What To Wear To Go Camping In Winter?

Winter camping is an excellent experience with few bugs and crowds but cold weather. To set yourself up for a triumphant winter campout, you’ll want to prepare yourself for the cold temperatures with camping gear; know how to deal with snowy landscapes, and understand unpredictable weather beforehand. What to wear to go camping in winter? Below we have recommended the best winter camping outfit, equipment, and accessories to help you enjoy your winter camping trip. Keep reading!

What Is The Best Winter Camping Outfit?

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When picking out a winter camping outfit, you should wear flexible layers consisting of a base layer, a mid-layer, and a top layer. The base layer should be tight fitting so it is as close as it can be to the skin; which will keep the moisture-wicking away from it. Merino wool is the best base layer to wear since it’s super soft and washable.

The mid-layer should be something that can get sweat, particularly in camp or hiking activities; where your body will require more energy than usual due to cold temperatures during outdoor pursuits; this mid-layer works well because of the wicking capabilities; whereas the base layer will stay dry and not stick to your body. The mid-layer should be light so it can easily adjust up or down according to conditions; wool is preferable here since it’s very lightweight but durable at the same time.

Finally, the top layer should be waterproof and breathable since it will be the only layer on your body when hiking. The top layers should still be lightweight, though not as negligible as clothing would typically weigh; making for comfortable layered garments that wick moisture while keeping you warm during cold outdoor winter adventures. Heated jackets, parka coats, and pants are all great options for your winter clothing choices; so you can stay warm while remaining comfortable during the weekend camping trips.

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What About The Feet?

Wearing the wrong apparel can leave you with cold feet and a night of no sleep. You can use a layering system to keep your feet warm. If you want a more relaxed day, stick with ankle socks and lighter-weight woolen socks from seasons ago. These types of spares will make sure you have airflow throughout the day; but offer protection against moisture during winter conditions.

Store the socks you’ll wear the following day in your sleeping bag overnight to keep them warm. This way, it will be close if you need it during the night. Never wear cotton socks on your feet when camping in winter; as these materials also absorb the moisture instead of letting it evaporate. Wear wool or light enough fabric with fleece lining to prevent extreme temperatures from finding their way into your shoes and causing freezing feet.

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What Are The Best Winter Camping Accessories To Wear?

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Accessories such as gloves, hats, scarves, and sweaters would not usually be options in the summer. Still, when camping in winter temperatures, these accessories can make all the difference in keeping you warm and comfortable. To ensure that the outdoor apparel is not inhibiting airflow; seek out breathable materials such as wool or polyester-cotton blends with a good mix of efficiency and warmth.

A silk layer underneath may also help keep the extreme cold from reaching your extremities; depending on what you need it for. And this is not the time to go cheap. Invest in good-quality insulated clothing, be it thermal underwear with an internal fleece lining or with a lightweight material; that can keep heat through your extremities. The goal is to remain warm down to the feet.

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Winter Camping At Harriman State Park Camping Center

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Harriman State Park Camping offers a good place for winter camping; so get out there if you want to experience snow on the ground. When camping at Harriman State Park, be prepared with plenty of extra batteries for your headlamp; because nights are cold during the winter months. Wear more layered clothing when chilling at the camp or in order not to overheat while preparing meals for the evening meal.

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The best winter camping clothing comes down to choosing the proper attire for your environment and the occasion. So, what will you wear to go camping in this winter. Remember, layers and wind-resistant clothing can be practical and comfortable when camping in cold temperatures.

Happy winter camping!

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