Top 7 Best Distance Learning Tools For Teachers

What are the best distance learning tools for teachers to use? Teacher with distance learning experience usually took preparation courses. Gradually, they started the virtual environment, testing tools, and strategies. They had enough time to include them into their routine. This is not what happened to most teachers in the quarantine period during the COVID-19 outbreak. To collaborate with planning in these unusual times, we list the distance learning tools you can use as a teacher in your classes.

Best Distance Learning Tools For Teachers

Top 7 Best Distance Learning Tools For Teachers 1

To collaborate with planning in these unusual times, we list the best distance learning tools. You can use them the most in your classes.

1. RecordCast

This is one of the best distance learning tools. It is an excellent resource for recording your lessons. A video tool that allows you to record your computer screen. You choose whether you want your image to appear in a smaller box while explaining or only your screen is visible.

Top 6 Distance Learning Tools For Teachers RecordCast
Source: RecordCast

After filming, it is also possible to trim parts of the beginning or end of the video. In its beta version, the maximum video time is 30 minutes. Click HERE to access the website and create your account.

2. Screencast-o-Matic

This tool has the same functions as the previous one. It records your computer screen, with or without you appearing. In particular, you will find it even simpler to use.

Top 6 Distance Learning Tools For Teachers Screencast-o-Matic
Source: Screencast-o-Matic

In the free version, videos can take up to 15 minutes. You can have both, saved it as a Chrome extension and use it a lot. Click HERE to access the site.

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3. Loom

It is also one of the best distance learning tools that records your computer screen, the last one on the list. It has a feature the others do not have: you can choose three different sizes when you also appear on the screen. I like this possibility, and I think the interaction with the student is more real. There is a free version. But, if you are a teacher and have an institutional email, the professional version is a gift!

Top 6 Distance Learning Tools For Teachers Loom
Source: Loom

After recording, you can also make cuts at the beginning and end of the video. Your films are on the Loom platform itself. To share, you copy the link and post wherever you want. Please be patient when waiting for the video to load on the platform immediately after recording it. It can take a long time. Click HERE to know.

4. Google Drive and its tools

You may have Gmail, but you’ve never used Google Drive. Of course, it’s a matter of habit to find it simple, but it’s a game-changer! Among other functions, it is possible to organize and create documents inside Drive. This includes slides, forms, spreadsheets, and more. You can also easily share everything.

Top 6 Distance Learning Tools For Teachers Google Drive and Tools
Source: Google Drive

To start exploring, click on the same symbol that appears below in your Gmail options.

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5. Google Classroom

It is a distance learning platform. On it, you create classes and include your students as a teacher. You can organize tasks with a deadline. You can send materials and links, take questions through chat, correct and grade. The platform offers other features, too.

Google Classroom
Source: Google Classroom

It is an excellent and free resource. As it is necessary to have Gmail for the student to participate, it is usually an option for older students. But it is also possible to do it with the youngest. As long as the parents are responsible for entering ‘the classroom’ to check the tasks. Like drive, it’s accessed directly from Gmail.

6. Google Meet

To give classes in real-time, where students and teachers meet in a kind of virtual room. The teacher marks the class in the Google Calendar. They send the link to the students, or choose to send an automatic invitation. The students must also have the application and click on the link on the favored day and time. Not all distance classes need to be in real-time. This is a free and straightforward option if a meeting is necessary.

Google Meet
Source: Google Meet

There are many other distance learning tools. However, the ones listed above are essential. You can’t imagine how to teach from a distance without knowing them. Explore, do tests, try to use them and you will realize that everything is a matter of custom. At first, it may not seem so simple, but with use, everything is more comfortable.

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VEED is an easy-to-use online video editor. It is also a free online screen recorder. VEED is the easiest way to record and capture your screen online. It works on Windows or Mac computers; no software download or plugin is required. You can also add subtitles, create overlays, cut between scenes, and much more.

VEED can undoubtedly one of the best distance learning tools. It is beneficial both for teachers and students. VEED’s screen recorder is perfect for demonstrations, walk-through videos, annotated videos, and much more.

Image Source: VEED

Screen recording helps teachers and learners to review some materials or lessons at their own pace. It’s used by thousands of content creators – marketers, teachers, creatives – focusing on producing material that engages and grows audiences.

They are developing new features all the time. They have excellent customer service, with a live chat, if you ever need help.

Distance learning is a complicated setup for most of us. However, with the help of some distance learning tools, everything can become much more manageable. This is a timely post that provides some helpful distance learning tools. This post share the same plan: to help those in need, especially students and teachers.

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