Top Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks – Learn to Boost Your Online Store

What are the best and top digital marketing tips and tricks to boost your online store and make sales. Here, we have included some top digital marketing tips and tricks. Have a look!

Did you know that Amazon is the top e-commerce site globally? It managed to earn over $280 billion in 2019. The figure is 20 percent higher than what was in 2018. But, that doesn’t mean small online stores can’t make money and improve their profits.

Your e-commerce can perform well provided you implement the right digital marketing strategies. For example, Shopify helped over half a million online shops. They made over $40 billion in sales and grew by 74% per year, on average.

An article in the Huffington Post says there are many ways to boost your online sales. For example, Facebook ads inspire over 52 percent of digital and offline purchases. If you are still not using Facebook, you miss many opportunities. This is especially true if you consider mobile or smartphone users.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks

This article will walk you through the top digital marketing tips and tricks to help you take your online business to the next level. Here is how:

Delight customers with deals, coupons, promos, or discounts

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Psychology Today’s findings say that when you offer short-term deals and discounts on some or all of your products, it has a big emotional impact on your customers.

Be it weaker or newer brands, more urgent and shorter calls to action helps in winning customer’s resistance more effectually.

Established and powerful sellers may earn greater profits by extending the period of sales.

You may experiment with limited-period promotions to figure which of them gives you more benefits. You can also make the most of these short sales. Also, you can use the content to promote your brand, online store, social media, and blog.

Make sure you motivate your targeted audience to share your promo codes and discount coupons within their social connections.

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Develop buyer guides

Modern shoppers spend much of their time researching products or services before paying for them. As an e-commerce business owner, you could build engagement around online buyers by delighting them with content. Your content must help them purchase the perfect gift for their family and friends.

You can create buyer guides like Top 10 revitalizing shampoos for women. Or, something like Best 15 skin cream to fight the signs of aging. No matter what you sell, people will have queries about the products.

You can build your authority as an expert and make customers know about your online store. So, you must publish buyer guides on your website, social media platforms, as well as a digital store.

Additionally, you may also create product guides that educate your audience about how to care for those products.

For example, you may sell ready-to-eat foods and publish cooking guides or recipes. Such content proves beneficial for your targeted customers and improves product marketing as well as customer service.

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Make buyers return to discarded shopping carts

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These days, marketers walk the extra mile to pique customer interest and make them return to their e-commerce website. So, it will make them choose products they would like to buy.

However, several marketers experience a huge number of shopping cart abandonments. In simple words, the shoppers do all things but never purchase your products.

Therefore, if you notice that your cart abandonments are very high, consult with a digital marketing agency Auckland to improve online sales.

You can use the integrated features or options to make customers remember the deal they missed. But, most probably, send buyers a bonus or incentives like a limited-period offer or deal. You can also attract online shoppers with free shipping options.

For those customers who abandoned the cart, you can send them the contact number of the customer service to resolve the issues. So, it will deter them from adding items to the cart.

It is a possibility that prospective buyers did not like shipping costs or preferred a different payment method. This is the info you must learn and take apt measures to minimize shopping cart abandonment.

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Organize contests, quizzes, or giveaways

Though some people may think that contests and giveaways are counterintuitive to boost sales, the strategy is effective. That is that.  Did you know a giveaway could generate more interest concerning your brand. Also, it help you get some positive customer feedback from the winners?

Contests, quizzes, and giveaways offer you an opportunity to increase your list of subscriptions. But, you must capture customer names as well as email addresses.

Make the most out of contests or quizzes to gain marketing information. So, you must personalize your promotional offers and marketing communications for specific interests.

Usually, you would like to customize any of these events to the kind of customers you aim to attract as loyal customers in the days to come.

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Ask for reviews and testimonials

5 Top Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks - Learn to Boost Your Online Store 2

It is one of the top digital marketing tips and tricks. These days, most online shops ask for customer reviews or testimonials.

Some even go to the range of offering a special deal or gift coupon in return for sharing a product or service review on the site.

It is more beneficial if reviewers share their feedback on their social media profiles.

No matter what, modern buyers use reviews to let people make an informed purchase with a mix and match of positive and not-so-great feedback.

It helps make the reviews look more reliable than a product page or service page with zero reviews. Make sure you get genuine customer reviews and not fake ones.

Even if you offer customers a discount coupon for a review, make sure that they used your product at some point in time.

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Transform first-time customers into repeat customers

When you manage to pique the interest of repeat customers, it helps to increase your returns from your online shop marketing budget. The fast you can change first-time buyers into loyal customers, you can make more profits.

For example, if you sell consumer items such as shower gels, razors, soaps, tea, coffee, and blades, you can perform quite well when it comes to these products.

Ensure that you visibly show the savings that subscription buyers would like on the order web page. 

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Now that you have these digital marketing tips and tricks handy, focus on them and implement the best e-commerce digital marketing strategies to drive website traffic, generate leads, and improve sales.

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