Focus 9, Centra CRM and Centra HCM Review

Focus 9, Centra CRM and Centra HCM are three major business solution by Focus Softnet Solutions. These powerful, industry-ready software systems make business management effortless. Whether you have a startup or an enterprise business, handling multiple operations can be a daunting task. More often, businesses fail due to their inefficient process management. For this reason, companies always need professional business management software to help them smoothly navigate through their daily operations.

An efficient business management solution includes a set of tools. These tools are for tracking, measuring, planning, optimizing, and executing mission-critical activities. Your company needs these activities to sustain and gain a competitive edge. Dedicated management systems are present to meet distinct market needs. These can help you cope with difficult circumstances and significant industry challenges. They also open up opportunities for you.

Modern business management systems constantly smooth out operations. They maintain employee organization and keep your company organized. Focus Softnet offers industry-ready solutions. They are fully customizable to ensure you get the perfect business management software you need. The company has over 1M+ active users. Businesses from all major verticals in 17 countries use their solutions.

This Focus Softnet product review explores the core functionalities of these software solutions. It also explains why they are worth implementing:

Major Business Solutions by Focus SoftNet: Focus 9, Centra CRM and Centra HCM

Focus 9, Centra CRM and Centra HCM Review 1

Focus 9 Review

Focus 9 is an all-in-one ERP software in UAE. It manages your entire business. It handles financials, billing, sales, customer relationships, and other operations.

Designed with cutting-edge tools and technology, it helps your business to streamline processes. It also helps you act on real-time information, accelerate productivity, and grow.

The system uses built-in advanced analytics and data processing engines. It can analyze any data at supersonic speed. This allows for quicker and more intelligent business decisions.

Focus 9 ERP software is suitable for organizations of any industry or scale. It allows your teams to collaborate through a user-friendly dashboard. So, they can easily monitor progress in real-time.

This business management software (BMS) provides a comprehensive solution. It helps gain access and improve the accuracy of a broad range of activities. These activities range from essential document management to more complex workflow automation. They also include compliance management, to name a few.

Key Features Focus 9

  • It integrates information from different resources and immediately generates precise analysis reports. It uses the high-speed data processing capabilities of an in-memory hybrid computing engine.
  • Gain comprehensive insights into your business operations and make smarter decisions in real-time.
  • Access data from multiple internal and external sources. Get a complete and accurate view of how your business is performing.
  • Simplify administration with the latest process management tools while ensuring data and application security.
  • Achieve continuity by keeping your business running smoothly from any device or location.
  • A fully scalable system enables you to add and customize functionality as you need or as your company grows.

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Centra CRM Review

Centra CRM is an all-inclusive business software platform for managing sales, marketing, and customer relationship management tasks faster than ever. The system comprises a wide variety of powerful tools to cater to every aspect of these processes.

Centra CRM software is for your company so that you spend less time logging data. The system keeps all your leads and contacts in one centralized, easily accessible database. It keeps track of your sales pipeline to ensure deals move forward, and no point falls through the crack.

Combining advanced tools, Centra CRM facilitates you to effortlessly communicate with your customers through improved customer segmentation and profiling. It also keeps track of customer requests and ensures all their requirements are addressed.

From managing leads generated from various media too more elaborate sales management, use Centra CRM to handle them all. The system is specifically designed to improve your sales conversion ratio and marketing efforts.

Key Features Centra CRM

  • Fully customizable CRM software that allows you to add or remove modules, create or edit dashboard fields, and more.
  • Boost the sales team’s productivity with real-time information, active notifications, and easy access to relevant data in one place.
  • Improve engagement with leads through multiple channels – call, email, and SMS from the system.
  • Remove information silos and improve collaboration with teammates.
  • Leverage real-time information to get insights about your leads and their buying intent to power your sales conversations.
  • Eliminate mundane manual work by automating the processes and ensure that your time is spent in the best way.
  • Easily visualize and keep track of all your deals across multiple pipelines to take the right actions.
  • Instantly create reports to analyze team performance and identify the best performing practices.
  • Provide restricted account access to the database, ensuring complete security to the information stored.

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Centra HCM Review

Centra HCM (Human Capital Management) is a simple, easy-to-use platform that integrates all your HR operations seamlessly. It empowers you to collaborate with different teams across the departments. Also, share important announcements, and allows everyone access information they need to know.

Additionally, the cloud-based HR software provides you the freedom to instantly visualize the stats and reports related to employees. You can access the software on multiple devices and from various locations. It helps you efficiently handle HR operations. This includes hiring, on-boarding, employee records, performance reviews, leave management, and payroll. You can do all this through one application.

With Centra HCM, your HR team no longer has to store critical employee and organizational information in conventional files. The system consolidates every piece of data. It safely stores them on a centralized database. You can retrieve it with just a few clicks.

Key Features Centra HCM

  • Consolidates your HR records and syncs your employee data across multiple locations to eliminate data duplication.
  • Allows you to automate tasks and improve control over employees
  • Advanced HR management platform integrates 3rd-party apps and tools you need to improve your HR team’s performance.
  • Give your employees a single point of reference for accessing all information. This includes documents, leaves, attendance, payslips, and more from anywhere on the move.
  • Improves approval workflows, helping individuals, teams, and managers keep track of every stage of the approval process.

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These systems help maintain efficiency within your office premises considering all features available in Focus Softnet solutions. Starting from business operations, customers, and human resources. These business management systems help you keep track and manage every aspect of your company.

Furthermore, Focus Softnet’s business management solutions are user-friendly ventures. Also, that eliminate the use of resources required to keep physical records. And, helps companies to maintain sustainable goals. Use these systems to manage your business in the best possible way.

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