First Day In Your Flight School – Know About These Trainer Aircrafts

A trainer aircraft is a class of aircraft; designed to facilitate flight training of pilots and aircrew. Not many people have the qualification to be a pilot. When the seniors pass on the skill to the newbies, it should make for a future efficient and responsible pilot. Training aircraft are there in place to ensure this accuracy and efficiency of learning.

Since the aircraft is meant for those; just beginning to learn, to ensure that the budding pilots can navigate safely; trainer aircraft have additional safety features – such as; accommodating two to a maximum of four people and simplified cockpit arrangements.

Our observations show that not many pilots know much about aeroplanes when they come to the flight school for their first class. We present you with three famous aircraft that you can go through preliminarily before coming for the class.

Introducing The Trainer Aircraft

First Day In Your Flight School - Know About These Trainer Aircrafts 1
Cessna 172 Trainer Aircraft

Cessna 172 Trainer Aircraft

The Cessna 172 model is the best aircraft; used for training purposes. It was first made in the latter half of the 1950s. Based on an earlier design of 170, the aircraft has outstanding characteristics such as – a sophisticated glass cockpit, slow landing speed, and excellent visibility.

It comes with G1000 Avionics technology, which consists of enhanced graphics, faster hardware, and optional wireless connectivity. The new features encourage text messaging and voice calls. It also has satellite-based weather graphics. The Optional digital autopilot has Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP) and Under Speed Protection (USP). The interiors have a modern design with added soundproofing and LED lighting for night training. The model has an optional three-seat crew training configuration, a high wing design for excellent views, and a rugged airframe with forgiving flying characteristics.

The aircraft flies smooth, is easy to lean – in. The cleanliness and aerodynamics of the model made it so easy to fly and land that its marketing department named it “land-o-matic.” The service has no challenge as its parts, and the qualified A&P mechanics are pretty readily available.

Also called the “Cessna Skyhawk,” no wonder it is the most produced and the most popular single-engine piston aircraft; that has ever been built; and continues to remain in production to this day, selling over 43000 Skyhawks. Not only to teach the budding pilots, but this aircraft has also found application in military training.

Hillsboro Aero Academy maintains a fleet of 18 of this ultra-versatile aircraft model to train the budding and aspiring pilots who aim to fly high.

First Day In Your Flight School - Know About These Trainer Aircrafts 2
Diamond DA 40 Star Trainer Aircraft

Diamond DA 40 Star

It is a four-seater, single-engine, light aircraft. It was built in both Austria and Canada; by an Austrian company called Diamond Aircraft Industries. The model makes it easy to see things from far. Coupled with its traffic awareness and cruise speed, working with this model ensures safety.

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First Day In Your Flight School - Know About These Trainer Aircrafts 3
Cirrus SR20 Trainer Aircraft

Cirrus SR20 Trainer Aircraft

It is a four to five-seater aircraft built by Cirrus Aircraft. It was the first aircraft that used a parachute to land safely to the ground and also one of the firsts to offer “advanced technology” avionics.

Its refined version is called Cirrus SR22. First manufactured in 2001, it has a larger wing, higher fuel capacity, and a more powerful engine and is one of the best–selling aircrafts today. Notably, both the models are Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS); equipped for a safe landing.



Now that you are aware of the striking features of some of the most popular training aircraft, you can consciously examine the parts when you happen to sit in the cockpit. The first-hand knowledge will be even better now that you already know what to expect.

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