12 Benefits of Crossword Puzzles for Child’s Growth

Crossword puzzles are fun and entertaining. It’s no wonder solving them is a popular hobby across the world. Apart from keeping you entertained, benefits of crossword puzzles are a lot. They also give your brain a healthy workout.

There is no denying that crosswords can be pretty tricky and quite challenging at times. It makes you wonder: how do people solve such challenging crosswords in a jiffy?

Each day the morning newspaper is welcomed into the house over a cup of tea/coffee. Somewhere in the columns of the newspaper, a daily crossword puzzle finds a place. You often find yourself skipping the crossword columns. Isn’t it a sheer wastage of space?

Well, the answer is no.

Children no longer spend hours under the sun playing a sport or game with other children from the neighborhood.

Increased smartphone penetration, good internet connectivity, and numerous online engagement tools keep children glued to screens within their homes.

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are helping children learn. At the same time, they are making them miss out on indoor fun activities.

Over the years, Crossword Puzzles have been scientifically proven to catalyze the mental growth of a being.

Crossword puzzles have many benefits. Early introduction of crossword puzzles stimulate a child’s growth and development.

Crossword Puzzles And Its Benefits For Your Children

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Not convinced yet? Still, wondering the relevance of crossword puzzles in your child’s life?

Let’s run you through some benefits of crossword puzzles solving for kids-

Enhancement of vocabulary

A crossword is a grid of empty blocks. Letters forming meaningful words are filled into the blocks based on the hints provided.

Daily indulgence in crossword solving provides exposure to words not known before. This builds a strong vocabulary for your kid.

Removal of spelling errors

Gone are the days when dictation was a tool employed to improve spellings. Nobody wants to sit through an hour-long spelling dictation test.

Crossword puzzles are a fun way to learn spellings. The completion of a crossword demands all the words to be correctly spelled out in the grid.

An inability to do so renders it incomplete. One cannot get away with a wrong spelling, which leads to correction and improvement.

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Evoking reading and writing abilities

Playing around with words evokes a particular love for them.

Very soon, the playing turns to dance around with words. It leads to the development of reading and writing abilities.

It is one of the benefits of crossword puzzles and these abilities are numerous and do not require stating.

Increased concentration

A distracted mind would never succeed in solving crossword puzzles. The activity demands a complete physical, mental and emotional presence of a person. 

It introduces focus and concentration in your child’s life.

Development of problem-solving abilities

The primary principle for the possession of problem-solving abilities is belief.

A belief in the existence of a solution goes a long way.

Solving a crossword puzzle inspires belief in the existence of solutions.

Hence, it lays the foundation for the development of problem-solving abilities.

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Conversation and comprehension skills

Language is the roadmap of a conversation. Better acquaintance with a language makes one a better speaker and receiver during a conversation.

This improves communication skills which in turn imparts social comfort and confidence.

Imparting of knowledge

Regular exposure to new words and spellings increases general awareness. Increased awareness of the surroundings contributes to the ultimate achievement of excellence in life.

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Development of patience and persistence

Solving a crossword puzzle needs minutes of patience. Success at the first attempt is a rare situation.

A crossword puzzle benefits and teaches your child patience. The child learns the art of embracing failures. The acceptance of failure indeed makes further attempts easier.

There’s more. In this age of competitive exams, these activities sow test-taking seeds early on in their life. It takes off the pressure and nerve-wracking stress of attending life-changing tests when they get to high school or college.

This is the chance to teach competitiveness and at the same time help them deal with the concept of loss.

Broadening of mental horizons

The identification of words based on hints needs a continuous application of the brain. The continuous activity of fetching words from the mental dictionary enhances the thought processing speed.

Furthermore, the intellectual abilities of a child develop faster.

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Accomplishment and Encouragement

The successful completion of a crossword instills a sense of accomplishment.

These little accomplishments encourage a child to explore and undertake new activities frequently. This expands the realm of knowledge for a child.

A productive distraction

You might often find your kid complaining of boredom. Thus, you end up losing all your time in the eternal cycle of the office rut and childcare.

Well, not anymore.

Crossword puzzles engage your child and assure you of their productive activity.

Health Benefits Of Crossword Puzzles

Besides all the value-creating benefits discussed above, crossword puzzles also offer health benefits.

Solving a puzzle requires an active and consistent engagement of the brain cells. This indulgence of brain cells prevents people from the risk of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

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Start Today

The future might see the inclusion of crossword puzzles in the school curriculum. But why wait for a change in the system when you can start today?

The expanse of crossword puzzles has indeed reached beyond newspapers and magazines. There is an abundance of crossword puzzles to choose from.

Depending on the age of your child, the difficulty level and type of crossword can be customized.

Several online sources offer beautiful puzzles to solve.

Besides the standard puzzles, pictorial crosswords for kids have also been created for benefits.

For instance, “different crossword publishers” offer a fantastic twist to the conventional crossword puzzles that make them more fun and challenging.

Your child’s first crossword is just a tap away.


We live in an era where life runs, putting on a pair of roller skates. With each rolling year, your child is growing up. With each rolling year, the competition is growing higher.

You don’t want your kid to bear the brunt of struggling through the rat race. A child’s mind is perceptive. When a tender brain receives nourishment from an early age, time molds the tenderness into intellect.

So brace your child to face the world with small and progressive steps rather than a significant leap.

Take the first step today, and get great benefits of crossword puzzles for your child’s growth!

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