Best File Shredder Software In 2022

If you want to protect your information from identity theft, you should invest in suitable file shredding software. Several different types of software can completely shred data easily. We’ll compare Easy File Shredder, BitKiller, Permanent Eraser, and MacClean to find the best one for your needs. Read on for more information! Here’s a look at some of the best file shredder software for 2022.

10+ Best File Shredding Softwares In 2022

Easy File Shredder

Best File Shredder Software In 2022 Easy File Shredder

Easy File Shredder is a powerful application that lets you quickly and completely erase data on your computer. It can essentially remove all traces of deleted files and keep your personal information safe. This file shredding software is also straightforward to use. You have to open the program, select the files you want to erase, and follow the prompts.

Easy File Shredder also offers several unique features, including the ability to wipe your computer’s history and traces. It also allows you to delete files from the recycle bin quickly. It works by creating a bin icon on your desktop so you can drag files to it quickly. Easy File Shredder is also incredibly simple to use, with just three mouse clicks. It also boasts a “Shred all free space” guide that explains how to delete files with this software.

Permanent Eraser

Best File Shredder Software In 2022 Permanent Eraser

Permanent Eraser uses the latest techniques to make deleted data unrecoverable. It uses a 35-pass algorithm system to jumble the file name and overwrite data several times so that no one will be able to read the files. Also, it features drag-and-drop and right-clicks destroy options. It works across all major platforms and operating systems.

Permanent Eraser is another best mac file shredder that is extremely popular and easy to use. Users can download it from the website. It comes with multiple shredding options, including three-pass DoE and 35-pass Guttmann algorithms. It also adheres to numerous regulatory standards and is available in eight languages.

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Best File Shredder Software In 2022 Incinerator

Currently, the best Mac file shredder software is the Incinerator. This program uses a unique technique to delete files and ensure you cannot recover them permanently. You can download this free program from the Mac Store. It is also very user-friendly, making it an ideal option for people who want to delete specific files or folders. There are a few reasons why Incinerator is one of the best file shredders for Mac users.

The design of this program is to make it easy to delete files and clear your Mac’s hard drive of all personal information. It features a user-friendly interface and modern file-cleaning tools that can prevent data recovery. Also, it can remove cookies, history, and unused space. It is a free download and has a military-grade data clearing mechanism, and it’s also 100 % free.

CleanMyMac X

Best File Shredder Software In 2022 CleanMyMac X 1

CleanMyMac X is a popular Free Mac cleaner tool that includes valuable options for shredding files. It helps you remove confidential data, improves boot time, and removes all data trails. It also features a smart cleanup option, which finds large unused files and malware. CleanMyMac X is an excellent program for Mac users who want to protect their privacy and keep their computers clean and tidy.

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Best File Shredder Software In 2022 BitKiller

If you’re looking for the best file shredder software for Windows, BitKiller is excellent. This program is easy to use, with drag and drop capabilities and multiple overwriting options. BitKiller also supports most versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. It includes a Gutmann data sanitization algorithm and a Random data sanitization process. BitKiller also boasts a 100% success rate with its shredding plans.

OW Shredder

Best File Shredder Software In 2022 OW Shredder

Another free file shredder utility is OW Shredder. It has an intuitive user interface. Also, it has three shredding options. You can permanently delete the resulting shredded data without leaving any traces on the computer. Another feature that makes this application an excellent choice is that it includes other utilities for cleaning up junk files, optimizing the PC, and managing applications.

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The MacClean software is designed to shred files securely and is based on the Gutmann and DoD standards. It is easy to use and includes security features such as “Safe Place” and “Don’t Panic.” The program is also available for Windows. In 2022, this file-shredding software will help Mac users keep personal information safe, and it also helps them prevent identity theft. The program is easy to use and requires only a few clicks to destroy personal data.

Disk Wiper Professional

Disk Wiper Professional

As the name suggests, Disk Wiper Professional is a powerful software that can be quickly scheduled to shred files and folders if needed. This powerful tool has features like renaming files and folders before shredding and generating a log file when a shredder has completed its task. Users can also protect their computer with a password to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information on the PC.

The software features several shredding options, including removing files from recycling bins and system files. It is simple to complete shredding tasks by yourself without help from tech support.

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Remo File Eraser

Remo File Eraser

This freeware erases sensitive data permanently. It uses multiple shredding patterns to destroy the information thoroughly. This software can shred data from mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, memory cards, and even hard drives. Remo File Eraser supports Windows PC and is compatible with most popular electronic devices.

Its secure erasure technology means that you can use it to shred sensitive data safely and securely. Despite its simplicity, this Eraser can erase files, folders, recycle bin contents, and even drives and partitions.

O&O SafeErase

O&O SafeErase

Several options are available when looking for the best file shredder software. One option is O&O SafeErase, a free program from O&O. This program is designed to delete digital data irreversibly. The RCMP, Gutmann, and Random Data methods of erasing data are used to remove data completely.

The program only runs on Windows PCs, but it does an excellent job permanently deleting all hidden digital duplicates, which are impossible to delete with Windows. The software has a cancel button, so you can stop any process early if you want to.

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VoidTech FileShredder

Best File Shredder Software In 2022 VoidTech FileShredder

If you’re looking for a Mac file shredder, consider the VoidTech FileShredder. This app integrates into your Finder Context Menu and is designed to delete files by deleting their contents. It’s fast and secure and includes three different data sanitization options: one pass (fastest), three passes (DoD standard), and 35 passes (most secure).

While it’s not a fancy tool, it’s highly recommended for every Mac user. Unfortunately, this application is no longer available on the Mac App Store, and Apple removed it due to compatibility issues with macOS Catalina. Ultimately, they decided that apps designed to destroy files were not profitable for the store.

Kernel File Shredder

Best File Shredder Software In 2022 Kernel File Shredder

If you’re worried about data security, you can use a software program like Kernel File Shredder. This software will erase any useless data from your computer, and it’s designed to make your system safe by wiping out temporary internet files and cookies.

You can schedule the program to wipe out free disk space and select the files you want to delete. You can also use it to remove sensitive files. This software is simple to use and has a user-friendly interface.

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