Must To Have Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing tools are engineered to assist in elevating your promotional efforts. These instruments can effectively enhance your brand visibility to a plethora of possible clients. Possessing these vital marketing devices can certainly expedite your tasks and boost your efficiency.

Why you need content marketing tools?

Blog owners feel content marketing as a difficult task. Curating appropriate contents will help you to keep existing and to attract new customers to your website. You can use these tools to improve your content marketing efforts including:

  • content creation,
  • optimization,
  • organization,
  • distribution and
  • many more.

The interesting part is that content marketing tools can help you connect with potential customers.

Similar to marketing any product, content marketing is also an art. Even though you give the best content, you must take help from the tools to polish your content. Also, make it look both attractive and informative.

Difficulties to choose content marketing tools

New website owners have no clue about which tool to choose.

It is easy if one knows the right approach and especially, for choosing the right content marketing tool. It is difficult as there are plenty of tools available in the market for free and paid options.

You feel tired brainstorming about the best tools available in plenty in the market.
After researching and finding many statistics, I recommend these content marketing tools for your perusal.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you click them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. I mention these companies’ name  because of their quality but not for the commission from your purchases. Whether you make a purchase or not depends on your decision.

You must use these essential marketing tools if you want your business to reach its full potential.

Plan Your Keyword with Google Keyword Planner

Google offers the best keyword planner. Most of the audience use Google as their primary search engine. Therefore, you must use Google Keyword Planner to make use of the best keyword in your article. Give your best every time when you write content. But remember that keyword plays a vital role in pushing your content to top.

Therefore, after deciding your content, use the keyword planner to choose the best keyword; invite more visitors to your site.

Google keyword planner will help you discover profitable keywords that will boost your business.

The tool is a must have if you want to find the keywords relevant for your business.
If you’re doing local SEO, then use this tool to find local keywords to drive potential customers to your site.

You can even use it to spy the keywords that your competitors are using to outrank you.

Generate Topic with Soovle

In case you’re not sure about choosing the topic, then you must use Soovle. This tool will play the role of a search engine for search engines. It pulls data from Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia, Bing, Answers, YouTube, and Google.

You can get maximum keywords used by searchers from this tool. It is suggested to choose the long tail keyword so that narrowing down your site will become natural.

Create Idea with HubSpot

Alternatively, when you are not getting any idea about creating a blog, then you must use HubSpot. It will help you with the plans for your blog.

You can type single words that come into your mind. Know what topics will fit the theme as a customer, marketing, etc.

Initially, you may write few posts about your idea. But later on, know the relevant topics that will keep the flow to continue your blog.

After setting the expectation in the reader’s mind, it is important to give quality content.
You can use this tool to choose the trending idea about your blog and present relevant contents.

HubSpot’s Marketing Grader

This free tool will provide you with useful advice on how to enhance several aspects of your websites.

It analyzes over 30 different factors that can improve your website performance and marketing efforts.

With the insight this tool provides, your visibility will definitely increase online.

HubSpot’s Marketing Grader is a must tool for you if you want to boost your marketing campaign such as lead generation, social media, blogging and mobile marketing.

Q&A – Quora

Once you decide an idea, topic, and keyword make use of Quora to understand the basics of the content. You can search for your topic using this tool to get answers from experts. This is a question-and-answer tool which will give you several related answers.

Use the “more related questions” option to see more questions related to your topic. It is always good to write content after asking several questions to yourself. Assume what questions will revolve in the mind of the readers with the help of Quora. You can also find answers and use that to write your content.

Content Curator –

The best content curator. After understanding the content flow and structure, you can use this tool to curate your content. allows you to the curate, discover, and publish content. It helps you to attain visibility among your followers. #1 tool for content curation is “” don’t search for anything else.

Readability Checker – Hemingway app

It’s time to write and edit your content. Remember that your audience might not be looking for the great language but understandable English. Which means you must write your content in a simple, readable English.

Hemingway app will allow you to know the difficulty level of your content. It will let you know how hard your sentences are. Also, it will give the grade level for your content. When it shows grade 6, it means a sixth-grade student can even understand your content.

Maintaining readability level at grade 7 is excellent. Do not make it very childish at the same time not very hard to read. Every writer must use Hemingway app.

English Corrector – Grammarly

Difference between Hemingway and Grammarly is that the former helps to know the readability level.

The latter corrects all grammar mistakes including punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, style, etc.

Even fifth-grade students know about grammar and hence write flawless content.

