Corsair Gaming Mouse Nightsword RGB Review

Are you looking for the best gaming mouse with good quality and affordable price? Well, you are in the right place! Today I am sharing the best corsair gaming mouse that is Nightsword RGB. Its high-end performance and great features make it the best-wired gaming mouse. I know that it is hard to buy a gaming mouse online. This is because many brands and companies offer many mice.

And all of have different prices that suit to only some people. Because a lot of people have a budget problem. But I am here with a detailed review of the Corsair gaming mouse. And after reading this article, you shall have no problem to buy it according to your choice. This mouse is very comfortable for large hands.

The Corsair Nightsword RGB gaming mouse has many useful features. Almost everyone loved it. This is one of the best gaming mice. It has smooth performance, adjustable weight, RGB light zones, iCUE software, and good buttons. And that’s why I am reviewing it.

A right mouse is the number one priority for gamers. And also suits their gaming PC to play a smooth and comfortable game. Because while playing the game, you don’t know when the enemy attacks. So, you have to prepare and have a full grip on your mouse.

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Corsair Gaming Mouse Nightsword RGB

This corsair Nightsword RGB mouse is very good. But as you know that there are also cons with the pros. Its scroll wheel and buttons are not so good for someone with small hands. They are not comfortable for a long time.

But, you can’t feel uncomfortable. This is because of its other great features and fantastic design. It is similar to Logitech G502 but not exact like that. Its best part is its adjustable weight. You can set it to your choice and need. It also has iCUE software to customize the mouse. All of this we discussed below:

We can discuss:

  • Design
  • Features
  • Pros & Cons
  • Conclusion

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Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse- Design

Corsair gaming Mouse Nightsword RGB Review 2020 1

This Corsair gaming mouse is in black with RGB lighting. It is only for right-handed. It is usually comfortable for big paws. Because it comes with quite a large size. Also, it has 5.08 inches of length and 3.39 of width, and 1.72 inches of upper height. So, its size is pretty good. It builds with a contoured shape that easily fits in hand.


This gaming mouse comes with ten programmable buttons. The five buttons are on the front side that includes two right and left buttons and one scroll wheel. Also, that includes in button and just below it two profile switching buttons. Its texture feels rubberized at thumb and palm grips. This mouse has a beautiful logo at its front and looks great.

Corsair gaming Mouse Nightsword RGB Review 2020 2

And on the just lest side, there are a pair of macro buttons for changing the DPI setting quickly. Another is just below it. You can easily click them with your thumb. Also, a big thumb rest is on the left side. It is for right-handed people. It has features like RGB lights and adjustable weight. Because of these, it is one of the best affordable gaming mice.


I think this mouse is not right for small hands. It is hard for them to handle the finger and thumb positions. Because while playing, you have to press the buttons when the enemy attacks suddenly. So, comfortable people can only fight with them. Also, the portion close to the wrist is low, so you can’t change or drag your hand, and it feels a little uncomfortable.


Including the size and buttons, this corsair Nightsword RGB gaming mouse has a great feature that everyone loves. Its weight. The weight of this mouse is 4.2 ounces. Usually, gamers like the typical weight of the mouse that they can drag it easily while gaming. And it’s eight also good. But the most satisfying part is that there is a huge panel under this mouse.


Corsair gaming Mouse Nightsword RGB Review 2020 3

It is removable and hexagonal. It contains six metal spots. They maintain the mouse’s weight. There are three donut-shaped spots with 2.8g of weight and three solid spots with 4.5g of weight. So, it means that you can adjust the weight between 119g to 141g. The choice is yours. If you like the heavy mouse, you can add weight. If you like a lightweight mouse, remove the weight from the holes.

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Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse – Features

Nightsword RGB Review 2020 4
Image Credit: PCmag

Corsair Nightsword RGB can be configured by its iCUE software, which you can download from its website. So, with iCUE software, you can easily adjust the buttons action and RGB lighting according to your choice. It comes with the 18,000 of DPI optical sensor.

It has ten programmable buttons. You can set the macros to each button using the iCUE software. As for lighting, normal mice have three lights. But, this mouse has more RGB lights.

You can find these light spots under your palm (logo). They are on the front and back, and under the scroll wheel. So, with this software, you can easily change the mouse’s lighting. You can also change the light color when you press the button. There are many options for you.

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Nightsword RGB gaming mouse

5.08 x 3.39 x 1.72 inches



4 RGB lights

4.2 ounces


  • Customizable weight
  • iCUE Software
  • Great RGB lights


  • Only for right-handed
  • The Scroll wheel is sometimes not comfortable

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Corsair Nightsword RGB gaming mouse is one of the most fantastic corsair gaming mice. This has excellent performance. Simultaneously, it is comfortable for big hands, and some times buttons are not comfortable. And its price includes in the high-end gaming mouse. But other features are useful like adjustable weight, RGB lights, and iCUE software to adjust the features. So, I attempt my best to describe everything. This corsair gaming mouse is very comfortable to play popular games, etc. I hope that this remains useful to you.

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