Top 4 Steps In Creating A Successful MSP Marketing Strategy

Growing an MSP beyond its startup stage can be tricky in a highly competitive market if there is no laid-out planning and successful MSP marketing strategy.

As an outsourced third-party company, your MSP (Managed Service Provider) business manages and assumes the responsibility of a defined set of day-to-day management services to your customers.

Such a system helps you know where you are, where you are going, and how you need to get there. In addition, it is the overall direction and goal for MSP marketing, such that you generate leads and increase conversions.

How to Build a Successful MSP Marketing Strategy?

Top 4 Steps In Creating A Successful MSP Marketing Strategy 1

Identify Your Niche

For a successful MSP marketing strategy, you need to have a clear picture of the customers your MSP business aims to serve.

Depending on the chosen area of expertise, you should specialize in the particular skills associated with the field to differentiate your company competitively.

Identifying your niche helps you determine the scope of services you are taking on and its challenges.

Areas of business often outsourced to an MSP marketing include

  • Information technology
  • Payroll
  • Workforce management
  • Human resources
  • Contract management and compliance
  • Vendor management
  • Procurement and sourcing

It is your responsibility to decide on your specialties in the area you are skilled to offer those expert services to companies.

Find out what you already do best, the type of client you work better with, and why you do not work with specific clients.

These questions will help you learn to say no to clients that do not fit your service.

Establish Your Brand

MSP marketing needs to create a company brand that communicates who they are to the marketplace. As an MSP, your customers look for an exceptional service experience with consistent service levels and competent people. Since you already identify your target audience, you need to let them know you too.

You need to establish and focus your brand around what your company represents and what you do that your customers cannot do without. Find out how your service is different from other companies and why your customers come to you.

In establishing your brand, you will need to add value to your price. Do not give away your valued services at a low rate, as that will reduce their perceived value.

Instead, offer a range of different packages with multiple options so that your customer feels they are in control of the buying process. In addition, it makes them more hopeful to engage with your offer.

Attract Your Audience through Digital Marketing

Top 4 Steps In Creating A Successful MSP Marketing Strategy 2

Over the years, most marketers have realized that excellent products, great service, and happy customers are insufficient to get referrals—alternatively, your message and its outlet channels such as social media and email marketing matter.

Therefore, please make your voice relevant moreover authoritative so that your customers recognize it and come to you on their own.

Social media is a distribution channel that can introduce you to new clients while helping you maintain a close relationship with current ones.

Use the social media platform to promote your business by keeping people engaged with informative content, promotions, and offers.

Provide content-rich blogs and a website that that is fully optimized with often used search terms for MSP marketing purpose.

In your website blogs and posts, develop content that solves your customers’ most challenging problems. Employ writers from custom writing services reviews to help you create engaging content.

You could also organize regular live webinars for your customers and potential customers. It can act as a medium where they can have a chance to have their questions answered and will help them identify you as a solution. This consistency will keep your brand visible.

Set Targets for Yourself

This strategy involves looking for opportunities to maintain your existing clients and a way of meeting new contacts.

You have converted a few leads and have them hooked, now is the time to continue with them by offering upgrades and new add-ons.

Spend time with your clients to identify inefficiencies in their work and find solutions so you can continue to help them.


As an MSP marketing owner, you need to have the confidence to grow your business bigger and better.

According to an Entrepreneur article, your business is only as good as you believe it. By believing in what you do and applying the steps listed above, you could stand out as unique in your field and generate more leads.

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