Plagiarism Checker – Copyscape

Now your content is ready to read, and you published it, and things are going on well. But there is a catch; if you are not aware of who copies your content, then all your efforts will go in vein. Still, your content will come on the top list of the search engine but in someone else webpage.

Use Copyscape tool to alert you when anyone steals your content. It will take time for Google to penalize the stealer. During that time you will lose your traffic. Hence, use this tool to catch the thief and protect your credibility quickly.

Social Media Marketer Buffer

After putting in all your efforts in drafting content free from plagiarism, now it’s time to market your content.

Buffer will help you share your content on all social media platform. Not only has it shared across popular social media platform but over 15 platforms. Your content will be accessible to every individual. Sounds great right? Yes, marketing is that easy with Buffer.

Buffer is a great content marketing tool designed to help you achieve a fast social media workflow. The tool will allow you to monitor, manage and track all your social media accounts in one place.

Buffer can help keep things in control as your accounts attract more followers and potential clients.

You can use Buffer to schedule and share compelling content in various social media accounts.

It has analytics that will display how your posts perform based on engagement.


This is an important tool that can help you discover and share the performing content online.

In this information, sharing great content can help attract potential customers to your products.

Feedly will allow you to collect, organize and personalize quality content from the Internet for easy access and distribution.

The tool searches the Internet for great content based on the information you provided.
It is one of the best places you can find trending content that will benefit your clients. Feedly can help you to stay ahead of the next big thing in your industry.


This is a powerful content and idea discovery tool that will help you access engaging content for your audiences.

Many businesses and publishers are using Outbrain to improve their performance.
It’s one of the best content marketing tools you can adopt to increase engagement on your website. You can use it to attract more readers to your blog, articles and video content.


MailChimp will help you optimize your email marketing campaigns to reach more potential customers.

The tool will allow to create and schedule engaging email and distribute it to people on your list.

It helps to reduce the stress of manually sending email to many people.
Once you have all your contacts, you can import them into MailChimp, and send your email to the entire list.

You can use the MailChimp service to re-engage subscribers who haven’t responded to your previous email.


Tweriod is a great tool you can use to your social media posts.

This tool uses predictive analytics technique to show you the suitable time tweet.
For better performance of your social media posts, you need to publish your content at the right time.

Tweriod will give you the best days and times to schedule new posts on social media.


PRWeb is a unique tool you can use to create and distribute optimized press releases for good results.

The best part is that the tool will allow you to track the performance of your press release.

It has press release templates and responsive design that will improve your search engine optimization performance.

PRWeb integrates social sharing options, videos and images to make your press release a success.

It has several resources such as articles, webinars, white papers and how-to-tips. All those will be valuable to you.



Evernote is a robust online note-taking application you can use to boost your content marketing efforts.

The tool comes with several advanced note management features that will improve your workflow.

Evernote allows users to store PDF files, images and maintain links.

Business owners can use this tool to manage a project and access workers information without storing multiple files.

Evernote has a unique feature that will allow you to tag and organize notes into different notebooks.


This automation tool will help you connect to different services and enable you to do tasks automatically.

IFTTT will help you complete a task once it meets a condition. It will allow you to connect to your apps, devices or services and make them interact with each other.

The tool is a time saver in handling different tasks. No matter your profession or activity. You can use this tool to supercharge your time and increase productivity.


GIMP is an open source project you can use to create attractive graphics from scratch.
It has features that allow you to improve and retouch your digital photos.

You can use it to remove backgrounds from photos and introduce something better on the background.

You can use GIMP in most operating systems. It has a strong community that will help you if you encounter any problem.

GIMP has step-by-step video tutorials that will help beginners to learn how to use it.


UberFlip is one of the most well-known content marketing tools for changing PDF content into a rich experience.

This tool automatically identifies the devices your readers are using to view your content. Moreover, it then optimizes the experience for them.

It’s a perfect tool you used to display content like E-books, magazines, presentations and newsletters.


This is a professional content marketing network that helps you optimize your content process.

Contently connects brands with freelancers who specialize in creating quality content.
Brands can use Contently to source for content ideas that will benefit their business.

Contently has several writers, videographers, illustrators, designers and photographers that can work on your projects.

You can use this platform to create professional visual content for your marketing campaigns.

These days, visual content has helped businesses to increase productivity.
You can this tool to produce high-quality videos, E-books, infographics, presentations and reports.

Google Optimize 360

This is an effective A/B testing and personalization tool that optimizes your site for user experience.

It tests your web pages and sees their performance against an objective you specify.
You can use this content marketing tool to run experiments on your landing pages to improve conversions.

