How To Keep Your Desk Clean: 4 Tips and Tricks

You look at your desk and can’t help but groan in frustration. It astonishes you how much clutter you have managed to collect, and there is hardly any space to put down your laptop or other work accessories. Here are 4 tips and tricks on how to keep your desk clean and organized.

Well, there is one fascinating fact you may not know, and there is a scientific explanation behind that long-drawn groan. See, the typical brain likes order, and anything outside that results in feelings of disorganization and inability to focus or work.

4 Tips and Tricks On How To Keep Your Desk Clean

Cumulative effects of clutter or chaos will make you feel stressed, depressed, or anxious. And, it can lead to health illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and insomnia.

Our article will share tips and tricks to keeping your desk dust free. Let’s dive into it.

How to Keep Your Desk Clean - 4 Tips and Tricks 1

Start With A Clean Desk Surface

The foremost something you need to do is to clear the desk surface. So, pile everything on the floor or in containers, and nothing should remain.

We want a clean slate on which to start organizing. Take this as an opportunity to give your desk a thorough wipe down. You can be sure that there will be a lot of dust or dirt under all that clutter.

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Sift Through Your Things

Now comes the tricky part to keep your desk clean. The reality is that most people have a problem letting go of clutter. Think about your wardrobe for a minute. You probably have clothing you have not worn in years.

Yet, there is always an excuse to have it still there. The usual reasons range from waiting for a special occasion to losing weight.

Go with the 101 decluttering trick. Have three piles when sifting through items. The first should be for those you no longer use. Is there still a need for a phone book when you can get all the contact details online?

This pile will end up in the trash or recycle bin. Here is a tip. Don’t start thinking of possible uses for the items; just let them go.

The second is the giftable items. Do you need five pairs of scissors? How about giving some to your co-workers.

The third will be valuable items that will find a place on the desk.

There is a simple rule to decluttering your home, desk, or wardrobe. If you have not used something in six months, it can go.

Do take note of any documents you want to throw out. Have a shredder nearby for any sensitive ones. If you don’t have one, tear up the papers into tiny pieces before throwing them in the bin.

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Start Organizing

At this point, you have removed any unused or unnecessary items to keep your desk clean and organized. You will be happy to see that what is remaining is within manageable levels.

Now comes the organizing part. Separate the items into groups, depending on what they are. Papers should go to one side, stationery another, and so on.

Containers or pencil caddies are ideal for holding pens, pencils, and markers. Small hooks provide hanging places for scissors or other small tools.

For papers, it is crucial to find a way to organize them. Folders are also fantastic for documents you will need in the future. You can file essential documents in different folders to help you identify which is which.

You can even categorize these documents as current or ongoing projects and assign different colors. They come in various sizes, designs, and folder customization options, and you get convenience and easy access to the documents when you need them.

In addition, it helps to have folder labels, and it makes it easy to find documents with such.

There are also professional-looking folders, making them ideal if you need to go for a quick meeting.

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Arrange the Desk

How to Keep Your Desk Clean 4 Tips and Tricks

It is time to put back the valuable items on the desk. Take note of the following to keep your desk clean.

  • Keep anything you do not use daily in the drawer or shelf. These include files, extra stationery, and so on. You are in the best position to know what you need to complete jobs or tasks.
  • An in or out tray provides a temporary holding place for mail or papers awaiting your attention. Do not let it pile up. Otherwise, you will be back to position one
  • Avoid having too many personal items on your desk. One framed photo of your family is excellent. But, three or four take up too much space.
  • Digitalize existing paper documents by scanning them. It is a fantastic way to get rid of excess paper on your desk.
  • We are all leaning towards sustainability. Take advantage of things like cloud storage to avoid collecting too much paper. You don’t have to deal with many files, and finding documents is easy.
  • Bind cables together using Velcro, rubber bands, or ties. Dangling cords are unsightly and unsafe.
  • Use wall hooks to guide wires along the walls or desk. Like in the case above, it provides a fantastic way to deal with cables.
  • Get comfortable with using the trash can. Place it near your desk or within easy reach. Having it too far away may prove to be a hassle if you have to get up each time to use it. So, getting rid of anything you don’t need immediately will help avoid the buildup of clutter.
  • At the end of each day, tidy up. It will be a satisfaction to come back to a neat, organized space the next day.
  • Aim for as much unused space as you can get on your desk. So, working in a clutter-free setting will increase productivity and concentration.

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Final Thoughts

Keeping a clean and tidy desk will improve productivity. You can also concentrate better without the distractions of clutter. Finding things will be a breeze with proper organization.

Keeping papers in folders provides convenience, and it keeps them safe and allows for quick access whenever you need them.

And, there are different designs, sizes, and customization options. So, it does not matter what paper sizes you are dealing with, and there will always be an ideal option available.

Remember, getting your desk tidy is the first step. But, it pays to keep it that way going forward. Tidy up, use the trash can, and store the things you don’t use daily.

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