Best Educational Apps For Children – Android And iOS

Here we have listed the best educational apps for children in Android and IOS that help you teach your kids in learning in a friendly and easy way, and I’m sure you’ll love that. When it comes to early-stage, preschool, or pre-k education for kids, we all parents are very serious. Because it’s crucial, all our child’s future depends on it, and it’s like the main root of a tree. So, let’s dig in!

8 Best Educational Apps for Children for Android and IOS

Best Educational Apps for Children 2021 – for Android and IOS EarlyBird - Virtual Learning Children’s Academy™

EarlyBird – Virtual Learning Children’s Academy™

EarlyBird is the best educational apps for children when choosing the best for Preschool and Pre-K virtual learning. The app is super fun and developed using high-tech, perfect for early-stage child development, learning, and education.

Surprisingly, it helps parents and teachers teach children everything about preschool lessons like alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors, feelings, and even counting money! Really amazing.

The company combines simplicity with modern classroom technology techniques to make it unique.

  • Artificial Intelligence (like Amazon Alexa, but as a Tutor),
  • Augmented Reality (like Snapchat for taking classes),
  • Video Games (like Candy Crush but with an educational twist),
  • Video Tutoring (like Zoom, but as a safe learning boost in case if your child needs extra help), and
  • Fabulous Prizes well (we all love school when we get incentives).

These all are meant to make the early-stage (ages 2-8) learning of your child easy and smooth. Overall, EarlyBird is fantastic for child development; it’s not a replacement for school, a supplemental eLearning tool that truly helps children, parents, teachers, and tutors alike.

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Best Educational Apps for Children 2021 – for Android and IOS Lingokids - A fun learning adventure

Lingokids – Play and Learn

Lingokids is one of the best educational apps for children which is very adventurous, might not to you but you children.

The app contains over 3000 new words on 60 different topics to practice and other unique features. They can practice the alphabet (ABC), listen to audiobooks, sing along with songs, and even play games.

The included games are great to practice their creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. Also, the app has no ads and is 100% safe for kids. So, no worries, you can let your child(ren) play by themselves through it.

Moreover, they’re not alone on this fantastic learning adventure! Lisa the Cat, Billy the Chick, and other furry friends will be in touch. With millions of users worldwide, Lingokids is one of the best learning apps for children, and there is no doubt about it.

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Best Educational Apps for Children 2021 – for Android and IOS Khan Academy Kids Free educational games & books

Khan Academy Kids – Free Educational Games & Books

We all know that Khan Academy is the gold standard for the best educational apps for children. Because it offers an extensive range of courses for students of all ages for free and even allows students to work at their own pace.

They have an app for children’s education and learning too, which is named Khan Academy Kids. The app is designed and developed by Khan Academy professionals for young learners from two to seven years old.

It covers math, ELA, logic, and socio-emotional learning using books, games, songs, and videos (all of these are kids-friendly, made for them).

Children can learn reading, writing, language, drawing, coloring, math, social-emotional development, and more.

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Best Educational Apps for Children 2021 – for Android and IOS Busy Shapes & Colours

Busy Shapes & Colours

Busy Shapes is a fantastic app designed based on the Montessori method of self-directed, hands-on kids learning.

It nicely helps develop young children’s logic and reasoning skills, learning how objects relate to each other and how they can manipulate them.

Kids can play it quickly —there are no such instructions or setups that toddlers need to handle, completely childish.

There are challenges where they need to match the object with the corresponding hole, and on the next level, another object and hole will appear in a new setting.

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Best Educational Apps for Children 2021 – for Android and IOS ABCmouse

ABCmouse is one of the most widespread and the best learning apps for kids that has a well-rounded curriculum for preschoolers.

The app is carefully designed for children aged 2 to 8, and it’s best for younger kids who haven’t started kindergarten yet.

There are thousands of interactive activities, games, and videos related to reading, math, science, and art. Besides that, it supports cross-platform, can be used on a computer or mobile device. Because of its’ quality features and service, it has subscription options.

So, if your child doesn’t attend preschool, the app might be a good substitute to get them ready for elementary school.

Another exciting thing is that ABCmouse rewards children’s progress with tickets, which can be used to purchase virtual items. Because of this cool feature, kids don’t want to left the program behind, come back again and again.

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This is the kids’ preschool learning app. We included this in the list of best educational apps for children where your kids can play with hundreds of free educational games and learn meaningful things step by step.

It makes kids’ learning fun, enjoyable, and safe simultaneously with awesome games like featuring favorites –

  • Odd Squad,
  • Wild Kratts,
  • Curious George,
  • Daniel Tiger, and more!

The user interface is exclusively kid-friendly, your child can play any time at home, or anywhere you take your device.

There are much more such as building STEM skills with science, engineering, and math puzzles, sparking creativity with art games, and more.

The app is also helpful for your child understanding of social concepts like kindness, mindfulness, and emotions. A great education app for kids, clearly.

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Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math – Kids Game

Prodigy is one of the most widespread math games for children on the market. Because of its setup, it looks like a video game, yet it’s a fantasy-based kids’ game that comes with different math topics for kids from first to eighth grade.

It’s mainly designed to test kids’ knowledge and concept rather than introduce math topics to them for the first time.

In the game, kids earn spells by answering questions correctly and participating in monster battles as they move through different fantasy worlds.

The basic version of Prodigy is free, but the paid monthly subscription offers more features that are discounted if you purchase an annual subscription.

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Fish School by Duck Duck Moose

Fish School by Duck Duck Moose

Fish School — the name of the app may seem weird to someone, but it’s an award-winning kids’ preschool development app for ages two and up.

It’s really amazing and practical to teach your kids different concepts like letters, numbers, shapes, colors, matching, and more.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best educational apps for children A total of 8 educational activities, which your child can enjoy a playful underwater experience filled with.

There are colored fish that form letters, shapes, numbers, and more. Kids can make the fish swim and do funny things by simply touching and dragging. So fun, engaging, and adventurous.

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