What Makes a Great Video Camera?

The great video camera doesn’t exist; no camera will be the best in all situations. But some excel in specific fields, while some can handle others with ease. Take one look at the reviews of the Sony FS7, for example, and you’ll find mixed reviews. People love it but also think it lacks in other areas. It has an internal codec that isn’t incredibly flexible, nor does it offer full-frame sensor capture.

On the other hand, you have the new Panasonic GH5s, which many videographers consider one of the best cinema cameras around right now. It’s mirrorless, meaning that there is no viewfinder blocking out light coming through the lens.

What makes a great video camera? It’s not just the camcorder. It’s an HD video camera at Georges Cameras. Your camera should be the combination of features that makes the whole experience enjoyable.

What Make A Great Video Camera?

Let’s take a look at what makes a great video camera and what should be considered before you rush out to buy your next video camera.

What Makes a Great Video Camera 1

Zoom quality of a great video camera

Your camera’s optical zoom will become your best friend. It depends on your camera, but a good starting point is to choose a camera with a 10-100X optical zoom. Your subject should be about 4 feet away from you – don’t make the mistake of zooming in too close, or you’ll start to see pixelation and image break down.

People think that the telescopic lens of any camera is what makes things appear clearer in photos. This isn’t true, though, because that is merely digital zoom.

Another point to consider is the focal length of your lens. The lower the mm (a millimeter or mm), the higher the magnification, and your image will be more defined. This also plays a vital role in determining the quality of your image and how far you can capture with that camera.

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To begin with, you probably will need an HDMI port to connect your camera to the projector. A USB connection might work for some cameras, but not all. Before shopping around, make sure your camera has the type of port that will work with what you want to connect it to.

Canon, Nikon, and other camera manufacturers produce various models and brands of cameras. These cameras all have similarities and differences, and there is no better way to find out what these are than by reading reviews. Fortunately, the best reviews online help take the guesswork out for you to find the best HD cameras.

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Sound quality of a great video camera

If you want to get the best video for Youtube or other purposes, you need to capture high-quality sound. The built-in microphone on most digital cameras is terrible at recording voices. To get great sound, you should use an external microphone.

Using a microphone allows you to get clear audio while distancing the microphone away from the camera. You’ll also get better audio quality because it’s not affected by wind or the camera’s built-in motor, which causes vibrations.

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Low light performance

What Makes a Great Video Camera 3

I think the most wanted feature of a good HD video camera is low light performance. Suppose you plan on using your HD video camera indoors. In that case, it’s best if you look for a camera that can deliver great quality videos even in poor lighting conditions, like inside the house where most stuff happens.

If you plan on recording videos inside the house, then there should be enough light. It does not mean that the camera should have an automatic function that turns the light when it becomes low. If this camera has, don’t buy it.

It’s best to have your camera adjust by itself depending on the activity or events happening around you so you will not have any problems with unnecessary lighting corrections. It’s not just about how good the resolution is. Before you buy, you also have to set your expectations about how reliable it will function when you want to use it.

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Due diligence

When looking for a good deal on cameras, be sure to do the necessary research. For example, you can go to various camera shops where you can view the cameras before making up your mind, and this will help you identify one that is good for you. As you research, try to learn as much as possible about the mechanisms of each camera.

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