Employee Recognition Software: Understanding Its Key Features & Cost To Develop

With the number of features and functions available, you can choose an employee recognition software and rewards platform at your pace. Every company requires a platform to identify the hard work of their staff and contribute to the involvement by making it easier for the workforce to receive feedback and review it.

A fundamental factor of employee motivation is to uplift them with gratitude and praise. In other words, companies should consider the value of appreciation and acknowledgment at work for a program of recognition that is prosperous to the workforce. But by implementing this idea, you will soon be aware of the importance of recognition in all shapes and sizes.

Some recognition gestures are significant to encourage motivation for the short term. Others, on the contrary, promote long-term loyalty more effectively. Leaders need to recognize the mix between short and long-term needs which motivate employees to act; and both need to be addressed in a strong culture of recognition.

Now that we have faithful on board, we can move on and ask – what is the employee recognition software, and why is it important? Let’s end this quest and move forward with its understanding!

What is Employee Recognition Software? 

This employee recognition software enables a company to work on giving appreciation and recognition to employees. This intelligent employee recognition software is usually platform-based for employees and managers; to give employees formal awards and small financial bonuses for achievements and exemplary performance.

Software for employee recognition often called peer recognition software or peer-to-peer identification software. It improves:

  • Employee engagement,
  • Corporate visibility,
  • Develops increased confidence, and
  • Develops employees’ partnership and
  • Cooperation.

It is equally important to let your employees feel good about their job. They are happy at work and getting praises will make them productive about the work they do. You can see in the market that many enterprise software development companies demonstrate how the most important thing you can do is to build employee involvement and unique culture through the employee recognition program.

Before diving deep, let’s also understand the advantages of using this fantastic employee recognition software.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Employee Recognition Software? 

We have mentioned the best advantages of using this fantastic employee recognition software, encouraging you to get this right away!

Employee Recognition Software Conveys To Your Workforce That They Are Appreciated

Appreciation is really to see someone for their value to the team and not just to recognize their performance. Employees do not need to be regarded as “work units”, the value of which is only derived from their accomplishments. Instead, you should appreciate to recognize your staff as people with unique skills, characters, and talents. In short, this is an individual matter for employees.

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Employee Recognition Software - Understanding Its Key Features & Cost To Develop 3

Employee Recognition Software Shows Employees How Important Their Work Is

The first step towards feeling disconnected from work is to worry about your job. In short, it gives rise to a sense of detachment if your work makes a difference. This is particularly valid for large businesses where staff are more likely to feel like a new cog in a wheel. The truth is, the role of all in the broader picture is fundamental. But employees often forget where their contributions fit when they are sticking in the daily grind.

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Employee Recognition Software Acknowledges Collaboration And Teamwork

When we think about the recognition of employees, we often think that a manager gives a single employee recognition. Managers should nevertheless also recognize a group of employees. Suppose you work in an environment in which group work is standard. In this situation, there are various techniques to give the teams shouting together to do great work.

In addition, if your team has been through a recent conflict, teamwork recognition can be beneficial. The best way to show your team what you value and strengthen their hard work is to focus on the praises of these positive actions.

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Employee Recognition Software Helps In Giving Recognition During A Task Or Project

Indeed, timely acknowledgment is everything, and every IT professional services are also in the league to promote employee recognition. Think of the difference between being valued at a project and being praised weeks (or months) later in a formal review. Therefore, ensuring timely recognition is crucial to the effective recognition of employees.

That said, it is not just about praising the conclusion of an action that you should accept. There should also be recognition of support and encouragement. Acceptance can therefore become a powerful way to demonstrate support and appreciation to employees during an assignment.

Let’s understand its features now! 

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What Are The Must-Have Features Of Employee Recognition Software?

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Conduct Email Automation

It is challenging to develop and promote new employee programs internally for the initial period. Search the platform to blend an integration platform and a Content Management System (CMS) for more superficial and intuitive communication, reminders, and reporting. To simulate user experience, this intelligent platform uses triggered behavioral email Automation. This sleek method is equipped with machine learning; that ensures to save time by anticipating user behavior.


It is equally important to celebrate years of joys, anniversaries, and celebrations of your workforce. The platform comes with standard, one-click staff membership and instantly gives employees points, e-cards & personalized messages on pre-determined dates based on the conditional logic. This is the smart way to recognize your employees’  hard work by remembering their birthday, anniversary, or any other special dates.

In-house Shopping Exprience/ e-Store

To provide a personal shopping and restitution experience. This feature in your employee recognition software is equipped with machine learning technology. You can detect your employee’s behavior by using AI to tailor their preferences to product recommendations. The in-house shopping experience will empower your employees to know that you care for them!

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Engagement Analytics 

The personal analysis allows HR and management to immediately know high performers in the various corporate values, departments, and blocks. Additionally, you can recognize managing the high and low-level managers every month through this engagement analytics.

Employee Badges

Badges are ideal for recognition programs for employees because they symbolize the values or behaviors of companies. 84% of employees recognize the importance of the company with badges.

Hall Of Fame

We think everybody is somehow a winner and it takes information to find if you are a champion or not. The Hall of Fame showcases top employees across locations, badges, and times.

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Leaderboards that show where the employees are running as individuals and as contributors to a group can improve the program and the work. Especially if the employees can have direct influence over the Recognize Incentives program from the leaderboard feature

Certifications or Award

Automatically recognizing and generating custom award certificates shared by companies or managers to the dedicated person is another good feature. These are particularly useful for employees at the frontlines who are working for you.

Program Budget

Rewards provide formulated templates and worksheets for admin users in their region, business, and eligibility segment budgets. This feature allows administrators to create rules that will enable:

  • Budgets to be automatically replenished on a particular day,
  • Large accounts uploaded,
  • Budget expiration dates established,
  • Estimates of proprietors assigned, and
  • Programs associated with specific budgets.

These are the features of this program management.

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Peer-to-Peer Recognition

This platform offers the opportunity to promote a company-wide gratitude culture by allowing peer-to-peer recognition. It also makes it easy to extend thanks to every team member with the option of credit of points-by-peer, simple encouragement words, or personalized e-cards.

Reward Redeeming Process

A platform for employee recognition is just the same. The catalog reward uses compartmental technology to adapt the reward selection and redeeming process of each employee. The catalog provides something for every employee, from experiences and gift cards to trending goodies. The platform also allows users to acquire additional points if they are short of a certain amount in the catalog.

The Separate Section On Employee Ideas

Empowering the workforce by listening actively in one seamless module to suggestions and ideas. The Ideas module enables employees to offer feedback and recommendations to the employees. Admin users can easily use the moderation panel for uploading, commenting, and feature ideas to access all employee submissions. Employees may also participate in a standard platform feature that publishes recognitions, ideas, and communications in a social media timeline format by voting on idea submissions appearing in a business feed.

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The Cost of Developing

Now is time to understand the cost of developing employee recognition software.

Not all sellers of employee recognition are equal. If you are a multinational, you should carefully consider the expenses of running a global staff recognition program; especially if your bill is received.

By asking about all hidden fees, you have to know the costs before starting a program. These include:

  • Installation fees,
  • Employee data loads,
  • Technology fees,
  • Product shipping, and manipulation fees.
  • International charges,
  • Customs duties, and
  • Extra taxes.

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