How To Increase Income As A Graphic Designer?

Some are unhappy with their current income and not finding a better way to increase income as a graphic designer. Despite stable jobs, there are times when you receive payments for a project. And when there is not enough work, you may be stuck without doing anything. Wasting valuable time without productivity is not the best approach.

Putting those hours into a side gig seems like a better solution. Thankfully, there are multiple opportunities to create a source of income or increase income as a graphic designer. Some even manage to develop a project that allows them to leave their old job.

8 Great Ways to Increase Income as a Graphic Designer

If you have been looking to make better use of your time as a graphic designer, look no further. The suggestions below should give you some inspiration on utilizing your graphic design skills and making more money.

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Suggestion #1 – Print on Demand Store

The e-commerce industry continues to grow, and experts expect it to reach 5.5 trillion dollars in 2023. The time to start making money in e-commerce is now. Having graphic design skills means that you can start a business that revolves around t-shirts with custom prints. You can also work on creative products for your store. The Printify eCommerce stats report says the global t-shirt market will exceed $10 billion by 2025.

Finding a supplier that provides quality products should not be a problem. Stick to the drop-shipping model and worry about customer service and coming up with exciting and unique t-shirt designs. You could also think of getting in touch with already established custom t-shirt stores instead of starting one from scratch. Regardless of your approach, print on demand is a worthy consideration to increase income as a graphic designer.

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Suggestion #2 – Social Media Content

Brands are doing their best to increase their social media presence. And it is no longer just on the most popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook. New and emerging social media sites make businesses rethink their marketing strategy.

How To Increase Income As A Graphic Designer 2

Quality content is one of the best ways to stand out on social media. And visuals have become the go-to pieces of content lately. It seems that the walls of text are not sufficient. To increase income as a graphic designer, you can make infographics, banners, and posters. They are for giveaways and other content that gets social media engagement. And if you prove that your skills help brands, you can expect to profit from your skills.

Suggestion #3 – Streaming

Do not associate platforms like Twitch TV with just video games. There are plenty of successful channels that have nothing to do with video games. That is right. Twitch has become a place of variety.

You can showcase your work in front of a camera and interact with an audience simultaneously. People would be eager to see a talented artist at work. Streamers monetize their content by posting highlights on YouTube, receiving donations and subscriptions, and getting sponsorship deals.

Suggestion #4 – Blogging

Blogging is about writing. But, you can use your design skills to create visual content. Instead of publishing walls of text, you could emphasize content like infographics.

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Video blogs are also quite popular, though it may be challenging to create a steady earning source. Especially now that YouTube has changed their algorithm and you can increase income as a graphic designer.

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Suggestion #5 – Online Courses

Having graphic design experience means you can share it with others. It will help you increase income more as a graphic designer, but not for free. Skillshare and Udemy are two platforms that allow you to sell online courses.

A video tutorial series on graphic design could sell. But, only if you focus on quality and provide value to students.

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Suggestion #6 – Book Covers

Amazon’s self-publishing program was a breath of fresh air. It helped writers who could not deal with traditional publishers. Now, they can publish books directly on Amazon and sell them to Kindle readers. They say not to judge a book by its cover. But, a book’s cover is the first thing one sees while browsing Amazon for new books to read.

A lackluster book cover will not intrigue potential readers. Therefore, writers hire graphic designers who can design eye-catching book covers. You could be one of those graphic designers and can increase income as a graphic designer.

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Suggestion #7 – Photo Editing

Photographers are not that keen to bother editing photos themselves, given how monotonous and time-consuming the job is. Instead, they look for someone who can take care of the work for them.

Photo Editing

To increase income as a Graphic designer, you should be quite familiar with photo editing tools, Photoshop in particular. Removing unnecessary elements and adding specific effects are not that difficult when you know your way around the software. And if editing photos gets you money, giving it, a try should be worth it.

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Suggestion #8 – Different Freelancing Gigs

Fiverr and Upwork are popular freelancer platforms. You can find various gigs and increase income as a graphic designer. Brands and people want someone who can make a logo or a background for their social media.

Keep in mind, though, that the market is competitive, and you will need to bid low for a gig to get the work. Aim to receive some positive feedback on your profile first. Once you become someone users can trust, you will get more job offers and better pay.

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