How To Get Forklift Operator License?

Forklifts are more readily known as “lift trucks”. A forklift is a powered industrial truck used widely; to lift and carry heavy products, machines, and other heavy solids that can be a challenge for human workers over a short distance. You must have a forklift operator license to drive this truck.

Where Are Forklifts Used?

Forklifts are a vital vehicle used for several purposes.

  • A wide range of heavy industries in different sectors such as transport, logistics, mining, construction, etc., requires a forklift truck.
  • They are also most widely used in industrial warehouses.
  • Used in farming, forklifts offer relief to farmers for loading and offloading farming essentials.
  • Used in dockyards or decks, forklifts are used to lift luggage onto ships.
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Is The Forklift Operator Job Promising?

A forklift operator has quite a few tasks to perform. Besides transporting, loading, and offloading, a forklift operator must keep a security and inventory check. But it is, indeed, a promising job.

A forklift operator does not require higher education, but the job pays almost equal to a teacher’s salary. A forklift operator has a wage between $17 to $22 per hour. The company provides lunches during this period. Hence, a forklift driver can make an average of $37,250 to $49,955 with additional bonuses of $300 to $2,000! Upon over time, one can earn $27.22 to $34 per hour.

It is indeed a fruitful investment for a person looking for a promising job in a favorable work environment. The job opportunities are countless, with a lot of scope in the field.

To become a forklift operator, you must get a distinctive and specific forklift license in Australia.

Why Do You Need A Forklift Operator License?

Understanding the working of a forklift is quite a complicated task. The Forklift is a vehicle mustered up using numerous various systems; such as hydraulics and pulley systems that make it a challenging task to understand the vehicle entirely. There are also many dangers of attempting to drive a forklift without adequate knowledge.

Different capacity forklift trucks offer other capabilities and a proper understanding of the dangers and hazards of forklift trucks. Hence, to assure complete safety, it is an OSHA requirement for every driver to have a separate forklift license.

Forklift Operator License Requirements

To be able to apply for a forklift operator license, one must keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Age must be 18 or above. The candidate must be legal.
  • The Candidate must have a training course certificate from a registered training organization.
  • Must be a resident of Australia.
  • The Candidate must know the English language.
  • The Candidate must have an identification card.
  • Forklift drivers are not legally allowed to drive on public roads. So, only under particular circumstances can they drive on public roads. Applications must be submitted; before they are to operate on public roads and highways.

High-risk Work License

As forklift work is dangerous with many possible hazards that could occur. In 2010, it was ruled as high-risk work. Thus, candidates to claim a forklift operator license, they must to attend an HRW class after an RTO (Registered Training Organization) course.

The license allows you to carry out High-risk work jobs in any part of Australia. The workshop also teaches a candidate about emergencies and preventive measures. The class allows a candidate to claim their forklift operator license. It is valid for five years and must renew every five years.

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Steps On How To Get Forklift Operator License

If you understand and agree with the conditions given above; then you are eligible and more than ready to apply for a special forklift operator license. The process to get a forklift license is quite unchallenging and trouble-free.

  • The candidate must take the training course from the nearest RTO (Registered Training Organization). After the course, a written examination is compulsory for the candidate.
  • Upon success, the candidate is to take the practical evaluation test under the observation of their designated trainer. After passing this milestone, the candidate is provided a statement of attainment and notice of assessment.
  • The candidate must also fill in some official documents and submit them to the participating Australian post. It takes three weeks or so to process the official documentation until you are provided with your forklift operator license. During this period, a candidate is eligible to drive a forklift!

Sounds complicated and tiring? It really isn’t. The RTO courses are just two days long. You will already have a job; even before your forklift operator license rolls in the mail; given the abundant job availability! I shall say the hustle is worth the fruit.

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