Why Does Software-As-A-Service Business Need A SaaS Mobile App?

SaaS is a promising business direction that involves distributing software where users rent a product for a fee. Customers can also scale up or down the service. So, you must develop a SaaS Mobile App for your business needs.

SaaS Market Analysis And Forecasts

The SaaS market is actively growing and developing. So, in 2020 it reached $241 billion and continues to grow exponentially. Today, this is an up-and-coming area that is actively developing, so it is not surprising that more and more companies are starting to work in this direction.

It is assumed that with the help of SaaS t it is possible to upgrade and expand the functionality of office applications. Thus, developing SaaS mobile apps based on cloud technologies can easily replace outdated commercial software.

Features Of Developing A SaaS Mobile App

Optionally, try to develop SaaS app with QArea. In this case, you will get high-quality software to help you develop actively. Of course, most SaaS applications are only used to provide reports to stakeholders. However, as with LinkedIn or Dropbox, they can act as full-fledged independent players.

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What is The Fundamental Difference Between SaaS Apps and Standalone Apps?

Many do not see a fundamental difference between SaaS mobile apps and standalone apps. However, there is a difference, and quite a big one. Today we want to look at the most important differences:

  1. SaaS apps have cloud storage, so you don’t need to download them to your desktop. Users can access this with a direct download from the app store or a computer using a secure login.
  2. Typical monetization model. Each client pays for the services of your software every month. Typically, the cost of services depends on the number of users and the costs that go into maintaining the software.
  3. SaaS is ideal for teamwork as all changes are made in real time. At the same time, standalone applications cannot provide feedback to users.
  4. SaaS is based on cloud storage, so all information about all team members and updates is stored in the cloud.

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It is worth saying that in recent times, cloud-based software has become very popular among enterprises today. According to statistics, more than 4 billion people on the planet actively use mobile devices to receive goods and services. That is why many companies are striving to create Saas mobile apps to provide services to more users.

The growth of interest in mobile applications is straightforward to trace in numbers. So, in 2010, sales of mobile applications amounted to 300 million dollars, and in 2015 – 8.1 billion.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of SaaS Mobile Apps

Any software, including SaaS, has its advantages and disadvantages. So, many companies do not fully understand the principle of their work, so they refuse to create such software. That is why it makes sense to know in advance the main advantages of such software.

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Advantages of A SaaS Mobile App

  • Income stream planning;
  • Business scaling;
  • Availability for clients;
  • Simple updates;
  • Resiliency backup.

It is worth saying that customers and sellers will find different benefits to using such software. So, customers like that such applications are straightforward to use, have quick access to new features, and have a relatively low cost of services.

As for sellers, many like that this business model makes it easy to plan financial flows, and you can constantly scale your business to stay competitive or generate more income.

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Disadvantages of A SaaS Mobile App

SaaS applications have several disadvantages. So, if all information is stored in the cloud, attackers can easily access it. Among the reasons to hire dedicated developers is the opportunity to create a high-quality SaaS app with impeccable personal data protection.

It is also worth saying that you need to be prepared for the fact that work on this project will have to work for more than a year. So, you will have to constantly make changes, improve and scale your product. Otherwise, you won’t be able to stay competitive.

If you want to create quality software, you need to conduct comprehensive testing. The problem is that many SaaS mobile apps often fail, so you need to test carefully to find as many errors as possible. You may do order outsource estimating that allows you to identify and correct inaccuracies in the code in time, which means you can release a high-quality product.

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In The End

SaaS applications are a good solution if you have a great business idea and want to bring it to life. While you can release standalone apps in a few months and immediately make a profit, albeit small. So, you should be ready because you will have to work constantly on SaaS mobile apps, but your earnings will be stable. Such a business model is not suitable for everyone; however, this is an excellent solution for those who want to understand their dream and give their users favorable conditions for cooperation.

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