Top 6 Best Sendinblue Competitors For 2021

Doing business in 2021 has become a matter of sifting through all the big data to beat the big competition and stand out as the most reliable brand in your niche or market segment. Yet, before we launch into a full-fledged discussion about the top 6 Sendinblue competitors, we need to understand that it is not just the presence and the quality of your social media and other posts that matter, but also the way you run your back end. 

Now, when we talk about the back end, this has a definite bearing on how your brand’s look and feel are perceived. The word that everyone is looking for would be reliability.

When you have a well organized back end that helps in seamless team collaborations along a well-established sales pipeline; you can confidently reach out to customers who will take heart in the fact that their needs will be met by a competent team; that has maintained all the correct information in the right places, to be called up at the right time.

This is also where the Sendinblue competitors come into the picture.

6 Must-have Features To Qualify As Sendinblue Competitors

Let us first added a glance at the various needs that a good CRM and marketing automation platform is supposed; to meet to qualify as one of the suitable Sendinblue competitors:

Email Marketing

This would be an essential function for any CRM and marketing automation platform that wants to be a suitable Sendinblue alternative.

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When you manage to enter the inbox of your prospect, you would have to do so that adds value with a call for action rather than just a pitch.

That will tend to get ignored and then land up in the spam folder a few days.

The Sendinblue alternative will help you create the proper basis for a dialogue; that will push the prospect further into the sales pipeline in good time.


Whether you want to integrate your efforts with SMS marketing or social media or even landing pages and customized websites; you can be sure that the Sendinblue competitors will offer you features to do all of the above; with constant insights on how your performance is on each of these channels and integrations.

Having the right integrations with the proper security is something; you should insist on when you bring in a SendinBlue alternative. 

Marketing Funnel

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The marketing funnel would be one of the most important things; you would have to set with all the right metrics to select about who you give your time to.

Now, it would be tempting to look at your entire market segment; and each member of that audience as a prospect.

But the exact Sendinblue alternative will help you understand which of these are prospects who will convert.

This would be done with data-driven campaigns that will help the right prospects drop through the funnel; and into the exemplary sales pipeline for sure-shot conversions. 

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Lead Generation

When you are looking at investing in Sendinblue competitors; you should be sure to find out which platforms offer you maximum lead generation and lead scoring.

All your business and presence-building activities should be tied in with lead generation efforts; that would transfer the correct information straight to the team member in question who can pursue the same.

This would be one of the most important things to look for in a Sendinblue alternative.

Sales Pipeline

The establishment of a sales pipeline is an important task that should be a part of the Sendinblue alternative and its platform or features. This could also mean that you can set up each sales pipeline as a project; that can be managed by the right team member at the helm.

Hence, it would help determine whether or not the Sendinblue competitors handle this aspect; before you sign up for the same and engage with your customers.  


One of the best things about Sendinblue would remain the templates and the creative side of things.

So, when you are looking to invest in a similar platform to Sendinblue; you should find out about the templates, AB testing of emails, and whether or not you are offered drag and drop features for the same. 

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6 Sendinblue Competitors in 2021

Apart from the above, there are many other benefits of turning to any Sendinblue competitors. Let us presently have a look at the same:

  • EngageBay: This is one of the best Sendinblue Competitors because it offers many integrations and a host of features to bring in lead generation and seamless conversions through a well-established sales pipeline. It also does all of this at an affordable cost. 
  • Moosend: This platform is focused on delivering email marketing. Yet, it does not offer too many integrations and is not the best Sendinblue alternative out there. 
  • Ontraport: This platform also offers you many options for email marketing and lead generation. But it is not the best affordable tool out there for an alternative to Sendinblue. 
  • Mailer Lite: With this platform, you will get complete email marketing support. But it does not offer constant support for establishing the framework and system. 
  • Get Response: This is also one of the well-known Sendinblue competitors, thanks to the lead generation functions. Yet, it does not offer too many features as compared to other platforms.
  • AWeber: This is a well-known platform with many features for lead generation and email marketing primarily. But it is not too affordable. 

You can see that EngageBay is one of the best Sendinblue competitors amongst all the options discussed above.

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