Things To Consider And Check when Buying A Used IPhone

Buying a used iPhone is a good option if you are on a low budget. It will help if you put so many things into consideration when buying a used iPhone.  Most times, we can’t afford to buy from trusted iPhone Vendors; we then opt for the street guys. We all know that most of the street vendors are not always trustworthy. If you are not smart; you will end up being scammed. I can vividly remember a guy that went to buy an iPhone 7 plus, and he got something. The man nearly committed suicide, and I know you won’t like to have such experience.

What Things Must Consider When Buying A Used iPhone?

Thinks To Consider and check when buying a used iPhone 4

There are so many things you should put into considerations when buying a used iPhone. They include your budget, the purpose of buying the phone, the specifications you want on the phone, the battery life you are looking forward to, etc. I will be taking them bits by bits.

Thinks To Consider and check when buying a used iPhone 2

Your Budget

This is the number one option to consider when buying a used iPhone. You have to sit back and think about the type of phone that will perfectly suit your budgets. I always advise people to buy an iPhone that will not break your bank. Compare prices of used iPhones online, you then know the iPhone model that suits your budget.

For What You Are Buying A Used Phone For?

This is a question you will ask yourself, and this will assist you in determining the best iPhone model that best suits your business. This option may include the camera, the screen size, overall body size, the storage capacity, among other specifications. Take for example that you’re a videographer, you don’t need a 16gb RAM iPhone 6, you should be looking at an iPhone with at least 128 gigabytes of storage.

Overall Condition Of The iPhone

The overall condition matters a lot. This includes hardware and software. This will take us to things to check when buying a used iPhone. You should check the exterior to ascertain if there are any dents or scratches on it, the camera, among other hardware parts. Let take them bit by bit so we can do justice to the topic and show you how to inspect a used iPhone.

Things To Check When Buying A Used iPhone

I will start with the hardware and the end with the things to check out in the software.

Thinks To Consider and check when buying a used iPhone 1

Check The Exterior For Dents When Buying A Used iPhone

Once you see the iPhone, the first thing your eyes will fall on is the body. Check the phone for scratches and do this thoroughly because you can’t afford to buy a used iPhone with scratches or broken cover. If the has broken cover, don’t ever try buying it because you don’t know what led to the crack. It’s worthy of knowing that if it’s dropped; it may affect the software.

Check The Screen For Cracks When Buying A Used iPhone

Buying a phone with a cracked screen is not worth it. Once you inspect the iPhone and it has a cracked screen, request for another one, or else you will spend more money fixing it. Aside from the cracked screen, turn on the phone and carry out a thorough check on the screen to agnize if there is any line or water damage on the screen. Use the mobile phone for a while to determine this. 

Verify The IMEI Number From Both The Body And Software

Most stolen phones are sold with another IMEI in the body. They can replace the back with IMEI, but they cannot rewrite the IMEI in the software.
This is very important because so many people are serving jail terms for buying a stolen iPhone. To confirm the IMEI on the body, go to getorchard and type in the IMEI number at the back of your iPhone.

To verify the software IMEI number, go to Go to Settings > General > About, and swipe down to IMEI, copy the IMEI number and confirm it on getorchard. Don’t ever forget this process because it can land you in serious trouble, remember if you get into trouble with the authorities, no one is going to jail for you.

Check The Battery Life When Buying A Used iPhone

One reason I prefer the iPhone over other mobile phone brands is the installed feature, which will tell you the battery life of the iPhone. This feature will give you the actual battery life of the iPhone. Note that it may not be 100% accurate, but its 98% accurate. Follow these simple steps to check the battery life: Go to settings, scroll to the battery, click on it, and see the battery life at the top. Note that is being shown in percentage; which means that anything you get is over 100.

Check For Water Damage When Buying A Used iPhone

This is very important, most iPhone products are not 100% compactible with fluids. The water-resistant iPhone can withstand the water for a limited time. No one said that it might withstand fluid for days or even weeks.  

Check If The Device Network Is Locked

Most iPhones come with specific network carriers such as Sprints, Atat, etc. You should check and know if the device will be compatible with the network carrier in your state or province. 

Confirm It’s Not Locked Before Buying A Used iPhone

Most times, stolen iPhones come with iCloud locks, making the device useless. Once your device is locked, you can not access any feature on it. Some dealers will tell you that it is easy to unlock. The truth about it is that it’s not easy to unlock, and what if you are buying a stolen device? I will advise you as a brother to run away from locked devices. The aftereffect is not always funny.

Check The Buttons And The Touch Sensor To Ascertain Their Level Of Responsiveness

Some buttons may be stiff. Some may have worn out,  while on some occasions, others may have fallen off. You are buying a used device, and you must check all these buttons if you don’t want to buy a troublesome device. If you are buying an old model iPhone, consider checking the fingerprint sensor on the front because so many are not working.

Ensure That Buying From A Trusted And Registered Company Or Seller

Buying any item from a registered company or trusted seller allows you to return the item in a situation where it malfunctions or detects an issue with it. Always make sure that you buy from a trusted company or seller.

Check The Warranty

Warranty is always a good option; if it’s supported in your country. I don’t see this working in Africa. I don’t think the warranty will work in Africa, but in rare cases, if you have access to the direct iPhone dealer.


In summary, always go to a trusted seller when buying a used iPhone. Take time to research and inspect the device before purchasing a device.

With this I hope you are enlightened; if you want to confirm the best price of used iPhones in Nigeria, you can follow the link and get enlightened on the prices of iPhones so no one will scam you.

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