Top 4 Tips To Clean Windows

Pollution, as well as grime, is able to accumulate slowly on your windows. This obstructs the view and also blocks sunlight from entering in your home. Improper cleaning can leave behind thick streaks that do not look good. Then, how to clean windows properly? Here are 4 tips to clean windows correctly. Have a look!

Top 4 Tips To Clean Windows

The following are some tips to help you clean your windows properly:

4 Tips On How To Clean Windows 1

Clean windows on a dry and cloudy day

You need to keep in mind that if you clean the windows on a hot day with the blazing sun shining down, the cleaner can dry onto a hot window. This will occur before you can wipe it off. Tough-to-remove streaks will be left behind.

If you see that the weather will not be helpful, begin in the shady area of your house.

Get rid of dirt and dust first

Begin by sweeping off any dirt from your window frame using a brush. It is possible even to use a vacuum with the machine’s dusting attachment. The dirt will not become a muddy mess when mixed with the cleaner if you do this.

When you notice that the window screen looks really grime, pop it out, then wash using hot and sudsy water along with a soft brush. Rinse and allow it to dry before putting it back.

If you want to dust shades and blinds, go over both sides using a microfiber duster. You may open the slats and then go over every one of them using a damp cloth, then do this with a dry one.


Select the correct cleaner to clean windows

4 Tips On How To Clean Windows 2

You should get a good spray that will be able to help you clean the windows correctly. This is especially true if the windows look filthy.

You will require much cleaner to be able to dissolve as well as suspend dirt, allowing it to be totally wiped away.

You can look for a spray one that you can spray and wipe off. Look for a good one that will be able to do the job correctly.

You can make a cleaner at home with some water, white or cider vinegar, and 70% concentrate alcohol. The ingredients can be mixed and put in a spray bottle. You will need 2 cups water, ½ a cup of vinegar, and ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol.

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Employ a microfiber cloth

Some people dry panes using newspaper, but it may be a good idea to get reusable microfiber cloths. These tend to be absorbent, washable. Moreover, they allow the glass to look shiny and streak-free.

Suppose you want to employ paper towels, select good-quality ones. Soft paper towels can shred.

It is essential to keep your office, hotel, home, etc. windows clean if you want to give a good impression. If you do not have time to clean your office or home windows, you can get the help of professionals like window cleaning with Cheap as Chips. Look carefully at what services they provide. You can require customer service to help you out if you have any queries. Hope these tips to clean windows will help you!

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