How To Write How-to Articles: A Guide With Examples

You might not know but reading “How-to” articles can serve as an amazing source of knowledge on a specific topic. People tend to open a “How-to article” to solve problems whenever they feel stuck. They are usually written in a manner that provides easy and fast reading to a user. Simple-to-follow steps and images or videos are fundamental elements of this type of article.

Are you looking for information on “How to cook Butter Chicken?” Or “How To Do Keyword Research For Local SEO Toronto?” In this respect, “How-to” articles can do wonders for you. Read the article until the end to understand how to write a “How-to” article that makes the user click. Let’s begin!

What Is A How-to Article?

This type of article aims to provide users with information on a specific topic. The main aim of the How-to article is to provide a practical solution to any issue faced by the users. For Example, let’s say you forgot your Facebook account password. Here you can do a Google search asking “How to recover a Facebook password?” Google will serve you with How-to articles that will provide enough information for you to solve the problem quickly.

Writing How-to Articles With Screenshots: 2 Examples To Frame Your Content

Are you aware that writing a How-to article requires some of the important elements which you should target in your article? A Good How-to written should be inclusive of all the elements that hook up the user and provide the information in the quick way as much as possible.

You can achieve this with the help of framing your content using short paragraphs and bullet points, which is much easier for the users to read. You should use straightforward language to make users understand the steps that you want them to undertake.

Including images such as screenshots of the steps can help users better understand the steps. Or a link to a video that explains the how-to topic can also be included for a better user experience for your visitors.

How To Write How-to Articles - A Guide With Examples 11

Example no: 01 – How to post on Instagram?

It is a simple topic, but it can help people new to social media. Any user wants to find an article that quickly tells “How-to?” with simple-to-follow steps like the one below.

  • #Step 1: Click on the plus (+) button right-hand side of the Instagram text above the Screen. This is the starting point of the posting process, and a plus sign signifies addition here.
How To Write How-to Articles - A Guide With Examples 1
  • #Step 2: You will be asked to post a photo or video from your device gallery or click a new one by clicking on the camera logo.
How To Write How-to Articles - A Guide With Examples 2
  • #Step 3: Instagram gives you the option to Edit your image. The user can use this feature to make their images even more appealing to people. Hit the Next button at the top right corner to proceed.
How To Write How-to Articles - A Guide With Examples 3
  • #Step 4: In the write a caption box, put a caption with hashtags that convey the mood of the post. Captions & Hashtags help optimize your post for better reach to the public.
writing a caption
  • #Step 5: Below the write a caption box, you will have the tag People option. With this feature, you can make your friends see your post on Instagram.
How To Write How-to Articles - A Guide With Examples 5
  • #Step 6: This is optional, but you can use the Location feature to make your friends jealous if you are on vacation.
Using the Location feature
  • #Step 7: You can finally share this post on your social media accounts. Also, when you are ready and set, hit the share button to go!
How To Write How-to Articles - A Guide With Examples 7

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This is a technical topic that needs to be written in a manner that makes it easy for the users to read and understand. Technical subjects sometimes tend to lose users between the explanation of the topic. Why? Well, there are two reasons: One is using difficult words or vocab to explain a topic, and another is not using structured data. You should write a technical “How-to” article in the following manner:

  • #Step 1: Open Google Trends on your browser by putting in the search bar.
  • #Step 2: You will arrive at the Homepage of Google Trends. From here, click the Explore button at the top of the screen.
Homepage of Google Trends
  • #Step 3: You will find a search bar to research a keyword, and filter buttons, which you can use according to your need.
  • #Step 4: To get started, put a keyword related to your niche or business and hit enter.
How To Write How-to Articles - A Guide With Examples 9
  • #Step 5: A report will be generated that tells the performance of the keyword during a specific time frame and location.
  • #Step 6: Below the page, you will see two different sections—one of the Related topics and another of related queries.
How To Write How-to Articles - A Guide With Examples 10
  • #Step 7: The main section to look out for here is the related queries that tell us about the keywords users are typing on Google to arrive at a desired result.
  • #Step 8: You can see a related topic section in parallel to the related queries. You can leverage this to make your content visible for more keywords related to the primary one on Google Search.

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Final Words!!

“How-to” articles with screenshots and clear instructions have become valuable help for users seeking step-by-step guidance. These articles empower individuals to learn new skills, tackle complex tasks, and solve issues with confidence.

You must combine screenshots and proper instructions. These articles will bring clarity and simplicity to the learning process. Visual aids, such as screenshots, provide visual cues that make it easier for the user to understand and ensure they are on the right path. Clear and concise instructions break down complex procedures into simple steps. It allows readers to follow along easily.

“How-to” articles elevate the learning experience, remove ambiguity, and equip readers with the knowledge and confidence they need to accomplish their goals.

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