SEO Long Tail Keyword

Why we need a long tail keyword? Imagine every keyword is a customer that’s bringing in more potential clients. This word could either break or make your business. For instance, if a click on that word can raise a million bucks. Just imagine, how a thousand clicks will raise. Euphoric when you think about it. This in-depth SEO guide will aid you to attract more traffic to your blog or business.  Let’s go through at some tips that will help you along the journey to a successful business.

What is the long tail keyword?

There are two types of keywords. Most of the things in this world have a shorter and longer version. For example, a short lifespan and a longer one. We all wish for the latter although nobody knows tomorrow.
In SEO, there are the long tail and short keywords. Both are effective but the difference comes about when running a website for the long-term or short term. Let’s find how a long tail keyword is more superior to a long project. Imagine creating a website with many pages and a lot of back links. Then the bad links overshadow the good links. What do you think will happen next? Google will penalize your blog site. Also, the site’s algorithm will change and the result is the shutdown of your website. These are the main reasons people prefer using long tail keywords.

How does a long tail keyword work?

It can equal this keyword to a marathon is sure of success. We can compare this keyword to a marathon that have sure of success. We put only if practice and correct efforts in place. In farming, plants do well if they get small amounts of water as compared to flooding the soil structure.  The former takes time, patience and effort but the end results are significantly better. If you over water your plants they will rot. The same way with SEO world. A good website has a main page with the target keyword in the heading, content and meta tags. This is achieved by inputting high volume keywords that will generate traffic on your site. The core importance of a long tail keyword is that it incorporates long tail traffic. Later on, that will increase the overall traffic on your blog.

Tools for keyword research


This tool has popularity using for Amazon, YouTube, affiliate marketing and even blogs. The best feature it has is metrics calculations. You can be able to check your score from between 0- 100 making you know which words to use.


Another popular keyword search tool. It focuses more on social traffic. Users of popular social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Type a target keyword and see what pages come up. If you find a particular article with high ratings, you can rewrite it and publish it. There’s a view shares button where you insert the page URL you’ve created on twitter search. Instantly you’ll be able to see people who tweeted and re-tweeted it.

Another cool and simple SEO research tool that has made a hit onto the SEO world. A notable feature is a user can search a long tail keyword and the most common questions pop up. These questions and the answers can help you generate good keywords apart from your target keyword.

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