How To Embed Instagram Feed On Website – Try Amazing Tools

Embedding Instagram feeds on a website helps engage the audience. Check out this article; here, we have listed the great tools to embed Instagram feed on a website.

If you are a marketer and looking for a fantastic method to increase your marketing efforts and upscale your business profits; then you are at the right blog.

This post will offer you an insight into the most effective way to achieve all this and much more! However, let’s speak a little about social media marketing and its significance.

How To Embed Instagram Feed On Website – Try Amazing Tools 3

Over the years, social media has become an unmissable part of brands and marketers. The massive user base of more than 4 billion monthly active users has made social media a highly leveraged medium; to reach out to their potential customers, widen out their reach, and gradually drive more sales and conversions.

Talking of social media platforms, it would be impossible to miss out on visually dominated platforms like Instagram due to their vibrant looks. Instagram alone has over 500 million daily active users; which gives marketers all reasons to use it in their marketing game.

Embedding Instagram feeds on websites has become one of the best approaches for reaping maximum benefits!

The process is precise and does not require any technical knowledge or expertise. Continue reading this post to learn about the best tools you can use for the embedding process.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Best Tools to Embed Instagram Feed On The Website


First up on the list is Tagembed. It is a leading social media aggregation platform that offers a wide array of powerful features for users; to collect, curate, and embed Instagram feed on a website in a few clicks.

The users can choose their preferred connection source while aggregating the content and collecting content from specific hashtags, usernames, mentions, etc. After aggregating the content; it can work the impact and effectiveness of the Instagram widget on using the features of the tool.

How To Embed Instagram Feed On Website – Try Amazing Tools Tagembed

Tagembed offers a wide range of styling options like colors, fonts, backgrounds, and many other customization options to choose from. The content moderation panel of the tool enables the users to remove any irrelevant content from the widget.

Additionally, the tool also offers advanced analytics to the users for keeping the performance of the Instagram widget in check after it goes live on the website. If at all a user gets stuck while using the platform; they can take assistance from the back support team of the platform.

Lastly, the tool comes with a Free Forever pricing for the users to truly benefit from the strategy.

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The second efficient tool on the list is Elfsight – another tremendous social media aggregation platform for collecting content from various social media platforms; including Instagram, and embedding it on the website.

The users can leverage the customization options of the platform to make the Instagram widget more visually appealing and impactful. Before making the content live on the platform, the users can catch a preview of the widget; be sure about how it looks, and embed it after being entirely convinced.

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How To Embed Instagram Feed On Website – Try Amazing Tools 2

Taggbox Widget

Next up on the list is the Taggbox Widget – a robust social media aggregation tool that enables users; to collect easily, curate, and embed content on your preferred website. The Taggbox Widget also offers various features for the users to create a stunning Instagram widget.

The users can customize the widget as per their requirements. Additionally, the users can use the content moderation panel to eliminate any inappropriate or irrelevant content from the widget. Other platform features are insightful analytics, custom CSS, automatic real-time updates, and a back support team for anytime assistance.

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The last tool on the list is the Snapwidget; another good social media aggregation tool that allows users to embed social media content on their website; from various social media platforms, including Instagram.

The tool users can aggregate the content by typing their preferred hashtag or through mentions. The tool offers various designs to customize the Instagram widget, and Snapwidget also offers instant content updates.

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Key Takeaways

We are concluding the post, and you are now ready to embed the Instagram feed on a website using your preferred tool.

Embedding Instagram feeds on the website has emerged to become a trending and leading marketing practice for many brands; and businesses due to the benefits that come along with it.

Apart from increasing engagement on the website; the strategy motivates your users to improve their dwell time and brings more vibrancy to your website.

Go on now, choose your preferred Instagram widget tool for reaping the benefits mentioned above and much more!

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