more relevant and personalized conversations.

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We are making our new marketing goals and targets for this year. So, it’s best to be aware of these dominant social media trends. However, knowing is not enough. We need to adjust our social media strategy with the trends to get the best-desired results.

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