9 Steps To Choose An Employee Of The Month

Rewards such as “employee of the month” awards can be a great motivator for employees. How to choose an employee of the month? Here is a 9 step process that any organization can follow.

Choosing an employee of the month based on the employees’ outstanding work is one of the common practices in many organizations. Here we will give a guideline on how to choose an employee of the month.

We have researched all the best practices to select an employee of the month and developed a 9 step process to choose the best employee for recognition. Let’s discuss the process in detail right below.

Process Of Choosing Employee Of The Month

A successful employee of the month needs to be unbiased and transparent. This program should have a specific structure and follow strict protocols. Here is a process organization leaders can follow to make an effective employee of the month program:

9 Steps to Choose an Employee of The Month 1

Step 1: Determining Goals

Organizations generate recognition programs to achieve specific organizational goals. These goals depend on the organization’s goals, company morale, and culture.

Overall, companies need to determine specific goals they want to achieve from the employee of the month program. Also, the goals should be achievable and align with the expectations and preferences of the employees. Otherwise, the whole program will be ineffective.

Step 2: Determining Criteria

Generally, two essential criteria are considered to choose an employee of the month; attitude standards and work-quality standards. Depending on the goals determined by the company, metrics are set to recognize employees.

The goal of the employee of the month program is to make examples of appropriate behavior and achievements that the company wants to be replicated. In general, most companies reward employee of the month based on the following criteria:

  • Work quality
  • Cooperation
  • Achievements
  • Discipline
  • Responsibility
  • Reliability
  • Attitude
  • Attendance
  • Appearance

Step 3: Setting Guidelines

An easy-to-follow guideline is a must for an effective employee of the month program. This guideline will contain the values, behaviors, and accomplishments; appropriate for getting recognized as the employee of the month.

Also, the company will need to make this guideline easily accessible to employees. This guideline will also help leaders to understand what they need to do to accomplish the goals set earlier.

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Step 4: Choosing Rewards

Company leaders need to choose an appropriate reward for their employee of the month award winner, and this reward needs to be appealing and should align with employees’ preferences.

To make the employee of the month program successful, choosing appropriate rewards is one of the crucial measures. The reward can either make the program successful or make it ineffective.

9 Steps to Choose an Employee of The Month 2

Step 5: Determining A Process

Once the goals, criteria, and rewards are set; organizations need to determine a process to select the employee of the month. Often companies offer forms to employees to nominate candidates for this recognition program.

First, organizations need to announce the program in their public forum. This can either be done in the company break room or the online platforms; all employees use to conduct their day-to-day work. Also, companies should encourage employees to collect the forms and nominate the most suitable candidates.

Once the program is announced; employees can collect appropriate forms from the HR department, fill them up, and submit them to the assigned authority. Some organizations are now using online forms as a part of their paper-saving initiative.

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Step 6: Creating A Committee

Once the forms are submitted; leaders will need to appoint a committee to evaluate the nominees for the employee of the month reward. The committee will review and meet with the candidates every month.

This committee will evaluate the achievements of the employees and determine if they fulfill the criteria set earlier. Companies can choose the most experienced employees and previous employee of the month winners in this committee to make it unbiased and fair.

Step 7: Picking And Announcing The Winner

Once the committee reviews and meets the candidates, they can narrow down the list of candidates and pick the winner.

It is common to get more than one candidate fulfilling all the criteria set in place. In such cases, companies can compare peer reviews, customer satisfaction, attendance to choose the best candidate for the employee of the month award.

Once the committee has determined a winner, they send the name to the staff council chair for final decision. Once the staff council finds all measures acceptable, they announce the winner in the company public forum.

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Step 8: Distributing The Award

Once companies declare the winner, they distribute the reward to the winners in a celebratory manner. This reward can be a commemorative medal or certificate dedicated to employees’ achievements.

Some companies also include some monetary rewards to make the award memorable for the employees and inspire others to replicate the results. Other than that, dedicating a particular public space to commemorate employees’ achievements, administrative leave, etc., can come along with the employee of the month award.

Step 9: Communicating With Employees

As the program targets to satisfy employees, the process should be familiar to employees clearly. Additionally, management will need to take employee feedback to know if the initiative is working or not.

Management can improve the program and target better organizational performance with employee feedback.

Additionally, companies will need to announce the reasons for choosing the winner of the employee of the month while rewarding them. It will give the winning employee a sense of accomplishment and allow other employees to replicate the result or make them better.

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Bottom Line

The employee of the month is a terrific way to motivate employees and show them that companies appreciate their hard work. Without an appropriately designed employee of the month program, organizations can experience unwanted productivity loss. However, organizations can develop a good recognition program by following the process mentioned above.

Online recognition platforms have made it significantly easier for organizations to set appropriate metrics and collect data to measure employee performances. However, developing a program entails careful consideration of employees’ likes and dislikes. Only then can the employee of the Month selection process be compelling and comprehensible.

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