Top Trends For The Real Estate Market In 2023

The trends for the real estate market change every year. The digital world is the main bet for the expansion of the sector, which will have its growth intensified in the next 12 months, according to the World Association of Real Estate Developers.

Do you want to take advantage of the wave of innovation in the real estate market and increase sales and leases? Check below the eight trends for the real estate market and stay on top of the news that could make your business take off. 

Top Trends For The Real Estate Market In 2022 2023

Responsive website

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The digital world is cell phones. And the question is: is your website able to open on a mobile device’s small screen? Not? So you need a responsive and mobile-friendly website. A responsive website is designed to adjust to any screen resolution without distortions.

Responsive design makes the site detect the device’s screen size (tablet, cell phone, or computer). So, determine the best way to show its content to visitors. There are several advantages to having a responsive website, one of which is improved user experience. The images and text are shown in letters and sizes, useful for viewing, even on a small screen.

A responsive website makes people spend longer browsing pages without visual disturbance, increasing sales opportunities. Besides, access via mobile tends to grow more and more, and this is one of the most vital trends for the real estate market

User Experience

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In addition to having a responsive website, we have one of tends for the real estate market that cannot go unnoticed. The user experience, understanding, and improving how the user is treated when clicking on his website or social network. Whether using digital marketing tools or producing content, your online brand’s user experience must be more and more humanized and real. 

It would help if you created strategies to stay close to your customers. Also, it would surprise them with a less invasive and more friendly approach. A good tip is to use less formal and more direct language bluntly. The chances of the person stopping to read or watch some content are significantly increased when we think about how they will relate to that content: is it easy to understand? is it too long or too short? Deliver what you promised? 

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Professional courses

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Another relevant topic by professionals and one of the trends for the real estate market is professional development. Professional courses in marketing, sales, and digital transformation are some of the most sought after. There are already specific courses in these areas for the real estate market, as in systems.

Knowing how to create the right digital strategies, use social networks, and create relevant content are the points that have become a trend for those who want to close more deals. There are several free courses for those who want to know a little more about communication actions to guarantee sales. Even if you research well, some institutions even offer online certificates. Here’s the tip!

Modernization of dissemination

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The search for digital marketing courses points to another item that is one of the trends for the real estate market: modernization in promoting properties. The real estate market has always sought to keep up with the digital world. Still, technology comes with more strength following the consumer profile strongly connected to digital and social media. 

It will be necessary to strengthen mobile (communication via cell phone) to sell and rent properties successfully. Responsive sites – as we said up there – mobile applications and WhatsApp service are the big draws of the moment. And remember: a good part of the population uses cell phones more than desktops and notebooks. So, if you want to close a deal, you need to be in line with the trend. Have you created your Whatsapp Business?

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Content production

Content production
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A lot of people think that to have good results with sales or rent of real estate. It is enough to invest only in digital marketing techniques, like social networks, and wait for the clients to appear. This, in a way, is something that also works, but little is said about the production of content to attract and retain more and more possible buyers or tenants.

The tip is to invest in video production: both showing the properties to create desire and facilitate the life of the customer who wants to know the space and talk about contents that help the day-to-day of those looking for a purchase rental of a property. The production of video or text content is vital for you to appear on Google and help your brand stand out and reference. It is worth remembering that the production of content has no return in the short term. It is an investment that needs time and dedication. But it is very worthwhile for those who want to be recognized and win more customers. So, content production is one of trends for the real estate market.

Partnership to digitize services 

Another point that will be excellent for your business and is a worldwide trend is partnerships between companies, especially those who already have digitalized services. Suppose your company does not have the capital, time, or resources for everything we talked about here. But, you still want to differentiate yourself to compete in the market. In that case, the solution is to look for partners that make your customer’s life easier.

You must hire professionals to make repairs in the rented properties and reduce the waiting time and bureaucracy between customer and owner. The real estate agent has to do the middle of the field—all of this in a 100% digital and, mainly, safe way. Your customers’ experience will be even better, and your real estate is recognized for that. They will offer a simple system integration that allows customers to make calls directly through your website.

Besides, they will adopt the “win-win” model: for each fast service through the partnership, providers and real estate agents receive for it. A service that makes all the difference for tenants and owners and brings modernity to your real estate. 

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Electronic rental subscription

Electronic rental subscription
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Online rental contract signatures are also within the law, and several real estate companies and developers have already adhered to this practice. Because of the electronic signature, the entire process of purchasing or renting a property takes place digitally (except the home visit).

It is a much more practical and quick way to finish the process, taking less time and avoiding notary queues. Also, there are several security measures to check the authenticity and authorship of signed contracts.

Increased consumer confidence

Increased consumer confidence
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People’s confidence will return. Of all the trends for the real estate market, this is the one that you, the real estate agent, need to take advantage of more to make good sales and retain customers. Customers are confident with the real estate market, as today’s scenario demands attractive prices, low-interest rates, and a high prospect in the sector.

This combined means that people do not close entirely to investment in real estate and take advantage of the moment to have the longed-for home. According to a recent survey by Fipe with Grupo Zap, people who said they were interested in purchasing their property went from 25% to 35%. That is, now is the time to seize the moment.

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What are real estate funds?

To better understand why these are the best options for, you will need to understand real estate funds. First of all, it is ideal to know that they are known as FFI, which stands for Real Estate Investment Funds. Thus, the FFI is nothing more than a pool of resources intended to invest in real estate marketing investments. Thus, they are constituted in the form of a closed condominium. Therefore, the division occurs in the form of quotas, which represent the portions, ideally, of your invested assets.

Why invest in real estate funds?

The simplest answer to that question is relatively straightforward. Therefore, the reason for investing in real estate funds is to ensure a healthy relationship between profitability and security in variable income. So, it is recommended that you invest in diversifying your investment portfolio. For this increase in income, real estate funds can be an excellent option for the year. This is because, currently, the Selic rate is at an all-time low. This means that the levels have reached historic fall values, and it is the ideal time to think about it.

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