9 Best Questions To Ask Customers For Feedback

Are you collecting feedback from your customers and confused what questions to ask them? That means you are worried about negative feedback? Actually, feedback is useful as it will help you know where you are lacking and what needs to be improved and establish a sound performance management system. It would be better to see this in your feedback inbox rather than all over social media, right?

62% of the customers like to buy from a client that has previously asked them for their opinion.

Customers’ voices can become the most powerful weapon if providing the best quality to your customer is the first thing on your mind. You can even gather business ideas and suggestions from your customers. Moreover, they can alert you before the potential issues become negative experiences.

You are looking for valuable feedback, but at the same time, you don’t want your customers to get tired or frustrated with your feedback survey. The best solution to this problem is to create a set of specific questions with a clear-cut objective in mind.

Top 9 Best Questions To Ask Your Customers At The Time Of Feedback Collection

Here is a list of the best questions you must ask your customers while collecting feedback.

9 Best Questions To Ask Customers For Feedback 2

1. Did you find the product/ service you came looking for?

Understanding your customer needs is of prime importance. This can be done by asking a particular question as this will help you know whether your offers include what they are looking for. If the answer is “no,” you can frame a follow-up question, where you can ask what your customers were looking for, and this way, you get even more useful data.

2. Would you recommend us to your family, friends, or colleagues?

This is a very typical yet mandatory question. Although this question sounds a little selfish, your customers can relate to their experiences and needs here. No one recommends a mediocre restaurant or a boring tour guide to their dear ones.

3. How was your experience while interacting with our employees?

Know your customer’s experience with your staff. Determine whether it was positive, negative, or neutral as these will help you identify the underperforming employees and help you know if more training is needed.

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4. Were we able to meet your expectation?

Just a simple “yes” or “no” would be incredibly invaluable information.

5. Were you comfortable while shopping with us?

Know whether your customer feels good and welcomed at your business. If they are reluctant, underwhelmed, or indifferent, it can be a red flag for your business.

6. Are our products and services priced appropriately?

This is the question that should be considered while changing the price of the product or services. If the feedback suggests that your product is costly, you rethink your plans to raise the prices.

It’s better to ask this question in particular after your customers spend some time with your product.

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7. How did you find us?

There might be many mediums such as print, radio, television, or the internet through which your customers might have known about you. It is essential to collect this information as this will help you know which marketing campaigns work best for you, and hence you can decide your budget accordingly.

8. Please rate your last experience with us.

If your customers are not satisfied with any of your services, they will spread the word about it. Every time your business name comes up, they will strongly recommend your competitor. To avoid these scenarios, you must ask these feedback questions to your customer after every order they place. You can apologize for the same and promise them not to repeat such mistakes.

9. If you have the power to change one thing about us, what would it be?

This question will help you know your customer’s pain points. It also makes them understand that you care about them and their opinion is of great importance. On these questions, people usually comment about what they would like to see in your product/services, and sometimes they also provide you with great ideas on how you should expand your business.

It is not always easy for a business to determine the exact question to ask your customers, so always give them that golden opportunity to say more.

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9 Best Questions To Ask Customers For Feedback 1

Golden Piece of Advice

Ask questions to your customers for feedback when the experience is fresh in their mind, not weeks or months later. Once you incorporate real-time feedback into your customer service model, you will initiate open communication with your customers, which will lead you to positive relationships and ultimately to meaningful business results.

Customer feedback is available everywhere in some format or another. It’s important to collect it using different tools and resources as customer feedback software. Run surveys in various forms and search for reviews of your client’s post on different social media platforms.

Every comment about your product and services is essential; make sure you don’t underrate them. Always be responsive; your clients will appreciate that you value their opinion. It is that ingredient that will help you develop a strong relationship with your customers. “Customer feedback is priceless, Don’t ever stop listening”.

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