A Comprehensive Guide To Laptop Screen Repair Cost

Here’s everything you need to know about a laptop screen replacement cost, including a price list of the most common repairs. But the question is:

Laptop Screen Repair Cost Guide

A Comprehensive Guide To Laptop Screen Repair Cost 3

When To Get Your Laptop Screen Repaired?

Cracked or Broken Screens

These are among the most common problems laptop owners experience. You can fix a broken or cracked laptop screen yourself, but it’s not recommended. If you replace your own screen, you’ll likely void your laptop’s warranty. Your computer could also be damaged in the process of replacing the screen. It’s always best to let a certified technician handle this type of repair.

Scratched Screens

If your computer screen is scratched; there’s no way for you to get rid of them without replacing the LCD. This requires a lot of technical know-how and special equipment, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Is Your Laptop Under Warranty?

Whether or not you have a manufacturer’s warranty will determine how much your repair will cost. If your laptop is new, it most probably comes with at least one year of warranty. If not, then you must factor in the cost of buying the replacement parts for your laptop when it’s out of warranty.

Moreover, if your laptop is under warranty, your manufacturer will often cover the cost of a screen replacement—but only if the damage is accidental. Cracked screens caused by drops or abuse are rarely covered.

Thus, it’s best to claim a warranty rather than repairing it yourself or taking it to a repair shop. If you don’t have a warranty, you will most likely end up paying two-thirds of the original laptop cost.

Repair Cost For Different Types of Laptop Screens

Your laptop screen is one of the most important parts of your computer. It’s also one of the most easily damaged parts. Laptop screens are more expensive than desktop monitors. But, a lot of people have no idea how much it costs to repair a screen.

A Comprehensive Guide To Laptop Screen Repair Cost 1

Let’s see how much it will cost you to get your laptop screen fixed:

1. Cost Of Repairing LCD Screen

The LCD screen is the workhorse of any laptop, displaying everything from spreadsheets to streaming movies. Unfortunately, this ubiquity doesn’t make them invincible.

Cracked and shattered screens are a common problem for notebook computers, requiring a swift repair or replacement to get things back in working order.

That said, repairing LCD screens usually costs less than repairing an LED screen. However, in case you are using a rare model, the price can go higher.

On average, repairing an LCD screen costs anywhere between $30 to $100.

2. Cost Of Repairing An LED Screen

Many laptops come with an LED screen, which is a thin, flat-screen that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as pixels for a bright display. LED screens are mainly used in laptops because they are energy efficient and have thin screens. They also come in a variety of colors and can be manufactured to be flexible and transparent.

If your LED screen breaks, you may need to replace the entire screen or just the LCD panel inside the screen. If it’s just the LCD panel, it will cost you less to fix it than buying a brand new LED screen. However, if it’s the entire LED screen that needs replacing, expect it to cost more than a typical LCD replacement.

LED screens are also costlier than LCD ones. The price will depend on the make of your laptop. Replacing traditional LED screens can cost up to $200.

But note that costlier models like Macbooks will cost you even more. For replacing older Apple models; you can be charged up to $250, while the newer models can cost up to $750.

Laptop Screen Repair Cost Of Different Brands

Laptop prices are high, and you don’t want to spend more money on repairs. To save your money, you should know the price to repair the laptop screen of different brands.

A Comprehensive Guide To Laptop Screen Repair Cost 2

Here are the estimated expenses for repairing the screens of some of the most common laptop brands:

1. HP Laptop Screen Repair Cost

Hewlett Packard has been around for many years, although it does not have the same strength as other brands in the market. Its prices are not very high either, making it quite accessible for users who do not have very high budgets.

However, since HP is an established name in the laptop industry, it is easy to find the parts. The display range starts from $40. However, if you are using a flagship model HP laptop, the cost can reach up to $200.

2. Lenovo Laptop Screen Repair Cost

There is a wide range of Lenovo laptops available – and most of them have LCD screens. So, it can cost you less to repair your display. The price starts at $60 and can go up to $350.

3. Asus Laptop Screen Repair Cost

You will find a variety of LCDs and fewer LEDs when it comes to Asus. So, it won’t take you much to repair your Asus laptop screen.

You can get your laptop repaired by spending $40 to $60. But there are also some Asus laptops featuring LED screens, and the repair charges will be up to $200.

4. Dell Laptop Screen Repair Cost

Like Lenovo, Dell is a popular brand with several laptops on the market. To repair a Dell screen can cost you between $45 to $80. However, if you are using a higher-end laptop, expect to spend around $250.

Sometimes, it is better to go for a new laptop from a local vendor if the repair cost is too high. Follow this link in case you are wondering where to buy a laptop.

5. Acer Laptop Screen Repair Cost

When it comes to Acer laptops, the lower-end laptop screens can cost around $50 to fix. You will also find many varieties for about $100. However, if your laptop screen is high resolution and big, it can cost over $300.

6. Samsung Laptop Screen Repair Cost

Though Samsung is more popular for their phones than their laptops, you will find some popular Samsung laptops used worldwide. Samsung displays are high-quality LEDs, and you will end up paying up to $200 as repair cost.

There are still some Samsung models that won’t break your bank to repair. It may cost you $60.

7. Toshiba Laptop Screen Repair Cost

Though you won’t find a lot of Toshiba laptop models, their laptops feature both LCD and LED screens. So, the cost of repairing these screens varies. Expect to spend between $60 to $240 on average.

8. Apple MacBook Screen Repair Cost

It is decidedly expensive to repair a MacBook screen. If you have an older model, you will be spending anything between $60-$70.

Newer models feature high-resolution screens, large displays, and complex parts. So, it is expensive to fix them. You will be paying anything between $320 to $500. The repair of the latest models may cost you even more.

That’s A Wrap

Ultimately, laptop screens are often repairable, but how much you’ll be charged for that repair will depend on; the type of screen you have, your laptop brand, and the labor cost in your area.

In some instances, it might be worth it to just replace the screen; instead of having it repaired if the part is relatively low-priced. If the damage is too much, such as after a fall, then you can also consider buying a laptop.

But if this is not an option for you, between the price of replacement parts (which can vary widely) and labor expenses; getting a laptop screen repaired should be fairly affordable wherever you live.

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