Gratitude And Its Benefits – How to Practice Gratitude?

In this article, we discussed what is gratitude and its benefits and how to practice gratitude.

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is derived from a Latin word GRATIA, which means to be grateful. Gratitude is an appreciation for what you receive, whether from other people or your environment. You can be grateful for anything which is near you. It resembles the goodness in you. With paying gratitude, you are thankful for your outer environment; they feel that goodness is also outside them.

In positive psychology, gratitude is linked to greater happiness. Gratitude makes people feel more positive, they can enjoy a good experience, they have more improves health, and they have more quality relations.

You can pay gratitude to the past, the present, or the future things which are going to come up.

Gratitude And Its Benefits

In this part, we have listed gratitude and its benefits. Have a look!

The Happy You

It makes us much happier than ever before. Studies have shown that people who write a journal daily are happier than ordinary people. Studies show that when we write, we get notified about the things we have. And noticing makes us feel happier. When you pay attention to positives in your life, then you are happier and vice versa.

A Healthy Mind

Gratitude is the state of regular practice and commitment. It has a positive effect on your psychological health. It also increases self-esteem and makes you out of depression and negativity. When we sincerely and earnestly pay gratitude in our lives, then we are more positive and hence happier.

No Negativity

When you are jealous of others or pay envy to them, it will increase the negativity in your life. Researches have claimed that when you pay gratitude, you are filled with positive emotions, and this will make you more resilient and less envious of others. When you are grateful, there is no place of envy, and it will stay away from your life.

Improved Quality of Life

Gratitude will help you in having a better life satisfaction and higher self-esteem. When you practice gratitude daily, then it will help you feel better in different circumstances.

Less Vulnerable

When you practice gratitude, it helps you to stay positive in your weakest time. It will help you overcome suicidal thoughts when you are in stress and depression.

More Trustworthy

Paying gratitude will make us social, and we will have more friends and good relations. It is only because when you pay gratitude, you are more favorable. Which, in turn, makes you more trustworthy, and you will have quality relations. People will like us more than.

Physically Fit

Paying gratitude will make you healthier also. When you pay gratitude, you are making a positive mindset. This, in turn, makes you away from stress and will make you physically healthy. It helps you lower the blood pressure, decreases pain, increases sleep quality, and increases the amount of energy in you.

Better Career

Gratitude will help you in your career life also. It will improve your productivity, increases your decision making, and increase your network. In turn, you will have healthy relations with your peers and colleagues.

Selfless Mindset

Gratitude also helps in the development of our personality. The more positive we are, the more optimistic we are. Gratitude also makes us less materialistic, more spiritual, less self-centered, and more in self-esteem. In short, it makes us a happier person from the core of our hearts.

Improved Relations

In today’s time, healthy relations with friends and family are vitally important. Many studies have suggested that with growing life and lifestyle, humans tend to lose good relations with close friends and family. Gratitude helps us not only regaining those relations back but also helps us maintaining and even improving those.

These all for our gratitude and its benefits. Now., check how to practice gratitude?

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Gratitude And Its Benefits - How to Practice Gratitude 1

How to Practice Gratitude : 4 Easy Ways

Call your friends

The easiest way to start with is calling your friends.  Do not practice gratitude by calling a friend whom you call very often. Just go in the memories and try calling an old friend who is left behind for no reason in the race called life.

Call Family

Once you have practiced the first round of gratitude by calling an old friend, its time for stage two. Just call a family member whom you have been disconnected with for quite some time. If you don’t have any topic to talk about, here is a trick. Just make them remember the right time you have spent together. There is no need to discuss current life or situations.

The Gratitude Jar

This one is the easiest way, but is on the level third for a reason. The reason is procrastination. Many people don’t do it because it is that easy. Just pick up a jar and decorate it with your wish. Now, start writing three things every night that you are grateful for. You can write it on a slip or a sticky note and put it in the jar. Remember, you need to do it daily, 3 THINGS. The best part of this practice is, whenever you feel low or feel dissatisfied, pick a random chit from the jar, and there you go. You have a reason to be grateful for.


This is probably one of the most commonly used, but underestimated way of being grateful. The reason is we do it with no hearts. Next time when you pray to God, don’t just wish for anything, be grateful in front of him for what so ever you have. It might seem not worthwhile if you do it for the first five times, especially when you are facing not so good phases of your life. But very soon, you’ll start realizing the importance of it because gratitude makes you self-satisfied.

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In general life, gratitude is a minimal parameter, whereas, in Psychology, it’s a deep subject. Happiness and good quality of life is everyone’s need and to attain that, the easiest way is being Grateful. Now that you know the core of gratitude and its benefits and how to practice it, you are one step closer to getting a happier life. Keep practicing and stay healthy with every gratitude you pay.

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