Role of Innovative Educational Technologies

Surely our returns to school had nothing to do with the return to school of today’s children. Not only because almost all school establishments have been changed by adopting new and innovative educational technologies; such as the SPen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but because the way of studying is, in short, different.

The creator of Smartick, Javier Arroyo, is also pivotal, as he created this mobile app to learn mathematics from the mobile phone. This app is one of the pioneering examples of technology at the educational service.

Role Of Innovative Educational Technologies

Artificial Intelligence in Education: The Start of a Great Change

We are more and more used to living with Artificial Intelligence (AI), a concept that not long ago seemed distant to us and a thing of NASA, but that today is present in everyday objects such as, for example, the camera of the Honor 10.

In education, all paths lead to an integration of teaching and artificial intelligence in the medium term. Stanford University’s study related to AI. It is estimated that during the next decade, most of the educational centers will have one or more elements transformed by artificial intelligence.

Why? Because artificial intelligence allows the personalization of teaching and, with it, the optimization of learning, thanks to analytics: something like when your mother-in-law invites you to eat cooked food and, the more she sees the face with which you eat it, less invite you again.

Virtual Reality and Teachers Who Have No Hobby for You

Smart tutors become something like the end of the most used excuse in case of suspense: that the teacher has a hobby for you. Through automatic speech recognition and natural language processing, virtual teachers will be able to help students obtain, strengthen, and apply their learning, always according to the rhythm of each student.

And this, is it the end of the flesh and blood teachers?

Not at all! The emotions that a teacher conveys cannot be obtained by artificial intelligence. Neither is the teacher’s subtlety when reading the expressions on the faces of his/her students.

But artificial intelligence can be the best ally of a good teacher because it can, however, carry out a job that a teacher without help does not reach, such as the possibility of sending fully personalized duties given the level of each child. And, at the same time, it can be a solution to a lousy teacher.

The ideal combination is an excellent teacher helped by technology, but if we don’t have the first one, at least artificial intelligence can alleviate some problems: if children are falling behind or don’t understand concepts, says Javier Arroyo, creator of the app to learn mathematics Smartick.

Also, thanks to virtual reality for education, teachers will have more natural to get students involved. Students will be able to experience learning with an ever-increasing level of immersion, something that would have an impact on better results because it is not the same as Professor Rita tells you about Napoleon so that Napoleon can come and tell you about his conquest plans for this weekend.

Learning Analytics for Geniuses

Who has not heard of a child who does well in school because he has other abilities? New technologies enable students to measure, collect, and study. In this way, it is possible to detect errors, predict failures, and help improve results.

All this, besides, allows a more excellent reflection on cognition and what would work better or worse in the current educational system: sometimes it is not that the child is denied for mathematics, but that he is not receiving them with a favorable approach to his way of learning.

Education without Borders

Until now, the stories about children who have to walk miles and miles to get to schooll are not foreign to almost any society or moment. With technological advances oriented to the educational field, there will be fewer barriers for students to receive adequate training.

In other words, motivation is always crucial; either to walk kilometers or to religiously enter to do the exercises of the app.

The Role of Parents in Education with Innovative Educational Technologies

Cooking is an excellent example of learning: searching for a lentil recipe online will never be the same as following your mother’s advice step by step to embroider it with the family’s secret formula.

And that the role of parents in learning, like the role of flesh and blood teachers, can never be replaced by a screen. Of course, when it comes to new and innovative educational technologies, as mentioned earlier, the experts of the UK Writing Help recommend letting children mess around on their own, but without neglecting them.

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