Best Wireless Microphone For iPhone And iPad

Are you looking for the best wireless microphone for iPhone and iPad to do professional audio recording? And, the microphone that came with your iPhone is not enough for professional audio recordings. The built-in microphone of iOS devices is mainly intended for phone calls and the record of voice memos. You can’t expect studio-quality voice recordings with it.

If you are doing podcasts, You Tubing, and short films with your iOS device, an external microphone is worth the investment for you. Another alternative would be to get an interface and connect your iPad to your computer for recording. Though it would be a separate discussion, you can still check out the interface options on MusicCritic iPad interfaces review.

With the 4k video recording capabilities of the new iPhones, more and more people are turning to the iPhone for convenient video recording.

4 Best Wireless Microphone For iPhone And iPad

If you rely on your iPhone for your video recording needs and use a good external microphone, this may not be a bad idea. If you look at the selection of microphones available for your iPhone device, you will be overwhelmed. Many types of microphones are compatible with your iOS devices.

Rode IXYL Cardioid Condenser Wireless Microphone For iPhone And iPad

Rode IXYL Cardioid Condenser Wireless Microphone For iPhone/iPad

The new Rode iXY version of the microphone supports Lightning, i.e., all iOS devices. It is an X-Y condenser microphone. The kidney capsules are placed X-Y to expand the detection area. Compared to its competitors, the iXY is extraordinarily durable and feels first-class.

The Rode iXYL micro is made of smooth, satin gray metal, which complements your iPhone wonderfully. The microphone comes with the sturdy housing and a windshield that is well suited for outdoor use.

The best app to take full advantage of this microphone is Rode’s rec app. The application is integrated with extensive support for audio formats and supports up to 24 bit, 96 kilohertz.

The audio file size would be huge at 96 kHz (approx. 100 MB for 4 minutes of an audio recording), which these microphones offer. I found that 48 kHz was ideal for both quality and size.

The app also has a 72 Hz high-pass filter that effectively removes low-frequency ambient noise. The microphone will not work without a recording application.

As a stereo microphone, the microphone is also suitable for spontaneous broadcast-quality interviews. I felt like a mini KobraTech phone tripod works like magic when you use this microphone with your iPhone.

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Rode i-XLR Wireless Microphone For iPhone/iPad

Rode i-XLR Wireless Microphone For iPhone/iPad

The latter is a Lightning to XLR converter! That means that you can use almost any professional microphone with an iPhone.

The Rode i-XLR has endless options. But it would be best if you traveled with more types of equipment. And probably with more stuff. It is known as the best wireless microphone for iPad.

If you want to add some portability and have an excellent XLR microphone already and while maintaining the best quality broadcast, this is the answer.

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Rode VideoMic GO Light Weight Wireless Microphone

Rode VideoMic GO Light Weight Wireless Microphone For iPhone/iPad

This Micro Rode VMGO is a supercardioid, and the pickup pattern is very narrow, almost close to shotgun microphones. These microphones are ideal for use in loud situations. It is a compact microphone that was specially developed for use with an iPhone or other smartphone via the supplied 3.5 mm jack. If necessary.

The positive thing is that the microphone is passive and doesn’t need batteries to work.

If you want to point your microphone in any direction of the sound source and record professional sound with very little background noise, this microphone is for you. The microphone works in a range from 100 Hz to 16 kHz. You can ask me about noise below 100 Hz. The fact is that noise below 100 Hz is generally undesirable, such as ambient noise and low-frequency noise.

Because of this limited frequency range, the microphone works well outdoors with very little or no noise.

The package also includes a windshield, also known as a dead cat. You can use the microphone to avoid wind noise in outdoor environments.

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Zoom iQ7 Wireless Microphone For iPhone/iPad

Zoom iQ7

The Zoom iQ7 stereo microphone is compatible with a variety of iOS devices thanks to its Lightning support. To use this microphone, you have to activate the “airplane mode” of your device.

The two-way microphone, on the other hand, records all audio signals from all different sides. It is a fascinating external microphone for the iPhone.

Stereo orientation is a significant factor to consider when buying the best iPhone microphone for your iOS device.

The Zoom iQ7 has a unique rotating mechanism that allows users to turn the microphone elements left or right. You can easily change the microphone orientation from portrait to landscape mode.

This microphone also has visual monitoring features, including three-segment LED indicators that show the pitch and allow you to vary the strength of your voice accordingly.

There is also an analog with a microphone gain well. Users can adjust the audio level setting to the desired accuracy. When you purchase the Zoom iQ7, you receive a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. This microphone is compact enough to fit in your pocket so you can take it anywhere.

This microphone works deliciously with a variety of iOS apps like iMovie, GarageBand, voice memos, and camera. However, these applications should be able to support audio input from an external microphone.

Zoom also has an exquisite recorder app that improves the functionality of the iQ7 microphone. This application has many significant effects that are useful when you are improving specific audio files.

These include six-band EQ and reverb. If you need to edit the parts of your audio recordings, this app offers amazing editing tools like split and normalize. You can use the Zoom iQ7 as a podcast microphone.

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Apogee MiC 96k Professional Quality Wirelesss Microphone

Apogee MiC 96k Professional Quality Microphone

Apogee MiC 96k is the best standard cardioid condenser microphone for iOS devices. Just plug it into your Lightning connector, open your favorite recording app, and be ready to go.

The microphone is also suitable for DSLRs, Macs, and other devices. It includes the Lightning and Mac USB cable. It works on the power of the device only, so no need external power source or batteries.

This microphone also supports a recording quality of up to 96 kHz / 24 bit like that of our first choice – the Rode iXYL condenser microphone.

They integrate the microphone unit into the microphone, preamplifier and A / D converter. The microphone is ideal for voice-over work. The small disadvantage is that the 3-foot cable is short enough for your iPhone or another device to be near the microphone.

It’s a great little microphone that lets you take broadcast-quality recordings on the go. You would be more than satisfied with the registrations.

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