Auto Claims Management Software – Everything You Need To Know About

There are plenty of options to choose from for auto claims management software, but not all of them are created equal. It is crucial to decide beforehand what you need so you can select the right product. You have guidelines to follow if you are an auto body shop owner; requiring the right software to process your customers’ auto damages accurately.

An insurance claims processing software by Arnie Software is a full-stack solution for the global insurance industry. It has everything you need to automate the entire workflow, from policy creation to claim settlement. In addition, it also checks your records against public databases; to make sure all the information you entered is accurate and current. This integrated solution provides you with automated forms, extensive reporting, robust controls, and automation capabilities; that help grow your productivity and reduce costs.

Auto Claims Management Software - Everything You Need To Know About Arniesoftware
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When deciding on auto claims management software, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with available options. Insurance companies often lean toward a customized, in-house solution or workflow management system; because of the flexibility they provide an insurer to implement specific business processes.

What Is Auto Claims Management Software?

Auto claims management software can help companies manage their collision repair claims. Auto body shops, insurance agents, third-party administrators; and other businesses handling car insurance claims can benefit from using this kind of software. Moreover, auto management software can save business owners money by automating forms; that need to be filled out for the claim process.


The chief purpose of the software is to facilitate the processing of insurance claims, including:

  • Receiving online applications,
  • Receiving offline applications,
  • Form processing,
  • Receiving email applications with attachments,
  • Claim handling with third party contractors,
  • Creating claim files with detailed information about policyholders and minor vehicle owners; (in case there are insured with different vehicle category; but share the exact vehicle).

Let’s have a look at its features:

Multichannel notifications

Typically, an insurance claims management software supports notification-heavy workflows because this is one of the most common types. The system supports email notifications to help customers keep track of claims status and instant messaging to better reach out to customers who need them and respond to their concerns on time.

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Accurate assessment

Risk assessments and fraud detection are essential aspects of any insurance claims management system. When dealing with millions in payouts, it’s not only the claiming customer; who needs to be checked out before the insurer hands over any money. The internet and online activity make it possible for people to cause havoc for insurers. The best way to protect yourself from insurance fraud is to start with the risk itself. Insurance provides cover against catastrophe, disaster, or loss that could wreak substantial financial costs. It is not just about money either. Claims take up a lot of time and effort by all parties involved, so it is in everyone’s interest if we can deliver a positive outcome as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Analytics and reports

An insurance claims management software offers detailed reports and analytics on the claims process. The software has a better view of the organization’s overall policies and helps the management understand what is working and what isn’t.

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Flexible processing of payments

Compared to any other type of business, the placement of insurance companies are in a position where they need to manage their data with extra caution. Additionally, they need to maintain the information in an organized way so that they can access it at any point in time. For insurance companies, the cost of handling the records manually is relatively high, and this is precisely where the role of insurance claims management software comes into the picture.

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Documents management

Over the years, insurance companies have been using fax machines, magnetic tapes, and a lot of paper to handle claims. Today is not different in this respect. But when it comes to the most reliable insurance claims management software, faxing and mailing documents is an outdated process. Wise insurers provide innovative solutions using fax-free technology and cloud-based document management systems. This allows for a quicker resolution of claims and hence, better customer satisfaction.

Insurance claims management software is an alternative to paper-based processes. So, this document storage and management approach often allow insurers to improve their service to customers, increase efficiencies within the organization, and achieve better financial performance.

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Easy claims processing

First things first, don’t panic! Insurance claims management software is quite helpful nowadays. Based on the type of insurance company you choose, this application efficiently does what it needs to extract optimum productivity.

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