How to Find Content for Your Blog – 10 Places to Check

If you are running a blog, then by now you must have found out that the only traffic magnet is the content that can guarantee your results and improved visits to your blog. Not just any content but fresh, quality and consistent content. How to find content for your blog?

When starting out, your mind is bustling with different ideas that you would like to capture, write about and teach something new to your readers. You know, leave the world a better place.

However, along the way, to make sure you offer quality and consistent content.

Your well of ideas dries out.

Now, you are struggling to keep your readers engaged let alone find content for your blog that is worth reading. If you do not address this problem soon:

The readers you worked so hard to gain will soon get bored out of their minds reading your old content.


The repetitive content that you put up and eventually, you will have no readers left.

To make sure this does not happen to you, you need to ensure that you have great sources that you can use to help you get the content to keep your blog interesting and captivating.

How to Find Content for Your Blog?

How to find content for ypur website

These 10 should be a great starting point for you to refresh your ideas to find content for your blog. Also, ensure that you can offer your readers content worthy of their time.


There are a couple of ways that you can use outsourcing. But for the sake of covering more methods, it will heap these into one method and elaborated on.

Remember how you felt when you were starting out? There are people out there who are feeling the same way and they have not had the platform to share their content. This is where outsourcing will help.

First you can outsource your creation of content internally. This is a great idea for those that are working in big corporations or have plenty of friends. It is cheap and in most cases free and since these are people you might know well; you know about their writing skills.

Alternatively, you could outsource externally. What this means is that you seek the help of a freelance writer. Usually, this is better because they are cheaper and with relatively good quality but you could also enroll the help of a writing service if you have the financial muscle to afford it.

Your Audience

One of the most valuable tips that you learn as a blogger is to keep in touch with your audience and engage with them often. You can take this a notch higher and every once in a while offer an opportunity for one of your audiences to make a guest post.

This might be a good idea even though they might not be professionals in the niche, they can share their personal experiences – which are equally interesting and give your blog that hint of being genuine and in touch.

Not only does this give you content, but people love getting a platform to share their opinions. This will result into a loyal, tight and very aggressive audience who are ever looking forward to the next opportunity to express themselves.

Holding Discussions

Regardless of what topic you put up, people will always find ways of differing on it.

While you could see this as a constriction to what you believe in, it could be a channel to help you come up with fresh ideas.

Can’t come up with a couple of hundred words to make up your content?

No problem!

Just put the topic up and let your audience argue it out. However, be smart and phrase it to elicit a grey area and loopholes for people to share their opinions. This way, you will find content for your blog.

News Jacking

Of late, this has become a buzzword in the blogging circles and it is time you understood and started using it. If you get it right, it can be an endless stream of ideas that will ensure you stay the fresh and up to date.

What this means is that you look for news are in the same niche as your blog and then twist these. So, make them into an article that you can use.

It might be hard to get such news but the good thing with this is that everything is new and unique.

Be careful about how you twist and turn the news so you can ensure you still keep the facts and provide useful information.

The Comment Segment

This is where most bloggers have gone wrong. You are struggling with getting good content for your audience.

Yet the same audience is constantly giving you ideas for the same. It is only that you are not looking at it keenly.

The comment section will usually have an audience that is constantly asking questions about something or mentions something that will strike an idea in you.

Just take the time to go through your comments that will amaze you at the ton of ideas you can get here and all of this without spending a dime.

Guest Posts

It’s a trend that has been used by bloggers for a long time but never grows old. Having a professional come in once in a while or a fellow blogger to make a post that is related to your niche is a great idea.

Not only does it give the readers a chance to break away from the monotony of your writing:

Not that it is bad but everyone could use a change of air every once in a while:

And get to read something that is different and has a different personality. However, you might have to pay some of these people for them to even pay attention to you.

Your Competition

Rappers and other successful people will always say that their competitors and haters are the ones that fuel their drive.

Why not do the same with your blog? Instead of always trying to outdo your competition.

Why not use it fuels your own success? Fellow bloggers are a goldmine for content ideas.

Reading them will help you diversify and get new ideas that you can turn into content.

Search Engines

It might not be the best way but it will get you going in times of scarcity. For instance, Google has the predictive text input on its search box.

All you have to do is type the search words and it will automatically give you suggestions. You can use this to get a new direction on your content.

Alternatively, sites like Bottlenose and Quora do an even better job when you type your niche. While these might not give you the content that you need; they will give you the ideas to keep you going.

Social Media

It is almost impossible to discuss anything to do with the internet without mentioning social media. It has become the pedestal that most of the other online businesses, blogging included depend on.

With the trending topics, mountains of celebrities and gossip, social media is the way to go even for your blog. These trending topics, celebrities and all kinds of posts are great ways for you to source for ideas that you can put on your blog.

Because of the erratic following that social media has, you will not be looking elsewhere for content for a long time.

Just Ask

The best was saved for last.

If you have a decent following, then you know that it is because they love what you put up.

Equally, they would love to have some sense of inclusion and take part so why not ask the readers to give you ideas for content that they would like to see soon? The flow of comments with different ideas could keep you writing for a long time.

Do not punish your readers or even yourself by given them stale content that appears everywhere they look. You might be running out of ideas but these 10 ways will replenish your well to the brim. I’m sure, you will find content for your blog.

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