White Hat SEO Practices

White hat SEO, also referred to as technical SEO, employs search engine algorithms to position your website at the top of the rankings.

When one opens a page in Google, 30% of the content is paid search. The rest 70% is organic search. Even in the paid search, Technical SEO is paramount to make one website rank over the other. A high-ranking of a website will make you get more traffic and hence more money.

White Hat SEO Practices List

Site Speed

The first thing that Google looks at before ranking your website is speed. Normally, people will get bored when a site takes over 5 seconds to load.

The first way to make your website’s speed is using the latest programming. A site that uses PHP 5.6 is slower than compared to a website that uses PHP 7.0 for back-end programming.

For front-end programming, make sure you use the latest HTML. A good example is a program for background color. A while back the program for background color took several lines. Nowadays, the program for background color only takes one line.

The other cause that might make your site slow is a lot of content. What an internet surfer will look at the website responsiveness. There are certain tools like robotics txt that will show the search engine what to load first. Text is easier to load, hence text will appear first then gradually images will appear. This will make your website responsive and hence rank highly.

Images and Graphs

Statistical analysis and images make a website look detailed. Google’s aim is to give real value to the user. Using Images, videos and Graphs makes your content appear detailed. It will make your website rank far above the others.

The other thing one needs to put into consideration is the size of the content. Writing articles around 2000  words will make your site rank higher. Google assumes your articles to have details, and that is why they are long.


This is a good SEO practice. However, placing excessive links on your website now runs as a black hat SEO practice.

In 2010 many websites lost their ranking because of very many links that gave the website unfair competitive advantage. These links are inbound links.

If you made a mistake and places excessive links then, you can still contact Google and ask them not to consider links when ranking your website.

According to the webmaster guidelines, Placing relevant links is important to help you rank. Relevant links mean placing a link that relates to the content you have written.

Mobile Indexing

It started as a rumour back in 2016. In 2018 it was a reality. Google has announced that it will rank only those websites that have a mobile version.

In the 2018 Google I/O conference, Google C.E. O Sundar Pichai announced that Android had registered over  5 billion mobile android devices. This shows that there are many people who are searching the internet using their mobile devices.

It Is frustrating when consumers search the internet using mobile phones and cannot access websites since they are not mobile responsive.

Gradually, websites that do not have a mobile version will fall in rankings. There are different ways you can be able to make your website mobile responsive.

A majority of the websites you find on google use  WordPress platform. There are several plugs-ins you can add in  WordPress to make it mobile responsive. One plug-in that will make your website mobile responsive is the jetpack.


Make Your Website Easy To Navigate

Websites that are easier to manoeuvre rank highly in search engines. Depending on the website, you should be keen to make sure that you follow the standard way. When creating an e-commerce website you should create an F format. Each type of website falls into a general way of organisation.

More to that, Google webmaster guidelines have shown that one should arrange information from the home page.

The homepage should be the root of all the other pages. This is because some people form broken links and pages to rank irregularly.


Domain Name

Domain name is critical in making your website rank. Finding the right domain name is a hard task. What you should put into consideration when finding out the domain name is that it should relate to your content. If you have a website that sells clothes, Find a domain name like fashion trends.com or any other that relates to what you sell.

Some domain names like Cars.com are very expensive. Using synonyms like autos will save you so much economic resources.

When a search engine like Google is looking for customers’ requests, it looks at the domain name. A relevant domain name makes you look like you have specialised in the specific niche.

When purchasing a domain, make sure you buy it from a reputable website. There are very many cases where people buy domains from websites that collapsed. You can suffer punishment for another person mistake. This is because Google knows you by your domain name.

Creating A  Well Written metadata.

When one opens a Google page, the first thing he or she sees on your website is the metadata. A metadata is like the front office door. An informative metadata will make people get into your website. It will give you a competitive advantage over your peers.

However, you should be careful  and avoid keyword stuffing. This is where you put excessive keywords on your content. Keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO practice and hence it will make you penalized highly.

Basically, these are some accepted SEO practices that will help your site rank highly in 2019. It is also wise to make sure that you keep checking on the webmaster guidelines since there are always updates after short periods of time.

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