2019 Content Marketing Trends to Look Out For

Simply put, content marketing is the widespread dissemination of relevant content to promote a product, service, or brand. As the Internet continuously evolves, fresh content marketing approaches are needed every year. In this light, smart brands will shift their marketing strategies in 2019. This is your guide to achieving successful content marketing in 2019.


This is one of the 2019 trends in content marketing.

It entails the use of conversations that seem natural based on predetermined software programming.

The conversations are textual or audio and are essential in driving sales online for your products, services, and brand.

When your client visits your website while you or your customer service is not available on a weekend, they can get an automated response based on the software program you use.

Therefore, if you need a tool that will help you do some market research for your prospective marketing campaigns, Chatbots will help you achieve this in 2019.

Voice search using smart speakers

These are sound devices enabled by the internet and made operational using verbal commands.

The smart speakers relay information and communicate with devices while streaming your content.

The smart speakers include Google Home Max, Amazon Echo, and Sonos One.
As a content marketer, you can use this to leverage your marketing endeavors.

For example, for Amazon Echo, you can use Alexa Skill to promote your brand’s message and provide special offers to your audience.

Incorporated marketing campaigns

Print marketing is assumed to be a dying field of sales endeavors. However, consider the fact that apart from the bills that come through snail mail. Use of print marketing ensures it is the one piece of mail that stands out.

Ensure, you integrate online and offline marketing campaigns to expand your exposure and reach your brand to additional clients.

This will provide an advantage to your content marketing campaigns in 2019.


Diversification of content marketing

When content marketing began, marketing was based on mental images in blogs, written articles with pictures and brief video clips.

However, this has changed. Your customers changing desires will determine how you manage your marketing campaign in 2019.

Ensure you understand the trends that stand out in the New Year to reach new and old customers alike. Video clips that engage your existing and prospective clients will be an edge to your marketing campaigns. Ensure you work on those to improve your sales and profit. This will ensure that you stand out from the competition as a businessperson who understands your clients better. A client who feels valued will stick to your products and services.


Use social media to gain continued popularity

Social media sites are improving dimensions in content marketing for many businesses.

  • First, the medium is cheap.
  • Second, they give you more views than you would normally get from other advertising mediums online.

Use sponsored ads for Facebook and Instagram to improve exposure in your marketing campaigns.

If you have a page with a huge following, you will gain a lot from social media advertising.

In addition, you can use pages that have a huge following to make your brand known. This may come at a fee; it will be worth the cost as you will have a larger audience in your website that will view your products and services and improve your conversion rates.

Use of social media short videos and images to promote brands is on the rise in 2019.


In conclusion, you can gain some good visibility for your brand using these trends in content marketing in 2019.

The strategies have been used by large brands and there is a consensus from industry leaders about these methods on content marketing online and offline.

Finally, you need to understand the demographics of your audience. So, ensure you provide the content they love to consume in your website. You will surely gain some positive response.

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