Top Traveling Cheap Tips in 2021

Love for traveling is one of the things that connects many people worldwide! Many of us are super happy when we get the chance to discover new places, aren’t we? But what happens when we don’t have enough money to go where we want? If you are wondering about it, you will enjoy reading these traveling cheap tips!

If you enjoy traveling, we Imagine last year was pretty frustrating! When was the last time then you traveled on vacation? Or just away from home for a long weekend? Since the pandemic began for most of us, traveling became nearly impossible.

However, it appears that things look much better this summer because many countries have started to relax the border restrictions for vaccinated travelers or those who provide negative PCR tests. This is indeed excellent news because finally, we can begin preparing for new adventures.

However, besides health anxiety and frustrations because our freedoms were partially limited, COVID 19 increased insecurity related to money. Many people lost their jobs, and some were asked to work for less money during the pandemic. Hence, naturally, many of us began to put more money aside for the case when darker days arrived. And we began to wonder whether this was a good moment to go on a big adventure.

We are firm believers of the theory that many should be the reason to deprive ourselves of the conditions that give us pleasure in life. But we also know that it is not simple to take out several months of savings or take short term payday loans and put it all in one trip. So, we started to investigate how to go traveling cheap tips ans tricks.

Top 7 Traveling Cheap Tips

Much to our satisfaction, we learned that there are plenty of ways to organize cheap travel. We decided to share our joy and traveling cheap tips with you, and thus we created this text about the way to travel cheaply.

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Consider Getting a Job Abroad!

Talking with friends, we noticed that we talked about traveling with a vacation in mind! It is pretty standard, and until recently, we did the same. But now we think it is the perfect time to ask ourselves what traveling means to us. For example, people who have two to three weeks per year naturally want to rest, and they often go to the same or similar places. But you are more adventurous, and you feel the urge to explore the world, you should consider cheap travel deals. One of the good ideas is to look for a job in a country you want to visit. There are plenty of options such as au pair, enabling you to get some compensation and free accommodation for services you provide. In this case, the service is taking care of children, but there are other options too.

Become an ESL Tutor

Teaching English in other countries will not just provide you with the opportunity to travel cheaply, but you will also make money! People tend to think that this is only possible for native English speakers. However, it is too far from the truth. Everyone who is fluent in English and TEFL certified to teach can do it. You can go to any country in the world where English is not the official language. However, it is essential to know that you will make the most money in Asian countries like China or South Korea. If you have a college or university degree besides TEFL, it will bring you more money and potential advancement in your career.

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Top Traveling Cheap Tips in 2021 2

Create a Saving Plan

Do you know how sometimes we hear about music or movie stars who had to declare bankruptcy?! It shouldn’t surprise us because, in reality, everyone needs a savings plan, including wealthy people! Otherwise, they will stop being rich at some point! Anyway, we wish to tell you that one of the cheap traveling tips is to create good savings, including a travel fund. What does it mean? It is pretty simple. Each time you get your paycheck, you should put some money aside for darker days. Besides that, put some aside for all the trips you would like to make that year. Remember that you don’t have to put hundreds of dollars aside – you would be surprised how sometimes little can be perfectly enough.


It is essential to think about priorities before planning a trip. Of course, everyone wants to enjoy and be comfortable! But if you want some unique accommodation you have to know that you will be asked to pay an exceptional price. When you travel on a budget, one of the best cheap traveling tips is to think about alternative accommodation. Some people go to a hostel or Airbnb. Others prefer camping. We do too, but from experience, we can tell you that this can become super tricky during winter. That’s why we recommend couch surfing. It can be comfortable enough. But more further than that, it gives you a chance to hang out with some super cool people.

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Cheap Destinations

Another way is to think about cheap places to travel to. The United States is such a big country that a lifetime isn’t enough to visit all the exciting places for most people. So, if you are living in the States and are on a budget, you can travel out of your city or State. Of course, cheap travel destinations can also mean places like Thailand or Vietnam. Life in these countries is indeed cheap for plenty of tourists. The ticket to those places is undoubtedly more expensive. However, it won’t be a problem to cover it if you spare some money for the trips throughout the year.

Travel Hacks and Free Miles

Did you know that many people use travel hacks to afford their trips and accommodation? Do you know what they are? Let’s say you are looking for the cheapest flight tickets, okay? Now, many airline companies have a way to figure out if you looked more times, increasing the price. One of the cheap traveling tips is to select private browsing mode, which they won’t know.

Another thing you can do is fly with the same company whenever it is possible. Eventually, they will offer an affinity card that will allow you to collect free miles; you can travel without paying when you have that.

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Always Take Travel Insurance

Wait, you are talking about cheap travel, and you tell us to spend money on insurance. How does that make sense?! It is simply because by taking insurance, you spare cash in case of illness or accident, etc. When you calculate how much you could spare by getting it, you understand that it is cheap to travel.


That’s all for today, folks! As you can notice, there are lots of excellent cheap traveling tips! We understand if you are determined to go on an adventure this year! However, it doesn’t imply that you need to return broke, does it?! Following these tips will enable you to travel wherever you wish and still save money. Are there some tips you would like to share with us?

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