Content Marketing for the Small Business

Very profitable form of marketing for the small business is content marketing. It is quite cost effective.

Content marketing can take many forms:

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is a cost-effective way to bring attention to your company.

Provide a knowledgeable and informative post to someone in the same or a related niche as your product.

You should provide a link back to your own company usually in a designated spot, such as an information box.

Regular guest posting at relevant websites increases the prestige of your organization.

Use SlideShare

These days, people likes visual information.

They are also inundated with a great deal of competing data. That can command their attention away from your product or service.

That is why it’s wise to use SlideShare so you can get their attention with sophisticated visuals.

Be Inspiring

One of the top ways to stand out in your niche is to inspire others. People are struggling with a wide variety of ailments and challenges in their daily lives.

Suppose, your company can ease that struggle through elegant application of your product or service. People will rush to associate with your company and by extension, your product.

There are inspiring quotes, anecdotes or stories you have and others will take notice and appreciate them.

Write a Guide

It’s worthwhile to dedicate yourself to a longer task, such as writing an entire guide to your particular field. A well-written guide can really establish you as an expert in your field.

When you are an expert, your target market will want to do business with you. A detailed guide will do much to hold your company up as the standard everyone else should follow.

Ask for the Sale

When you are engaging in content marketing in whatever form, do not forget to ask for the sale.

It seems an elemental mistake, but many feel awkward asking for anything.

If you do not ask for the sale, you are dooming yourself from the start. Get your prospects and customers accustomed to seeing regular opportunities to buy your products and services.

Capture Prospect’s Email Address

It is essential you have an email capture system in place so that when people casually arrive at your website, you can keep them as prospects. If you don’t take this simple, inexpensive step, you are losing a great deal of business.

Free treats and deliverables can help in this case what we will discuss later in this post.

Make Your Posts Long

Short blog posts and articles are out of favor. They were more effective several years ago. The new trend is to provide long posts of hundreds of words to give a much more comprehensive information. It is fine to break up these long, textual posts with relevant videos and interactive items like reader polls.

It can seem overwhelming in the sheer amount of ways a business can do content marketing. However, it is not at all necessary to do them all. Learn the options and select several ways to provide content marketing to your target audience.

Keep track of which of these are performing well. Over time, you will notice how your marketing strategy has worked.

Free Treats and Deliverables 

Majority of bloggers and small businesses must have newsletter sign-ups and email marketing approach to grab users’ attention. Coming up with a free treat or gift-deliverable- can help in this case. The deliverable can act as an exchange or a gift for the credentials offered by an end user.

Generate a 7-page PDF or eBook. Send directly, to your client’s email address once they sign up with your website. That will make a big deal here. Offering your clients with a thoughtful and well-formatted guide will grab your users-clients- attentions.

You can also provide your clients with infographics with well-documented processes and business statistics.

Always offer content and deliverables in your field of expertise.


Podcasts are undoubtedly the most reliable tool to reach your clients, colleagues and business partners.

Majority of business people, colleagues, and clients listen to podcasts on their way back home. Even, when jogging for the gym in the morning.

During this time, most people are ready to take in and accumulate new data altogether.
To grab your customers’ attention, you can publish a few episodes focusing on your area of expertise.

You can also work on becoming public or a guest speaker where you can channel and wave your ideas.


Kindle is a top-ranked industry leader that works on publishing books.

For content marketers, it’s not that easy to self-publish your eBook. It’s also not so easy to send it to your potential clients.

Kindle and other influencers can publish your eBook at a low and considerate cost.
Your work is marketing the already published eBook to your clients and online.

Generating DIY and how-to eBook signifies you as an active content marketer.
It also signifies you as a marketing influencer who’s well-versed with the marketing strategies.

When your potential clients trust you, you don’t have to worry about your products. They’ll always be ready to purchase your newly introduced products in the market.
However, take time when structuring your eBook.

Publishing low-quality content can negatively affect your online business and take your campaign down altogether.

The secret of publishing a quality eBook is to invest in a good editor.
Let your editor parse errors and unnecessary content to keep your eBook on point.

Final Suggestions:

You must be happy to know that these content marketing tools will help you market your content.

These tools are fool-proof, and every beginner can rely upon this.

In digital web, content marketing, what matters most is quality.

Word of caution:

Not all tools are available for free, and check before using them. For instance, Hemingway app is available for free. Grammarly and Copyscape premium version cost you money. Always go forward spending some money and be sure to reap more returns.

Happy Content Marketing!

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