Do You Have The Essential Skills Needed To Be A Good Principal?

One of the most significant roles of a principal is to provide strategic direction in the school system. In other words, principals are the crucial link in the education system. They must keep an eye on every aspect of school life; whether it’s class scheduling, the quality of instruction, or teacher performance. This is a significant role, requiring specific skills to fill those shoes. Here’s a look at the essential skills that make a good principal.

Top 5 Most Essential Skills Needed To Be A Good Principal

Do You Have the Essential Skills Needed to Be a Good Principal 1

Leadership Skills

Principals are also referred to as educational leaders, and according to the Wallace Foundation; the role of principals as influential leaders is more critical than ever in school reform. As mentioned, principals are the central link in the relationship between teachers, students, parents, guardians, and school districts. Principals have to have strong leadership skills to influence the team they oversee.

Successful school leaders make an effort to cultivate leadership in themselves and others; by exploring professional development opportunities and providing the right support services for teachers. For instance, there are many principal preparation programs that prepare you to lead constructive change and impact student achievement; instead of just focusing on administrative tasks.

IT Skills

The technological landscape is changing rapidly, and principals who can adapt and innovate have a competitive advantage; in running an efficient and successful school. For instance, principals who know how to leverage technology can quickly identify new and better teaching techniques; by keeping updated on the latest industry trends.

When principals lead by example, they encourage teachers and students to embrace change and welcome new curriculums and teaching styles. Having an innovative mindset is especially important in these times when online learning is increasingly becoming popular. School leaders or principals that fail to improve their essential IT skills will also fail to leverage the benefits of online learning.

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Time Management Skills

As a school principal, you’re already familiar with the feeling that 24 hours a day are not enough. You may find your attention pulled in different directions as teachers, students, and parents approach your office. This is why it’s crucial to hone your time management skills and implement the right time management strategies.

For instance, it’s essential to know when to delegate so you can free up more time to devote to urgent matters. However, before you can delegate, you also need to empower your staff so they can complete the tasks you need them to. That way, you’re not worried when you hand off some of your work.

You should also focus on priority management to quickly identify the essential tasks that need immediate attention. When focused on priority tasks, you can minimize interruptions by having a closed-door policy only within a specific timeframe.

This is what helps you complete tasks faster and more effectively. Your IT skills will also come in handy since many technology tools are designed to help principals manage time better. For instance, you can leverage tools for streamlining your communications, file sharing, and collaboration.

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Decision-Making Skills

To earn respect as a school leader, being decisive is essential. Acting otherwise gives the impression that you’re unsure about; what you’re doing and lack the required abilities to be an effective leader. One of the best decision-making tips is establishing clear goals and communicating them to parents, teachers, and students.

However, it’s also important to realize that you don’t have to be an authoritarian leader. It also helps to include teachers, students, and parents in decision-making. Doing this means you can address and solve issues quickly, and it also allows you to implement decisions; that meet the needs of the entire school.

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Problem-Solving Skills

Solving problems is part and parcel of being an educational leader. You’re guaranteed to encounter a wide range of solutions, like complaints from parents and budget limitations in your daily activities. Whatever the issue might be, you have to be quick on your feet when someone approaches you with a problem they need you to solve.

Generally, the best practice for developing problem-solving skills is to identify the problem; then do your research and evaluate possible solutions before making a decision. These are the essential skills necessary to become an excellent educational leader, and developing these skills will serve you well as you strive to be a successful principal.

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